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  1. Hi Benny, welcome to the forum. Looking forward to seeing what deal you strike for the damaged vehicle and seeing pic's A 'small crash' doesn't suggest Cat C/D does it? - as that will affect the resale value. Good luck.
  2. Odd that it ran without issue back from France. Good tho, as you wouldn't want the hassle on a long haul. Well done locating the potentially faulty part and fingers crossed that you're past the frustration of not knowing what's causing the issue. Good luck.
  3. Ah okay, in that case well done times 2 The repair looks as good as new.
  4. Welcome to the forum Andrew. Looks like you've snagged yourself a good looking Lexus there, I like black with subtle chrome (I may be somewhat biased). Thanks for sharing the pic's. Enjoy.
  5. Hi Tim, welcome to the forum. The v6 will be silky smooth and I'm glad you're enjoying it. Get some pic's online for us at some point, we like pic's...
  6. Wh00t, well done Robb/Admins
  7. Hi here, welcome back. What put you off the RX400h a few years ago and if you don't mind me asking...what have you been using in the meantime? What's drawing you back to the RX450h this time? Have you seen/driven any possible candidates?
  8. Well done, you manage to eventually find some replacements then.
  9. Good choice, the GS looks great in white. Let us know how you get on with it.
  10. David, it's great up there (bar the caravans/etc) and well worth the effort haulin' all the way up there. Great pic's, thanks for sharing. Now you've made me jealous as our recent trip to Belgium didn't have any scenery that compares.
  11. Hey Stuart, did you manage to retrieve your missing £1 coin?
  12. Looks pretty straight forward
  13. Nice work there buddy, the paint looks really well now. Was defo worth putting the effort in and no doubt will make the weekly wash easier too.
  14. Here's Wednesdays temp in northern Belgium, whilst parked in the shade. It was reet toasty in't sunshine.
  15. I wasn't aware of the tech in the 200T motor, heck Lexus even went to the trouble of making their own turbo for it #golly