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  1. PSA: when using an old laptop for the first time in a loooooong while, first check that the DVD drive will eject a disk Use ANY old test disk and NOT one that contains new software you want to install! Fortunately YouTube came to the rescue and provided a tear down guide WITH info on putting it all back together again. To our utter amazement the laptop still works, apart from the defunct DVD player. It's still gawd awful slow tho so is destined for the scrap heap. This 'event' took up most of my evening but the glass of red afterwards tasted soooo good
  2. Also take a look at aCar for fuel logs, vehicle maintenance, etc
  3. Ahem, no comment
  4. I agree but SUV's seem to be the norm these days. Another point to consider is could you sell the VW later and not loose money or be stuck with it? The GS has plenty of rear leg room, we can have the grand kid in her seat and legs don't hit the front seat in it's normal position. So maybe keep in the Lexus sedan fold and get a GS250/300 (that has a bigger boot than the 450H) instead?
  5. Tough call Robb but I think you'll be taking a gamble. In the short term it may seem like a good deal but my concerns would be the potential expenses that could crop up anytime in the future. You may get lucky and never have an issue. You'll know better than I how these vehicles fair in the long run. Jap does tend to come with less risk, if only Lexus did an estate IS/GS eh. Would an RX be a better alternative for you? John's suggestion is sound, especially if you'll be able to sell your IS now and have cash spare. Flipping the VW in a few months will give you another financial return and off load the potential risk. But you'll then be looking at sourcing a replacement (again). Oh and're mental
  6. I saw some info online that suggests it might be possible to enable DRL's I have Techstream to check the settings but haven't got it working yet. Note to self...must try harder!
  7. It's great to know that the car is back in the LOC fold. Doubly good that the former owner is still active here too Jeeze, that consierge did some damage didn't he! I hope the hotel are covering the cost of the repairs.
  8. Oh gawd, glad folks are all okay. You say the auto mechanism is causing the boot to pop open. To keep the boot closed, could you close it and whip out the fuse?
  9. Luigi's right, the extra 60k items are; plugs, timing belt*, diesel filter* *model dependent On the page, choose the 'Lexus Service Checklists' to see the side by side comparison of 60k vs 100k, etc
  10. So this car that had a grubby interior was for sale? It's surprising how folks just don't seem to care and can't be bothered sprucing up their ride in readiness for a quick sale. If it put you off, then it's bound to put others off too. Buying cars can be a tricky business so don't just take appearances as gospel. Although much can be gleaned from the interior condition, also delve into the service history, previous MOT's, etc. It might be that it's been well maintained and just needs a good scrub Keeping look as one is bound to turn up that suits you.
  11. This is a complex subject with many factors to consider but in general you can expect larger wheels to give around 10% less mpg. Did you also change the tyre widths? Thinner is better for mpg. Were the 18" alloys heavier or lighter than the 16"? Lighter is better for mpg. Did you move from an eco/hard wearing tyre to a performance/softer compound tyre? Harder is better for mpg. Are you running the same tyre pressures? They may need adjusting to take into account the lower tyre profile. How many tank to tank fills and mpg calc's have you performed on the new wheels? More are better and will help to average out temperature differences, traffic, terrain driven, etc. I'm sure there are many more contributing factors that the masses are sure to chime in with.
  12. Hi David, welcome to the forum. Good call moving to Lexus, have you test driven or looked at any in person yet? Happy hunting, Lee
  13. Well done, lets have a pic of the finished article
  14. Bless, read it along the lines of 'so hilarious it made me cry'.
  15. So it is, for the CT. Unfortunately it's £1,095 for the GS [emoji23]