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  1. I'm sure the steering wheel will look and feel great. You constantly use it and the changes will be sat right in front of you. Not sure about the LED's, will they loose the reflector and fail and MOT? I need to re-read the product description in the morning. How much lower are your Meister's than OEM these days? How much height will these lips occupy? I do think they look good on a racey kinda way but i wouldn't want them to be impractical on a daily driver.
  2. gs450h

    @dougie175, I know what you mean but 'stuff' isn't as precious as those nearest to us. Haha, I was worried about boot space too but we recently had a trip to Belgium and to my surprise it easily swallowed our luggage. I kinda miss my Honda too but would hate to loose the Lexus now. Good to hear that you've a few more mod's planned, will keep a look out.
  3. gs450h

    Lee! How the devil are you old chap! Not been on here in month with having a little girl I have been very busy and only had time to wash the car for the last 5 months no do any mods. Havent had chance to read through your posts yet but nice to see you've got yourself a Lexus hope you are enjoying it! Look after yourself mate How do buddy, long time no speak. Congrats on the ankle biter. All good here ta, hope you all are too. Yup, I've followed your path... eventually. Our big battle cruiser is pampering us nicely and she's a surprising turn of speed from the twin boiler rooms. Is your Lexus still going well for you? I bet she still looks great pal, with all those hours of custom work you put in. Probably seems like a while ago now?
  4. @capese21, excellent thank you, will give that a try. Looks a bit fiddly tho...
  5. @rayaans, well found. I meant to link in the 2nd video its been online since last week. I haven't seen the 3rd yet, one to watch later...
  6. Never heard of that, checks website but I see only limited customisations within the free app. STANARD FREE Diagnose: drivetrain (engine, transmission); eco (emission test readiness) Customize: unlock all doors vs. driver’s door only
  7. Reckon I ought to get myself one of these Techstream gizmo's as my indicators don't have any momentary flashes at the moment. The kit seems like it'd come in handy every now and again and it's not like it's expensive. When in for it's service, the dealer did a similar free update for us...forcing the doors to unlock on Park. So Alan, do you have a good rapport with the dealer?
  8. Anthony, the Lexus parts should be more comfortable vs coil overs so I'd also keep it OEM if possible. Maybe check part numbers for the different generations and see if they match? The info may even have the spring length/diameter/#coils so you can compare, maybe... Good luck.
  9. The stateside forum has lots of examples of lowered cars, maybe check them out? Search for 'lowered' here;
  10. It can come in handy to quickly scan/clear error codes. I've been tempted to get it running and provide me with a rev counter but I'm gradually 'adjusting' to the kW meter. Our old Aygo didn't have a rev counter either and the Torque app gave me something to look at whilst growling along For Android phones a cheap BT OBD gadget works fine but if you've an iPhone then you'll need a WiFi OBD gizmo. Ref;
  11. This? Hadn't seen it before but it's well worth a watch.
  12. Rightyo, let us know how you get on. Tank to tank calc's are more accurate but I am finding that the GS on board 'puter is one of the more accurate I've found on a vehicle. Fuelly is a good app to track consumption, I've been using aCar for years which has a bunch more features.
  13. 10 years of GS ownership is impressive, over which time you've enjoyed a pampered ride ;) Good luck with the AMG, it sounds quite a beastie.
  14. Hi Eriks, Isn't the current range calc'd from your current MPG? So if you've been heavy with the right foot, then the calc'd range will be less. Did you reset your consumption figures? If not, reset it just before coasting down hill and watch your range soar
  15. What disks are Halfrauds using? Were all 3 sets the same?