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  1. Eurocarparts Discs + Pads

    Guys with the new discount voucher just got from them front and rear discs/pads all Brembo with the vat came to £332.00. Lexus want that just to supply and fit front pads. Big Rat
  2. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    @Peter P18 None of us are jealous....... we’re not........we’re really........not........🤥 🐀
  3. Coventry Lexus.

    @Comedian Here’s @Flytvr when he saw what his Carbon Skunkee is going to cost from now on to keep clean 😊 🐀
  4. Exhaust Back Box Drooping

    @Jgtcracer Dear Lexus Edinburgh
  5. @Flytvr Quick off the mark there....... well as we told you "Skunk Works" for us 😏 🐀
  6. @ComedianAh right Sean allow me to assist you with that................... this perhaps.............. Oh no it's actually @Flytvr Davi's 'Stoke Skunk' ................... I meen badger oh never mind 😂 🐀
  7. @NemesisUK Those symptoms you've listed.............. it's your age combined with a Cosford full English....... trust me I'm a builder 😂 🐀
  8. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    @Northern isf Yes I agree Wayne I can picture the scene at @Peter P18 house as Mrs Peter p opens the fridge as Peter shouts for the 19th time this week 'Bye babes I'm just nipping out for some milk' but ....... but......... 😏
  9. Newish isf owner

    Ah yes it's good to have a range of vehicles for all those other duties, vomit and nice leather not good 😁 🐀
  10. Newish isf owner

    @Northern isf Stylish baby carriage the isF 👍 🐀
  11. Newish isf owner

    @Northern isfYep they do look a tad dark the standard glass I've always thought was about right, the wheels look darker than standard as well, mind you as the years roll by I've seen at least '50 shades of grey' on isF wheels 😏 🐀
  12. Newish isf owner

    It looks good on white 👍 🐀
  13. Newish isf owner

    @Northern isf No probs fella is that a carbon rear spoiler ? 🐀
  14. Journalistic license builders are notorious for it 😁
  15. Newish isf owner

    @Northern isfHi Wayne thanks for joining us another white one up north @Warrington guy Dave will be pleased, hope to see you at some meets in the future. Ive got some pictures of your car below that you may not know about hope you like them from May 2014 at the Nurburgring Big Rat
  16. @Comedian @Flytvr I bought Davi a coffee at the services yesterday with a large slice of Humble Pie, I was trying to distract him from staring at his new Skunk 😘 🐀
  17. One area for all F Drivers

    @Flytvr I've put a short but to the point thread on the suggestions page. 🐀
  18. There has been much talk of a combined forum for the 'F' cars as it does feel somewhat disjointed at times, with people who sell there isF for instance and buy a Gsf prefer to remain on the isF forum where there is more in common with more people to chat with about related matters. I don't know who on here is the individual who can look at this and give it some consideration and come back to us with their thoughts, I contacted @steve2006 about this and he said he passed it on to the powers that be. I would like to add that a poll of interested parties was carried out with 37 responses it had a 97% for a combined forum. Thanks Big Rat
  19. One area for all F Drivers

    Heard nothing I'll try again with someone else. 🐀
  20. Is-F EO59EAF

    @Trevor Owlett Sorry to hear about that, you can see why so many people take the part x route or simply sell to a dealer. Big Rat
  21. Is-F EO59EAF

    Just come on sale is this silver beauty in the right colour year and mileage............. ok I'm biased, maybe right at the top for price For a 59 but it does seem like a great buy use as intended and keep 🐀 F&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&make=LEXUS&page=1
  22. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    @Dar Hi Derrick hope you and yours are good 😊 Big Rat
  23. Lexus Woodford Black is-F

    Just come up on their site an 08 with 55k miles they are asking just short of £20k, so @robbyg looking to sell his The on sale numbers going up, along with the prices. Big Rat
  24. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    @Peter P18 Nah don't like it Swap it back 😂 NOT sounds mean and and hungry for M3/M5 hunting..........😊 🐀
  25. Only 5 on Autotrader right now

    @Womble72 Nice very nice I've sent Santa a note for mine better known as Mrs Rat........ it's part of a list...... a long list 🤗 🐀