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  1. @Rusty Crobar Yeah that's right Russ you tell that @Flytvr as I've got plenty more tales about building site sore bottoms 😂 Big Rat
  2. @Mark G Funny you should say that, it's a pick of one of the guys on site, when we were riding in wheel barrows down a scaffold board ski ramp, all within health and safety regs of course 😂 Big Rat
  3. @NemesisUK Peter yes it is the nature of things, I don't know if you do much motorway driving but the poor condition of the road surfaces in recent years I feel exasperates the problem. I drove M5 North from junction 20 to the interchange at Bristol and the condition of what is major motorway is appalling the potholes and damage to the surface were too numerous to count but all that gravel from the damage is everywhere. Just leads to the damage we've both suffered. Big Rat
  4. @rayaans Yes in retrospect perhaps I'm am being a little harsh, and when it comes to language being a builder site work has its fair share shall we say. And I suppose my views are somewhat coloured by personal experiences over many years the speeding one I cited is just one of many and I feel at times that we pay a not inconsiderable amount of money for 'service' of vehicles and are entitled to some consistency of quality of that service. I don't know maybe it's just a sign of the times and I sound a bit like an old fuddy duddy ''tis a shame though. Bug Rat
  5. Peter I think I'd run with the touch up this happened to me on my isF the morning after I picked it up in broadly the same place as you 😡 Now 1100 squids so far on my 'F' has covered a 40k service, spark plug change and a full second set of used genuine IsF wheels. Just a thought matey. Big Rat
  6. Now that is very nice, presumably a little trip to the test track was out of the question ! Big Rat
  7. @purse3223 Tim All very unfortunate we've had discussion/ poll running on the isF forum for a while, purely for members to give their opinion and experiences. I am a great believer in self protectionism, as a vehicle of the marque we drive is probably the second most valuable item we own now I know the camera was not put there by you to catch anyone out but what it demonstrates all to frequently is the behaviour of those we entrust the vehicle to, Lexus Bristol is part of the Sytner Group as is the Mercedes dealership at Cribbs Causeway, where there was a well published incident of a vehicle on test being driven in a very questionable manner as to speed limits and so on all on camera. I come from a mainly BMW back ground and had a vehicle of mine on test by a main dealer I will not name who drove my M3 in excess of 120mph in a 30 mph limit initially it was me that received the NIP for this before the matter was resolved. I think you should go back to them and request a meeting with the dealer principal and go from there. Big Rat
  8. @Flytvr Davi that could not have been @Rusty Crobar Russ as what you would have seen as the driver walked off is this, as a result of his recent racetrack out, now he says on here a mate of his a mechanic is going to sort his grounded bottom for him, personally I think he needs a doctor, just my opinion of course 😂
  9. 40k service a few months back, got 15% off service and 25% off the parts used, so yes more than paid for itself in one hit 👍 Big Rat
  10. @Rusty Crobar Sorry to hear that matey an easy fix hopefully, be careful with grounding your bottom, nasty thing that gravel rash 👹 Big Rat
  11. @Spacewagon52 Just seen this from you, in was my playground in the 60's happy days were had by us all, Dad used to do sand yachting there back in the days when that started out, great fun 👍 Big Rat
  12. @Mark G Yes the small Hondas are good cars if looked after, the Sport comes in because the car was driven by someone wearing trainers once 😂 Big Rat
  13. @emjay82 Probably not a budding journalist but very informative all the same I found it interesting, as an aside I mentioned in another topic friend Terry's M3 engine problem he's rejected the car and amazingly with no ifs or buts they've given him a full refund £28.5k. I think I'll send him this post of yours as well Matey, see if we can turn him away from the dark side 😏 Big Rat
  14. @steveledzep Niw I like that matey my bids going in now, that side 75mm sponson attachment may just have a slight influence on the handling, Sky Rats beware, mind you in a road rage situation that would make a good attention getter 😂 Big Rat
  15. @Mark G No probs Matey, interesting if you did have the need for a second car would you consider a later nx/rx ? Big Rat