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  1. Got torque Pro for the car, anyone running it and does anyone have any tips. Managed to get most of the parameters showing, does the ISF have an oil pressure sensor rather than switch??? Anyone programmed it? Cheers in advance
  2. It's like police interceptors!!!!!
  3. It's wasted money if you care about lap times. You can't put a price on the 'cool factor's it would bring though!!
  4. What kind of trip was this???? Lots of pictures of men in bed and someone's into feet by the looks of things........ Count me in for next year!!!!!!lol
  5. Yea, i knew it was a package so must just be bolt on plus an ECU map. As I've said earlier, it's something i am looking into too but like you, need other people to be guinea pigs first
  6. It's tempting but I'm struggling to work out cost fitted? Can't be far from £15k!! Where would we get this done? Is it a simple case of bolt ons and a new map supplied with the kit?
  7. +1, in painting the nursery and arguing with the wife. 3 guesses where I'd rather be right now!
  8. Very good choice, can't believe missed it. And to think you could get 1 for 15k a few years ago
  9. There's a nice carrara 2s for sale next to me in blue for £30k. Would be a lovely car if i thought it wouldn't break.
  10. Very much looking forward to a bit of footage, shame no red ones could make it! Be careful, those Welsh rozzers take no prisoners!
  11. I know what this is but won't give the game away, friend used to have one these a couple of years ago and was brilliant. I think they have dated though!
  12. You did say anything!!!!
  13. Yea, when it's a warranty job the cost doesn't matter but the buggerance it causes does. I've found myself in a situation recently where i could upgrade from the ISF to something faster, more exotic but realistically, the ISF is already pretty unique at it's current level. If i was to buy something else like a new M5 i think i wouldn't enjoy it because I'd worry it would break. There are plenty on here that could afford something faster but the ISF is so reliable and still quick that it doesn't make sense to replace it. My GTR was super quick..... to the garage!
  14. 6x injectors in a year?? Can't claim to be surprised by the result. Threads like this make it hard to justify the extended warranties
  15. Lancia delta! BMW M2, they're going to hold value well! Nissan GTR, any skyline GTR actually (unmodified) Supra twin turbo (unmodified) Sierra Cosworth