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  1. Ah yes, you just reminded me that I glued the ends of mine back with Evostick and this has entirely fixed this issue. It's just the double sided tape used to fit the seals being a bit useless. I didn't consider this a big issue as it is the secondary (outer) seal on mine. The main inner seal (attached to the doorframe) is intact. When the OP asked about problems this wasn't really in my mind.
  2. Mine has been very good thus far. Very smooth and silent with a surprising turn of speed when accelerating from 50mph to overtake. Overall since September 2016 I have got 32.5mpg but currently I am getting about 34mpg on the last tank. I have had one recall advised about the rear hatch closing but I have left this for the first service in late August. Everything works fine. Some features are a bit idiosyncratic but once you know how to operate them this is a minor issue. The worst thing is the Navigation as the maps are a year out of date when you get the car and the operation of the system is a bit old fashioned. The Lexus portal doesn't work very well but this is common to all the cars and not the RX alone.
  3. Given the archaic performance of the satnav, it is obvious that the names mean 13th century and 15th century.
  4. Great. Can I get this update on my RX450h with Premium Nav?. At least the maps would be up to date.
  5. Great username Penfolds. Do you live at the Grange?
  6. Yes, believe it or not the 2015 maps are the latest!
  7. This seems very expensive to me. I don't want you to give any personal information if you don't want but are you in a high risk category of employment or some other high risk situation?
  8. My cars are coated with G3 Glasscoat and, when I wash them, the Glasscoat shampoo seems to restore the water shedding surface. It may be that the Autoglym shampoo (good as it is) does not contain the right chemicals to restore the finish. Were you given special shampoo and detailing spray with the car?
  9. No creaking or thud on my latest generation RX450h. The brakes make the usual regeneration whine when slowing to a halt and sound a bit "grinding" first thing in the morning when cold but nothing like you describe. The grinding noise goes away fast and then all seems normal.
  10. It's about as clear as mud what is required. It's the first part of the vehicle code only - not the last part as appears to be indicated. Where it says everything before the * (asterisk) , it actually means before the hyphen.
  11. One of my colleagues has the Ultra blue NX. It looks stunning. The new Azure is a bit well, insipid, by comparison.
  12. We get a "grinding" noise from the brakes on both our IS300h and RX450h (2016 models) but only when the brakes are cold (first thing in the morning). This seems to be normal judging by other comments on here. We particularly notice it backing out of the drive but it disappears straight away in use.
  13. Elastoplast!
  14. Yes, I have LKA on my 4th Gen RX and I have never switched it on after the initial try out after purchase. I found it intensely annoying as I drive principally on rural A/B roads and country lanes and not motorways. I also tend to drive towards the crown of the road for best visibility (if nobody is coming the other way!) and it vibrates the steering all the time because of the middle line. A lot of these "driver aids" are not very useful but a really useful feature like parked car heating (to de-ice the car in the morning) is not provided as an option. Oh well.
  15. If they really are only allocating 4 cars to the UK then this makes a mockery of the product launch this year. They may as well just delay everything. Dealers are really going to enjoy spending lots of money on marketing and then telling potential customers that there is no chance of getting one. Some cars can bear a very long lead time (e.g. special Ferrari models) but I am not sure that this will be the case for the LC. What about the demonstrators? Will we need to book up months ahead as they go from dealer to dealer?