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  1. Great news and good to hear that there are skilled folks around able to carry off complex work. Personal recommendations are often key these days, so thanks for sharing.
  2. @Malc, yeah I saw that 'heath robinson' contraption on the Jaaaaag. Didn't half make me chuckle. You can just make it out in the engine bay pic here http://car-from-uk.com/sale.php?id=99804 @cruisermark, thanks. I often have the rear sun shade up and keep the parcel shelf vent clear of any 'gubbins', not sure if there's anything else I can do is there?
  3. Wanted: GS450h

    Well done, what colour? spec? and when you do you pick it up?
  4. Damage from a low flying stone is the most typical reason for a condensor to fail, they're sitting down low in the front grill and as they are relatively delicate they are susceptible to taking a hit and leaking. Are they any dark patches that suggest a leak or two? - check around seals and along the grill. As it's been recently regas'd then you should see damp patch(es) and with luck it was regas'd with a small amount of UV dye that will help you spot a leak (with a suitable lamp/goggles). If it's the original condensor since new, then it's done well to last this long and wouldn't surprise me if it's due for replacing. Ensure you get a condensor with a new drier if you can, sometimes the drier's can be fitted remotely or integral to the grill. Good luck getting it sorted and let us know how you get on.
  5. Ah heck, really? I read this now, after 10 months ownership Is it because the GS450H is a sportier performance model and if abuses will be under more stress? Touch wood, mine has not missed a beat.
  6. Excuse my ignorance but isn't your phone reading out the messages and pumping the sound thru the cars speakers? So something triggers in the messaging app when BT is connected. I have Tasker setup to read ALL messages when BT is connected. This is on Android using the Notification Listener plug in, which is the key to hooking into message notifications. It's a bit fiddly to setup tho.
  7. Agreed although smoothness and a slight boost in mpg can also be had on their big derv, that lacks any kinda of VTEC fun yo.
  8. Good catch @noby76 I also found Honda's respond better, drive smoother on higher octane or premium fuels.
  9. Hybrid Battery Solutions have a product to boost/condition? the battery from the mains. He's also a forum member ;)
  10. Well done chaps, it always gives me a warm feeling when our cars pass smoothly. Out of general interest, who completes your MOT's?
  11. I've just listened to the vid again and that doesn't sound like a normal noise you'd hear when the flaps adjust. @TonyPoll, you should get yours checked out too.
  12. Sounds like it could be an issue with one of the heater servo motors. If it's under warranty then have the dealer take a look 'cos fixing them can be a right fiddly job. Good luck and let us know how you get on.
  13. Old Car Adverts

    @rayaans, I like both of those. Did anyone see this recent vid of an old car? Impressive...although slightly off thread (sorry).
  14. Keyless Entry

    My older GS has it on all 4 doors.
  15. Does it really need new calipers? Or are the slider pins just dried out? In which case, it's a cheap fix The 'new calipers' gag seems to be a regular revenue stream for dealers. Not that you'll care much if the calipers are covered under the warranty.
  16. Ah I remember that review, it's a feature of eCVT quietly doing the gear work while the engine sits at max rpm when under full throttle. So you are commenting on the engine at full chat rather than the gearbox whining, right? 5th Gear were on an airfield test as I recall, an airfield with loooooong straights and their right foot planted to the floor. On the road I am not at full throttle for more than a few seconds, so it's a none issue in 'real' life. I'm not sure how this 'feature' applies to other eCVT cars tho, maybe those with lesser power outputs are at full throttle for longer? Which i can imagine would get annoying. Mind you the lack of gear changes is a fast way to punch yourself down the road you know Me thinks you need to take the tiller of a car you're interested in and decide for yourself. It's good to get some info up front tho, so that you're prepared. The full electric question is one I ask before I'd driven a Hybrid before. This implementation isn't about looooong EV drives, instead it's there to assist and help under acceleration, around town, in traffic, etc and I find it works pretty well. The economy will not be as good as a dirty, complex and potentially unreliable and more expensive to fix diseasel tho. It'll be acceptable and much more refined tho, so take you pick.
  17. PCV Valve

    Has anyone sourced a supplier for a PCV valve that isn't stateside? Had a devil of a time this avo trying to find any info. Would appreciate any info from someone who's been there, done that...
  18. So you didn't check all the fuses? Glad to hear that the sparky sorted it for you tho.
  19. Good, I presume all the connections were solid?
  20. Just a thought as it's a relatively new battery but maybe the battery connection(s) aren't seated properly?
  21. What rev needle? It's well beyond when the clutch engages to go into 'overdrive', circa 65mph/104kph. Maybe the driver lifted off? - although I don't see him closing on any vehicles to cause him to lift.
  22. GS 450H my first Lexus

    Whilst trying out some scaffold boards under my jack/stands at the weekend (gravel drive) I decided to clean up the OSR arch/suspension before slapping on a good coat of rust converter. I applied some to the tired rear disk bells earlier this year, didn't coat them with anything else and they've stayed nicely protected. I hope to get all of the undercarriage cleaned, treated and under sealed before too long. Anyhoo whilst I was rummaging around the OSR tail pipe I found that a heat shield fixing had corroded through. I managed to remove the nut and add a penny washer back only to find a second fixing had also failed but in a more awkward position on top of the rear box. This nut wouldn't budge but still had enough thread for me to add a spacer and washer which nipped up the heat shield properly. A bonus of this find/fix is that the rattle I thought was the rear parcel shelf/boot has now gone
  23. Rather than keep updating my New Members thread I figured a build thread would be a more appropriate place to keep track of my changes. Especially as Robb/Mod's went to the trouble of opening up this new section for us. January 24th'17 - GS 450H purchased This is my first Lexus, my first hybrid and it's such a joy to drive with plenty of power and it's very slick CVT gearbox. For a big car it goes/stops and handles surprisingly well. The rear boot space was the only concern but with just me and mrsF it's worked out just fine and 6 months down the line we've made a couple of trips over to Belgium without any issues. So lets have a brief recap of the initial 6 months of ownership. The car came with a spare key but it wasn't working, thankfully a new CR 1632 brought it back to life #phew January 31st - Lexus Full+100 service @Lincoln, including a Hybrid health check - was successful and warrantied for another 12 months The Lexus health check listed these items... both front tyre valves leaking - the OSF definitely is, around the base of the TPMS sensor. I can't see any leaks on the NSF rear brake pipe corroded - all I can see is a small rub on each side, looks like the inner arch has rubbed the pipes slightly front shocks leaking from body - all four dampers are bone dry tho! - I look forward to hearing what Lexus have to say about this exhaust blowing at 'Y' section - agreed, discussing this with the dealer that sold the vehicle exhaust also has a slight leak from the mid section - I couldn't get underneath sufficiently today to check this Not the best of starts but I was prepared for some work to get an older car 'straight'. February 7th new wiper blades Feb 11th, lowered bonnet bump stops that were preventing the bonnet from closing without a really good slam. Updated the OEM satnag, using http://www.latestsatnav.co.uk/ - now the local roads appear. This supplier has the UK/Belgium/etc countries all on a single disk unlike other providers or OEM (over several disks) I needed to disconnect the 12v battery to get the replacement DVD to load. Feb 14th, Dashcam fitted, a Thinkware F770 dual channel that I'd been using in my previous steed. Hardwired into the AUX circuit via a piggy back fuse on the drivers fuse board. Earthed to the forward fuse board bolt. As the fuse board is well recessed, I've left the cover off for the moment but I may cut a slot in later and then refit the cover. Routing the cable was quite easy and only needed the drivers side end of the dash un-clipping. The cable was then tucked in the drivers A pillar and roof lining, up and over to the camera. Excess cable was looped up, cabled tied and tucked under the carpet well out of the way. As the rear sun shade doesn't run parallel to the rear screen (it starts further forward in front of the 3rd brake light) I managed to fit the camera just above the 3rd brake light, higher would have given a better image but that would have interfered with the sun shade. The rear camera cable was run around the parcel shelf, up and over the rear door but I couldn't get a neat run around the top of the b-pillar. So I dipped the cable halfway down the passenger b-pillar, popped off the lower section to loop up the excess cable (out of the way of the seat belt). The cable then went up and over the passenger door and around the top of the screen to the camera. All neat and tidy (ignore the mirror that was just pushed out of the way to show the camera install). Test views, front rear Feb 15th, gave the headlights a quick polish to see how they'd come up. Quite pleased how they came our after just a few mins work. Cargo net fitted, under the parcel shelf so I still have easy access to the boot (like this sample pic) Feb 17th, the car has been up on the ramps today with my trusted local mechanic who gave it the once over with me. All of the shocks are bone dry with no signs of any leaks or misting ANYWHERE. So for now I'm going to ignore the Lexus recommendation LOL The exhaust is definitely blowing at the rear Y (see earlier pic). We also saw that the OSR box has a few issues... Pretty obvious huh. Neither Lexus nor the last MOT flagged it. It can't just have appeared in the last 3 weeks since I've owned it. I despair. The rear section is beyond repair so I bunged my indi some beer money for using him ramps. Looks like I'll be getting a new rear section made up in the not to distant future Feb 19th, new mats fitted, this Luxury version fits a treat http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252033676404 Gave her a good scrub Including the engine bay, no treatment applied yet Turns out the passenger footwell has only been blowing cold, giving mrsF cold feet and making her unhappy. Before you ask...yes, we tried all options of Dual/modes/temps/etc. So after surfing for solutions I dived in to check the servos; Drastic eh. I eventually tracked down the passenger temp control (passenger side) but with the fixing screws out, I couldn't get the servo out :( With fading light I decided to button it all back up and went for a quick test drive. What'd'ya know, the passenger footwell is now working! The only difference is that I taped up the ducting, both sides, to get a good seal from the heater core. Result. The sceptic in me reckons it can't be that easy and that I'll be back under the dash before too long. Which is just as well as I have a few screws left over Never finish up a job in the dark! I didn't get anywhere with the heater on Saturday afternoon, so buttoned it all back up and thought the mode control was roughly working. Nah, on a 5am commute the other morning clear screen setting kicked in (I didn't test that earlier) and the heater did zip all except vent to the rear seats! For the entire 4hr round trip At lunchtime I went back to basics and figured out what lever on the heater does what. I also removed the 2 servo's/mounting plate and let them do their thing. Once I had a grasp of ALL the settings (temp, modes) I set all levers in roughly the right setting, lined the mounting plate to the heater arms (no easy feat), restarted the vehicle and the first test failed I have noticed that when you turn off the ignition, the servo's sit for a while and then revert to some standby setting. I think this has been throwing me off so I removed the servo plate, set all levers in roughly the right setting again, fired up the ignition and let the servo plate settle. With the ignition still ON, I aligned the mounting plate to the arms for the umpteenth time and gingerly pressed a different mode button... The first test worked and the servo's didn't bind. So I tried another mode setting and that worked. Trying not to freak out, I carefully went through all the possible combinations and to my delight they all work The passenger side footwell output is still hopeless tho I think I may know which control needs a slight tweak but then it may just be the way the airflows. So rather than dismantle it all again I reckon I'll buy the mrs a heated blanket/mat or fan to keep her feet warm. To help align the 7? heater control arms to the servo plate I found one of these cheap endoscope camera's quite helpful to help see around corners http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/122076843254 Oh and this time there are NO spare fixings left over March 9th Yesterday I had the...pleasure? of exploring Leeds city center whilst my car was left at Tony Banks for a new exhaust. To recap the rear section had the usual split and a gaping hole in the OS muffler, so we definitely needed a new rear section. I knew the middle section had a slight blow and when Tony removed the rear...the middle section decided to snap in two! He spent around 6 hours (elapsed) crafting both sections from stainless. The cost of a new center section (with cats) was so tempting that I was already half tempted to get the whole lot done and then I'd never need consider the exhaust again. I didn't want any fancy or annoying noise so chose a standard set-up and driving around town you'd struggle to tell this system from OEM. Under hard acceleration or at dual carriageway/motorway speeds there is a slight increase in noise, which is no bad thing at OEM is really quiet. The system should quieten down a notch once it's coked up a bit. I didn't get back to the work shop before the car came off the ramps so I haven't had a close look at the system but from what I can see it looks dandy. The chaps were helpful and have plenty of varied work coming through the workshop, including a steady number of Lexus. Overall I'm impressed and wouldn't hesitate to recommend http://www.tonybanks.co.uk March 17th OSR tyre flat - punctured, replaced with an Avon ZZ5, managed saved the TPMS and fitted a new valve. OSF leaking needed which on investigation then a new TPMS sensor. April 2nd, cleaned/lubed rear calipers. OSR stone guard is badly corroded April 21st, paint correction/protection; July 6th, fitted 3M tape and a roof rack before the heavens opened. It'll allow me to get back on the bike and hit some nice trails, once I source a carrier. Found a great heavy duty bag to store the rack, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/263068408736 If you want any more details about anything above, then check out my opening thread;
  24. Let’s see your F stinking dirty.

    Wow, did you drive through a field?