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  1. Airbag recall

    I'm thinking it's going to be a Citroen C1!!
  2. Airbag recall

    Yea, that's really good service. I live 60 miles from nearest dealer mind you!! I'd rather take the car in and blag a test drive!!ha
  3. Airbag recall

    As for small scratches, they're still damage caused by them and I'm ocd about the interior of my car, they could detract from the pleasure the car gives me once I know they're there, irrespective of how insignificant they are. I've got no issues of they damage it, as long as they replace it.
  4. Airbag recall

    In just going to make a point of saying that there have been horror stories about damage to dash and as a result I'll be checking.
  5. Airbag recall

    I've just got my recall letter in the last few days, I will be ringing Lexus once I've got the badger damage sorted over next few weeks. I'll definatly be trying to blag something fun to borrow for the day!!
  6. Tyres

    I've just done the front this size today and they fit fine without any rubbing. Will be changing the rears in the next few months and will also be doing this. Price is a tad dearer than OEM sizes but when you compare the 225 and 245 next to eachother there is a good 30mm more rubber! Got a cracking deal on Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres so will report back what they're like Marcus
  7. New Front Bumper

    I'm in a similar situation to yourself in so far as it's only the plastic part that I have damaged, I've checked and everything else is ok. I was that annoyed when I got the badger that I made a point of finding its corpse just so I could hit it with a stick!!!!!
  8. New Front Bumper

    £350 is pretty reasonable for what it is, I'll have to see though once I've spoke to Lexus. Knowing my luck they will not have any in stock!! Marcus
  9. New Front Bumper

    I'm going to ring Lexus tomorrow to look at costs, wonder if Toyota can quote separately. I've seen quotes for new OEM bumpers around $350 in the US but not sure where to source in the UK Marcus
  10. New Front Bumper

    I'm after an OEM front bumper to replace mine. It disintegrated when a Badger decided to commit suicide using me as a weapon!!! Struggling to find one. eBay sells them but under closer inspection I think they're F-Sport bumpers. Cheers Marcus
  11. Next Kemble meet - 27th August 2017

    Agreed, were not all shy, just 7 hours away!!
  12. upgrading isf 2008 headlights

    There's a personal decision and then there's the cost of these though!! Surely there must be facelift ISF lights cheaper than them!
  13. How to sell an RC Ratty style

    I was offered an NSX manual for £15k 6-7 years ago, I didn't want to spend the money at the time..... Thought it was dear! NSX is a dream car to me too but the ISF will be a lot quicker!
  14. Daily Drive

    I agree, Adrian flux were good to me too. I daily drive my car and the only cost since January has been fuel. Averaging 24mpg on country roads and A1 so not bad considering it's a 400bhp+ V8