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  1. Kemble 'Grand Tour' - 19th Nov 2017

    I love that era of high altitude supersonic jets!!
  2. One area for all F Drivers

    It's ok, we understand that the ISF just doesn't do it for you any more.... So is the RCF a mid life crisis car?? I could do with a mid life crisis
  3. Back in a ISF

    It will happen, just need a leave pass from the wife, she certainly won't be coming! My hobby is the only thing that keeps me sane to be honest, it sounds strange but people really do build up an emotional bond with cars and I do have a relationship with it! Maybe that's why the wife hates my cars, she gets jealous!
  4. Back in a ISF

    Lol, I like that saying! Must remember it.
  5. Ring Taxis

    That Megane was impressive!!
  6. One area for all F Drivers

    Makes sense from my perspective. Not enough of us as it is, especially in light of recent movement away from the ISF. The thought of ratty one day getting a GSF/RCF would mean I would also have to just for the forum banter
  7. Only 5 on Autotrader right now

    Well if any of us owners of red cars car help with the Mesa red let then let us know. If there's not many then we will be able to manage to track them down! Marcus
  8. Finally took some piccys

    Yea, when you lock the car the mirrors will auto fold
  9. Only 5 on Autotrader right now

    It sounds really cheesy but things like these really are good PR for the ISF. It's a really good thread. Only worry I have is that the only people that will read it have already been converted! Lol
  10. Spotted isf

    s*x on wheels, nice and dirty too!
  11. The relief of an MOT pass

    Two V8s........ For when killing polar bears with one just isn't enough!! I was accused of destroying the planet last week because of the ISF by a driver of an electric Outlander. I reminded him that my extortionate road tax entitles me to destroy as many baby seals as I want. When he pays top dollar for road tax then he has the right to moan, until then shut it!
  12. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    £10k isn't bad at all fitted. Was expecting near £12-13k. Will be interesting to see how the rear tyres and traction control cope at this time of year. Even in my car, depending on road surface, can still get the TC light to come on at 40mph+. Is there a way to maintain cruise control without using the active aspect?? Your going to have to dyno it, for our benefit of nothing else! Marcus
  13. Sad End to Mesa Red is-F

    I'll see what I can do, it's how I like my women...... nice and dirty
  14. Sad End to Mesa Red is-F

    Don't start here too!!!lol. (I think I started it on the other thread)
  15. Warrington is-F

    How dare you!! I'm a modern man, in touch with my femenine side! I own a pink shirt you know