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  1. You can lock/unlock all the doors form the hatch. The main rubber opener unlocks all the doors with a first press and opens the boot hatch with a second. To lock the car from the back, there is a small rubber button to the rear of the main hatch opener which you press. Take a look.
  2. I have not had any SatNav issues on motorways but my experience has been that the route instructions in big towns are very poor. In both Cardiff and Bristol I have been routed down dead ends, been given misleading instructions (e.g. turn left when route is straight on) and had straight on at crossroads announced as turn left/turn right. This may be partly due to the hopelessly outdated maps (a year out of date when my new car was delivered last September and no free update offered) but I think is more likely to be a lack of precision location of the vehicle in relation to the map. This is not very good in a £60K car of new design. Other than that, the only other real issue I have with the Gen 4 RX is the operation of the adaptive headlamps. After auto-dipping they do not revert to main beam until your speed rises to about 40mph. This means that, if like me you live in a rural area, turning off a main road (with headlights dipped due to opposing traffic) into a country lane you drive into a pool of darkness and therefore do not get up to the required speed. In the automatic mode, you have no way of overriding to put main beam on. Last winter, I stopped using the AHBC for this reason. I also don't use the lane departure warning as it is very annoying on country roads.
  3. No you are not stupid. It works like this. Annoying, isn't it? I would be interested in what you think of the Sat Nav. I think it is the worst feature of the car.
  4. I would be interested in your comments on typical mpg when you have done a few miles as a comparison to mine. I find the Sport + suspension mode a bit firmer but the real issue with it is the skittishness on tighter corners. The more compliant standard mode is actually better on real roads. The worse feature on mine is the navigation which actually gives incorrect directions at some junctions. See what you think.
  5. ...and the stupidity of local authorities in resurfacing roads with tar and chippings. You might as well just leave them alone until you can regrade properly with tarmac.
  6. I have had a few (wide) 2 door coupes and the main problem is the long doors in narrow parking spaces - you can't get in and out! I park mine in the centre of a double garage at home. I have parked neatly in a car park space and come back to find someone (who obviously doesn't observe their surroundings and think about others) parked VERY close to the driver's door. I had to get a young lad to squeeze in and roll the car forward so I could get in. Before you say "get in the passenger side", these coupes generally have a big transmission tunnel which makes it nigh on impossible to do this if you are my age.
  7. Here's my record since I got my new type RX last September. Date Mileage Fuel Gal MPG MPG Car 02/09/16 10 16/09/16 362 10.41 33.83 33.50 09/10/16 732 11.21 33.00 32.90 26/10/16 1108 11.00 34.17 09/11/16 1467 10.91 32.91 32.60 02/12/16 1807 10.99 30.93 30.40 16/12/16 2060 7.94 31.88 31.50 23/12/16 2420 10.40 34.63 34.00 06/01/17 2746 10.26 31.78 32.30 23/01/17 3109 11.33 32.03 30.50 11/02/17 3485 12.78 29.41 29.40 25/02/17 3901 12.12 34.33 33.20 15/03/17 4267 11.27 32.48 31.80 05/04/17 4643 11.24 33.45 32.90 01/05/17 4965 10.24 31.45 31.80 17/05/17 5339 10.97 34.10 34.10 The last 2 columns are the actual calculated MPG from the fuel put in and the readout from the "mpg since last fuel". The on-board metering seems pretty accurate to me also.
  8. Envy tax.
  9. Ah yes, you just reminded me that I glued the ends of mine back with Evostick and this has entirely fixed this issue. It's just the double sided tape used to fit the seals being a bit useless. I didn't consider this a big issue as it is the secondary (outer) seal on mine. The main inner seal (attached to the doorframe) is intact. When the OP asked about problems this wasn't really in my mind.
  10. Mine has been very good thus far. Very smooth and silent with a surprising turn of speed when accelerating from 50mph to overtake. Overall since September 2016 I have got 32.5mpg but currently I am getting about 34mpg on the last tank. I have had one recall advised about the rear hatch closing but I have left this for the first service in late August. Everything works fine. Some features are a bit idiosyncratic but once you know how to operate them this is a minor issue. The worst thing is the Navigation as the maps are a year out of date when you get the car and the operation of the system is a bit old fashioned. The Lexus portal doesn't work very well but this is common to all the cars and not the RX alone.
  11. Given the archaic performance of the satnav, it is obvious that the names mean 13th century and 15th century.
  12. Great. Can I get this update on my RX450h with Premium Nav?. At least the maps would be up to date.
  13. Great username Penfolds. Do you live at the Grange?
  14. Yes, believe it or not the 2015 maps are the latest!
  15. This seems very expensive to me. I don't want you to give any personal information if you don't want but are you in a high risk category of employment or some other high risk situation?