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  1. I'd speak to Lexus spares about this. I can't imagine they will be anything special, possibly standard across the Toyota/Lexus brand Marcus
  2. There seems to be at least a couple of companies claiming to remap in this country now. A couple of people on here may have had maps done but I've seen no feedback on results. Once I do, I may be inclined to get a map done Marcus
  3. I never got that far, another option has come up closer to home. I can't see a reason why it can't be done however
  4. It is cool though, even comes with a bench at the back for making your sandwiches on the boot. I'd have one in a heart beat. It looks like an ISF GTS
  5. Beautiful car!! We are down to 2 cars for the first time in a long time, would love to get something interesting but we will have to see. Would love something like an S12 Silvia or a Datsun 240Z
  6. I drive 6 miles to work everyday and I will struggle to get 3 bars on the oil temp in that time. The torque Pro has water temp up to 70-80 within a few miles but oil temperature is not on the app. Past turbo experience suggests that oil temp significantly trails water temp. Id give it a good 10 mins drive before giving the car a sustained hammering through the gears personally Oil temp is the important one!
  7. Out of interest, what has caught your attention?? Marcus
  8. Defratos, I'm just speaking from my personal experience from 2003-2013, may of changed in last few years. I Ina previous life I dealt from time to time with government officials from middle East and African countries
  9. I spent some time in Oman and the Emirates, they love a good bribe there!!lol
  10. The ISF is similar, pulls all the way to the limiter and it is noticeable when you get there. Would love to see what the car would do with it removed, no idea what but would expect it to be 180-185mph
  11. Nah, wouldn't want it in car. I could wrap it up and get a courier to collect from Sheffield to have it shepherd back here though, may be less than £50 too. I'll look into it.
  12. Suppose as long as I left before 5ish I could be down and back home by 7 or 8pm. May be worth considering Cheers for that
  13. Sheffield is probably 4hrs away from me, I'm reluctant to leave the car for longer than a day and there are custom fabricators car nearer to me. Ideally I'd get one in the post and fit myself but it's finding one in the UK that's the problem. I had an order in with H+S but they delayed it a couple of times so I ended up cancelling.
  14. As per the title, looking for an aftermarket exhaust for the car, I'm to impatient to wait 6-8 weeks!!
  15. Don't get me wrong, the ISF looks good but wow, that's hot!!