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  1. Welcome to the forum Sandro. It looks like you've acquired a very low mileage steed. When do you pick it up?
  2. 2008 gs450h

    Yes, the gen3 Hybrid GS has a smaller trunk than the non Hybrid but we've been able to work around that without any major hassle, there are just the two of us. We've made a few trips to the continent, last week we were away in north Yorkshire and easily get a couple of cases/etc in the boot. This summer we took more than enough clobber for 2 weeks (we always seem to take too much gear) and just put a few bits on the back seat. We weren't packed to the roof line either! I too was a little worried about storage and bought a roof rack early on but other than trial fitting it hasn't been brought into use. If you have kids or are more than 2 up then I suspect you might need additional stowage space and I may to get/rent a roof box at some point.
  3. 2008 gs450h

    Welcome to the forum Dougie. I had a similar decision earlier this year and opted to 'take the plunge' and purchase my GS 450H. I have had no regrets and enjoy the car every time we use it. The cars are pretty well made and I think the hybrid, large engine and CVT all contribute to an unstressed and generally reliable steed. The cars are packed full of tech tho so you are wise to be prepared for the possibility of a big bill. The likelihood of an expensive repair are pretty low tho compared to other marks. Don't worry too much about the Hybrid element, Toyota/Lexus have had years to make the system pretty robust. Lexis dealers can provide an annual warranty on the Hybrid components on cars up to 10 years old. This is done as part of the service or can be purchased separately for around £70 if you service the vehicle elsewhere. Battery's can also be repaired by established independents e.g. check Hybrid Battery Solutions. The dampers are prone to leak and the exhausts rot at the rear most Y section (visible from the rear bumper) and/or rear mufflers. Hunt around for a well looked after car and I would hope that you would enjoy many miles of happy motoring. Good luck.
  4. Heated Seats?

    Under your seat, is one of the cables yellow? I suspect it is as it's for the air bags.
  5. How less practical is CT vs NX

    I always found the Golf boot small, especially when compared to my old Civic - that gobbled up everything and more. The lack of a spare wheel was a winner for daily lugging duties. Fortunately we never missed the spare. Anyhoo it's good to hear how the NX compares to others as my Mrs may be on the hunt for a replacement soon.
  6. Detail and ceramic coating today.

    A stove in the garage! - crumbs i'm jealous
  7. How less practical is CT vs NX

    Spooky but mrsF and I have just compared the CT boot size to her mk5 Golf and the CT is larger. I had the CT as a loaner and didn't find it any smaller inside than our V-dub. I'd say it was on par but we didn't have the CT for long.
  8. New member, new to Lexus.

    I would hope so too, time will tell but I reckon that you're on to another winner. Enjoy
  9. Result eh, its heart warming to hear such great stories.
  10. New member, new to Lexus.

    Welcome to the forum Steve and the land of Lexus ownership. I recently made the jump from a Honda and haven't looked back, although the Civic was a good all rounder. The 2.4 Accord is known to be fairly thirsty, did it have much more torque than the 2.0? Enjoy the hybrid drive and get some pictures online for us if you can.
  11. @rayaans, because dealers seem to always over charge. Having previously refurb'd my own alloys, I'll happily pay someone to do it in the future. Within reason ofcourse ;)
  12. Well done replacing the shocks and brakes, unfortunate that you found all the parts once the job was completed tho #doh Did the footbrake shoes and adjuster give you any trouble? Was the adjuster easy to free off each side?
  13. Sorry to hear about your caliper, if I were you I would definitely look into a refurb/exchange.
  14. Calipers painted

    Good to hear that you rate BCS. Although a bit bright (for me) the colour works quite well on your car. Good choice.
  15. Doh, I've clipped mine a couple of times and have repeatedly beat myself silly with a thorny stick! I haven't clipped a curb for a while now, tho this comment is likely to change that The repair estimate from Lexus is surprising, keep us posted.