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  1. So am I now a treat for the children shame really pretty little car in this guise 👍 Big Rat
  2. Oh no not at my age 😳 🐀
  3. @Linas.P I agree The Rat's 'F' is going for an mot in the morning I'll see what I can wrangle 😉 🐀
  4. @Linas.P I've driven the older types of CVT and they are not for me the more modern boxes I'd need an extended period of time to see if it suited my style of driving, there are some on here who would describe me as unnecessary and useless but I've got broad shoulders 😂 Big Rat
  5. @Corrado Very valid point CVT boxes are not for everybody prefer a proper auto myself. Big Rat
  6. @emjay82 That is appalling, have to read a bit more on this. I see that @Linas.P has a one man campaign idea over on another forum. Big Rat
  7. @emjay82 Mark no no you have it wrong it's the passenger side that's the issue so I've been out to the garage and knocked up a little outfit for this young lady...... She finds it a little cold 😊 🐀
  8. @emjay82 That's all very well matey but what protection are you going to use in the day time........ think about it 😏 🐀
  9. @Flytvr Don't bother they won't have you over on their forum, anyway you will miss my sense of humour 😊 🐀
  10. @emjay82 I think you will find that Toyota and others are bailing them out they have little choice I would imagine. Big Rat
  11. @Rusty Crobar Don't worry about @Flytvr Russ when he next rings you for 'blanket cover' for his car just tell him no as he tells his current insurer it's kept in the garage the truth is it's just a posh porch with a rug over it 😂 🐀
  12. @Rusty Crobar Presumably the owner put his index plate in the car as this assists with the understeer as less weight now over the front axle 😂 🐀
  13. @Rusty Crobar I think they look great an alternative nod to OEM 👍 Big Rat
  14. @Flytvr Let me help you there Davi I'm quite good at geography it's that big red area on this map, not far from where you are going on holiday, but don't tell them though as they don't like each other 😂 Big Rat
  15. @Flytvr Err ok you got me there 😬 🐀