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  1. I understand what your saying but this thread talks about what people have done, not what they plan on doing at the weekend like it was in 10p shorts posts. Also, the posts aren't what put him in prison, it was the accident. We are all in a position where if we were ever to have an unfortunate accident, there are no posts on this thread showing prior intent to drive like a knob that day. The only reason the police used his posts were because he had previously said they were going for a blast the day the accident occurred. Appreciate the debate however Mikey, hope you don't take the post the wrong way Marcus
  2. Had a really good battle with a 2015 RS5 coming home from work. Cars were fairly event matched up to 4th gear then the ISF pulled away slowly. Audi is definatly limited to 155mph also!! All on private roads obviously
  3. Some guy crashed his GTR into a hedge!!!
  4. I wouldn't bother, mine is a 2009 and having driven a few 2010/11 cars when buying, it's not worth paying the premium if you have an earlier low mileage minter. If your wanting a GSF/RCF in the future, save your money for one of them. Marcus
  5. I agree, I very much bought my ISF because of what it was, rather than because it was a Lexus. Admittedly, I have since started to appreciate the brand more but can't say hand on heart that my next car will also be a Lexus. I like cars that are different and I was after a V8. I need to be sure I'm not going to see another one whilst driving to work and back every day, lol Marcus
  6. But it's so cool!!
  7. Business must be good with a car like that!! Wheels look smaller now, really quality finish however. Good Job Rusty
  8. In their natural habitats, they love being outdoors. Think it's cruel locking them up all day!!
  9. I used yellowstuff pads all round on GT4 and we really good! Marcus
  10. That's some retro looking clock! Love it I had 34c this week but dont trust it one bit!
  11. Agreed, someone hasn't seen it and thought " oh look, an ISF exhaust!! I'll have that!". They wouldn't know what to list it as on eBay even if they wanted to sell it. It may still turn up, particularly if 4 separate packages were sent. Was it insured? Marcus
  12. Doesn't the next iPhone come with an adaptor to allow you to connect headphones through the lightening port? My ISF has an iPod adaptor fitted, sure it could be changed to be a lightening cable relatively easily. Not sure if it was a dealer option but it's fully integrated to the stereo
  13. I'm with Adrian flux and they were the cheapest for me by far, I pay approx £350 a year with around £400 compulsory excess.....I think. Marcus
  14. Agreed, however my wife is STILL moaning about it. Doesn't see what's wrong with a corsa
  15. Agree with this, it ends up becoming an arm's race between the manufacturers. All it takes is one company to make a competent car with massive power and the competitors will follow suit to match. Personally, love loads of power as long as it doesn't ruin the drive. Just because a car has 6,000,000 bhp doesn't mean you have to drive fast. Just means when you feel like it you can do wheel spins at 100mph!!!lol