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  1. Ha, thanks Verbout, the alloys are truly awful at the moment. Once the weather dries up, I'll get them smartened up. Rest assured the car was only stopped like that while I swapped some cars around the driveway. No kerbing/scraping, just a wheel up. The Acre, yeah it was beyond grim. Using cotton buds to pull tar off the lock switches, it was so thick. *shudder* The body is straight, but has a few scratches and scrapes. Nothing a good bit of spit and polish won't sort. On that topic, any ideas how hard the paint is? On my Subaru and Honda the paint is super soft and marrs/swirls for fun, and I've only ever used a finishing pad and ultra fine compound. As a comparison, my old BMW I'd go at it practically with chisels and it wouldn't mark at all, such was the hardness of the paint.
  2. Hi No caravans for me. That belongs to a neighbour. Though I am very tempted to put Paul's transmission cooler on anyway, seeing as he's local and its a simple upgrade.
  3. Thanks all for the warm welcome. After a week of evenings and a weekend of scrubbing, my LS is now officially on the road. Here's the kind of grot I've been taking care of!
  4. Thanks! There's a long way to go before its a 'lovely' Lexus! But I am working on it. Currently going through it cleaning years of being smoked in and general neglect. Ewww! I
  5. Hi Just thought I'd take the opportunity to say Hi, my name is Luke and I'm new to Lexus, but not by a long stretch, to Japanese cars. I've just bought a Lexus LS430, and looking forward to learning, sharing and enjoying the ownership experience.