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  1. Looks like a reasonable punt for anyone who knows their 400's and has checked out the usual fail points. In my other life I buy and sell classic guitars and 1500 quid wouldn't get half of a Les Paul . Remedial work is a lot less expensive in my trade though! If I'd seen this up when I was recently looking to get back into the LS world I'd have given it some serious attention.
  2. I bought one of these FM bluetooth transmitters for around 13 quid and it works well enough. Mainly use it to stream Spotify from my phone. The key is to find a nice clean FM channel. I wouldn't say it's CD quality but it does the job. Even so, I'm looking at getting a Vaistech device to fit behind the music system. I like to have what's playing showing and selectable on the big LCD and to be able to select tracks from the steering wheel. Was impressed with the little thing for the price though. Connect it to the socket inside the centre console and it's all very discrete and connects seamlessly.
  3. When I changed jobs not too long ago one of the plus points was giving up my company Vectramobile and getting back into the sedate world of old school LS motoring :). You will miss it when it's gone!
  4. 109K miles is no big deal with these engines. I've an 83K miles LS430 that could be mistaken for straight off the factory floor from some angles and handles like new. If you look after them then they'll look after you.
  5. It was probably listed with a BIN price of £700 but it was still an auction rather than a fixed price sale so would have had a starting price below that, which becomes the current price if bid on, cancelling out the original BIN opportunity.
  6. Sticker looks tasteful! Not for me but it sits well on your tints.
  7. Yeah, the LS400 was to me the first American-styled Japanese-built car that made sense on UK roads . They lost that trajectory a bit in more recent LS revisions, but give me an LS430 interior in an LS400 body and with some of the more contemporary LS460 gizmos and I'll not ask for more. Not going to happen though.
  8. To me, all of the LS's are interesting for different reasons. I do find the LS400 exterior to be the best. Sleek lines which don't age, or at least now just look classic. Relatively simple technology and solid build. I still miss my old LS400 MKIV, but when I was looking for a an LS recently I went for an LS430. There are just more of them available in great condition so wasn't hard to find a good one. I also much prefer the interior of the 430. A few more gadgets to break, but so long as I don't get the fabled collapse of the air suspension in the next 5-10 years I'll be happy with mine. The 460/600 are wonders of technology. More modern body shape (to me, better on the eye than the 430 but again not as sleek as the 400). Lots more to go wrong and expensive to fix, but I may look at them with more interest in 5-10 years ;). Unless I find a mint LS400 that's not already been grabbed by the eagle-eyed members of LOC...
  9. LS430 alloys are my favourite. Mated onto an LS400 (my fave body shape) is a very good choice.
  10. Clear indicators always look great on the LS400 for me. Gorgeous looking car.
  11. I sold my LS400 mkIV about 10 years ago. Still regret it, but had been given a company car at the time and couldn't justify running a second "weekend" car. When I jumped back into the LS world recently I went for a 430 as to me that was closest to the LS400 in style and build and there are plenty of very good examples available. The LS400 still beats it in exterior looks though. Would have snapped up a mint example 400 for similar price, but those are now like rocking horse sh*t.. There's no doubt they're a classic car these days and worth investing in, and worth preserving and looking after.
  12. Gotcha. So not as lovingly well maintained as described. Ebay descriptions can be quite florid though ;).
  13. What do you reckon the lowest cost is to fix those though? Things like ball joints are £50 or so. If you're a dab hand mechanic and can do it yourself it's not a big expense. Wouldn't be an LS for me (I can hardly change a light bulb) but probably not a big thing to others. No doubt others out there better value, but the gene pool is getting smaller and smaller for this model.