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  1. @Malc Ha you wouldn't catch me misbehaving on a public road...., well....... maybe a little 😂 Big Rat
  2. @Mattmech This is torture, all this H&S talk some of us have all the resistance of a wet paper bag 🙁 Big Rat
  3. So usual Friday afternoon for this builder and his mates........ the Pub....... shandy only of course....... ! Now I should have smelt a Rat when the conversation turned to cars and what have you got now.... blah .... blah As this is a little unusual because the othe 5 are all single and they tend to talk about other topics if you know what I mean 😇 So one of the Group has got a E39 M5....... I think you all know where this is going 🙄 I go off to the Loo leaving my phone on the table and we all said our goodbyes and I've just glanced through the pictures and found this I had to laugh presumably it will appear on a certain website soon 😂 Big Rat
  4. @Flytvr Ah yes distant cousin....... 🐀
  5. @rich1068 Well there we are how come I didn't know that after all the conversation 'Hinges' on this when it's all said and done ! Big Rat
  6. @emjay82 Has she been for service Matey ? Again we all know who will be refurbishing your paintwork this weekend............ Big Rat
  7. @Mark G I was just thinking back as to why I didn't join Pistonheads,it's coming back to me now present company excepted it's full of........ Big Rat
  8. @dougie175 Matey it's the norm for me everyone I come into contact with laughs at me....... 😉 🐀
  9. @Peter P18 Peter know what you mean they will do anything to make money the little fella Bristol use looks exhausted 😂 Big Rat
  10. Not me matey those VW people have a certain reputation that proceeds them 😉 🐀
  11. @Mark G You don't love me any more what's it this time you been snorting to mush asbestos again 😁 🐀
  12. @emjay82 That's fine by me he can finish the job off as well 😉 🐀
  13. @dougie175 They water it down you should think such a thing 😊 🐀
  14. @Peter P18 VW used to get funny if you used any brand other than there's for the screen wash ! How they knew was beyond me maybe a tongue test 😩 🐀
  15. @emjay82 Hey don't you dare say that's where you've been staying, here's my week off the bloody driveway....... 🐀