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  1. Anyone else got an LC 500h?

    Tim, I have the lane departure stuff switched off too (RX450h Premier). I find it over sensitive as I live in a rural area and tend to drive on the crown of the road thus "crossing the line" quite often. The only other feature that I have deliberately disabled is the AHBC on the headlamps. It all works as advertised but main beam is not restored until you get to about 40mph. This means that on an unlit country lane you cannot get main beam on command. I have posted on here about this issue in detail. I am not sure if the LC has the same satnav as the RX but I have been a bit disappointed with its operation and performance. Regarding the mouse controller (your original post) you can set the sensitivity to need a firmer touch which makes it much easier to use. I am still interested in the LC so keep posting your experiences.
  2. Anyone else got an LC 500h?

    I was looking at your post today on the RRSPORT "other cars" forum about lusting after the LC500. The picture which you posted appears to show a colour combination not offered in the UK. The pic shows Ultra Blue with a grey interior. I would have probably ordered one in this if they had it. The configurator shows a very dark blue and a poor choice of interior colours. Pity. Your mpg on the RC looks about right but it does use a bit more in the colder weather.
  3. Anyone else got an LC 500h?

    Very interesting Tim. I am considering swapping my Aston DB9 for an LC but I could not stomach the colour/trim combinations currently available. I really wanted red with a cream interior. The tan or black are not to my taste. I have the automatic cruise control on my RX450h and it gives you a heart stopping moment when you first approach a line of cars in traffic. It seems to work though, stopping to a standstill. Let us know how you get on.
  4. Thanks. This works perfectly and is just the right size. I don't know why I didn't think of it.
  5. Excellent Muddy. i hope that you enjoy it.
  6. LC500 Demonstrator/Customer Deliveries

    I was at the dealers the other day and looked at the LC500. It looks fabulous in red but IMO not so good in white (these were the two on show - no yellow!). Looking at the configurator, I am very disappointed that you cannot have a cream/vanilla leather interior in this car to complement the red exterior. The tan leather just does not look right to me and the black looks a bit drab. Lexus should allow a few more customised options on a vehicle at this price point like their major competitors do. In any event the rather strange "Japanese taste" interior colours has put me off changing my Aston for an LC although I will probably get a test drive just to see...
  7. While we are talking about perforated leather, I am having a lot of trouble getting out something white that has got onto the (black) seat. The surface wipes clean easily but the perforations hold the impurity and it shows as a few white dots on the seat. I am a bit cautious about using something like a pin to clear the holes because of the seat heaters. Leather cleaners do not seem to help. Any suggestions?
  8. Gen 4 RX450H Nav

    In reply to the OP, I have found that if you press the map button twice in quick succession the screen goes straight to the map display and bypasses the nav menu screen.
  9. Connected Services Problem

    In the past, I have been able to download routes to the car from the portal site via wifi with no problem. Went to do this last night and I could not get a connection. Error messages were time-out or connection failed. I re-entered my login and password but no joy. I really can't be bothered to fix it now. The system is just too fragile.
  10. I have posted in another thread about an issue with the AHBC system on the Premier model. After automatic dipping, it does not restore the high beam until you exceed 40mph. If you turn into a narrow unlit country lane where you would not get up to this speed you end up with no visibility due to the sharp dip cutoff and no way of putting main beam on manually. As I live in a rural area, I have the AHBC switched off which is a pity because it does indeed work as described above.
  11. To be fair, I didn't have any major issues with my RRS (Dec 2013). However, I definitely wouldn't have one without a manufacturer's warranty as there are a lot of expensive bits to go wrong. The LR dealers are also very poor for such an expensive vehicle and really couldn't care less. I changed because the cost to replace my 2013 model with an equivalent 2016 model was just too high given the realignment of the pricing which LR put in place.
  12. I have to agree that LR dealers have a lot to learn when it comes to customer service. As you know, I have got rid of my RRS now but last time I had it serviced, the car was delivered back with the vanilla leather seats dirty from mechanics greasy overalls. Lexus dealers also have better coffee (but the chairs in their showrooms are a bit weird).
  13. NX 1000 mile review

    You can lock/unlock all the doors form the hatch. The main rubber opener unlocks all the doors with a first press and opens the boot hatch with a second. To lock the car from the back, there is a small rubber button to the rear of the main hatch opener which you press. Take a look.
  14. Gen 4 RX450H Nav

    I have not had any SatNav issues on motorways but my experience has been that the route instructions in big towns are very poor. In both Cardiff and Bristol I have been routed down dead ends, been given misleading instructions (e.g. turn left when route is straight on) and had straight on at crossroads announced as turn left/turn right. This may be partly due to the hopelessly outdated maps (a year out of date when my new car was delivered last September and no free update offered) but I think is more likely to be a lack of precision location of the vehicle in relation to the map. This is not very good in a £60K car of new design. Other than that, the only other real issue I have with the Gen 4 RX is the operation of the adaptive headlamps. After auto-dipping they do not revert to main beam until your speed rises to about 40mph. This means that, if like me you live in a rural area, turning off a main road (with headlights dipped due to opposing traffic) into a country lane you drive into a pool of darkness and therefore do not get up to the required speed. In the automatic mode, you have no way of overriding to put main beam on. Last winter, I stopped using the AHBC for this reason. I also don't use the lane departure warning as it is very annoying on country roads.