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  1. Agreed, in my household there are electrical, mechanical and 'ruined by my modification' faults. 99% of brilliant cars i have owned have been ruined by going to far playing with them. Not saying that's what you have done.....😀
  2. Guys, after much searching I'm struggling to find a definitive answer regarding whether headers can be sought with Cats or are they all without. I'm looking to change exhaust system also and am leaning towards H+S as they are UK based and have chatted to them regarding my requirements. PPE and Sikky both state they remove the cat but also state cats can be fitted. No mention of how to source the headers though. Will I have to buy and get the TIG welder out to modify myself? I know H+S systems are used by a few on here, I've looked at Borla and JoeZ also, have missed any good ones? Appreciate that the search function is there but it's sometimes easy to get confused by some of the threads Marcus
  3. You can have sports mode selected and still switch off traction control. When I'm out for a spirited drive i use sports mode and dont switch it off. I've read that leaving TC on however whilst on track can cause a lot of rear brake wear and heat build up?
  4. What a bunch of thugs....I love it!! The roads they have over there are deserted, I'd end up in prison if UK roads were like that
  5. He's straddling the space anyway, I think it's a bit cheeky actually. Maybe ok at the far end of a car park but that will be near the doo!lol
  6. That or the V12 vantage have got to be my favourite looking car! I really wanted to own a V8 and thought I'll drive all of the usual stuff such as an M3, RS4,C63,XFR. The M3 was the only other one I really enjoyed driving but couldn't get over the image and how common they are. I probably would look at another Skyline GTR or even the new Civic Type R to be honest. Luckily the GSF and RCF are around so I might be able to move to them when the ISF has had it. I just love the engine too much
  7. Seems it was crushed because of street racing, that's all post says anyway. California are brutal mind you so wouldn't be surprised
  8. Ive seen the picture knocking around here but found a video this morning. If only it was silver!
  9. When I'm driving then having passengers behind me is a real issue but I've got a 4yr old and expect a new one in jun so not bothered. Kids legs bend and stuff anyway so I'm willing to let them suffer for my enjoyment!!!ha
  10. Wow, that thing looks immaculate!lol. Look at those solid arches. Ha. Im 6'3" and hav no issues with head room clearance and have a all legs mind you
  11. That is lovely, I'd rather have exhaust manifolds for that price though. I'd love some carbon fibre shifters.
  12. I love it! Only £6,000,000 each....primed!!
  13. Not a clue honestly, I live in south Scotland so can't comment on the northern stuff.
  14. See poll
  15. Ive been quiet last few days on the forum due to work but now I'm around again I'd like to get something sorted on dates for this run. Longer we leave it, harder it will be. How about we agree a month first. For me it's got to be March/April/May really due to wife giving birth but if it's scheduled for a later time it's not the end of the world, could pop up for the day and meet up. Ive placed a separate poll to get the dates narrowed down, can you all please get it done. Thanks