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  1. Post your Pics

    I think they have always been that way, no chance they will be getting changed around any time soon in this weather. Due some new rear tyres this week I think so may change them then though I can't imagine it matters a massive amount
  2. Post your Pics

    I lot of people don't seem to like it but as they're rare I think some people's opinions are based upon pictures rather than in the flesh. When nice and clean, in the sun it truly is stunning. ISFs generally look far better in the flesh anyway but particularly the Mesa Red!! I love it and genuinely wouldn't pick another colour over it. Looked at a few and fell in love with it instantly Marcus
  3. Post your Pics

    a few of my car wash last week and photos for an agreed value with adrian flux
  4. Don't bother porting heads, that's something that's fine way down the line once bolt ons are done, I've done it in the past to get small gains but were on smaller higher revving Honda engine!! Times have moved on, casting techniques are much better and it would cost a fortune but the time there removed, flow tested on the bench then ported before re-fitting. Exhaust/manifold mods would be far better. Obviously all my opinion but kind of makes sense Marcus
  5. Silver isF GY08JXT

    It's brilliant that your doing it, really good resource once finished also
  6. Silver isF GY08JXT

    Trying to finish the ISF database??
  7. IsF LT09DWO

    Seems to be flat bottomed and is missing F badge also. Wheels are definatly black also
  8. Mine is right next to me left knee next to the headlight washers and stuff so have never noticed before. I'll see how I get on in one of the other settings and see if it annoys me. Cheers
  9. So every time I touch the throttle on any of the programs other than red/green it will flash?? That's really annoying, particularly at night when you can see it!!
  10. I run mine in white most of the time, red every now and again if I'm ANGRY!!!! Green is economy, good for if you just want to sit at 70 with cruise control on. If it's flickering then it still needs at up, you have to teach it the throttle positions. I find red too much if it's in sport mode too and I'm doing anything other than a flat out blat, particularly at slower speeds. I end up kangaroo hopping out of junctions. Marcus
  11. The ISF has gone

    Can't imaging the LC reaching the £20-30k mark for a while personally. Maybe never will, having sat in one, they do seem to be on a different level to the ISF/RCF but maybe that's just my personal taste talking.
  12. Airbag recall

    When I say ruined, I tend to mean I've either made it undrivable or so compromised that it's ridiculous as a road car. Fitting things like fixed back bucket seats or chasing big power. Fitting rock hard suspension and massive wheels or stripping the interior
  13. Airbag recall

    I'd be less inclined to thrash a supercharged/modified car, based upon my experience id worry I was going to break it!! Every car I have modified, some heavily, I have ruined somehow. I've destroyed some lovely cars! Lol
  14. Lexus ISF Mod's

    This thread makes me want to American. I love trump and want a gun and want to live in the deep south and lose all my teeth and blow stuff up (best American impression)