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  1. Its odd because I had this exact same issue which got worse, especially once the car got up to temperature. Like some of the posters above I thought it was transmission related as I checked the fluid and was a dingy colour so I got the car booked in to have the trans fluid drained and refilled. It still didn't fix the issue, my mechanic said it was almost a misfire, they recommended to change the plugs and HT leads. Once they did that it cured the car completely and has never happened since. I think the previous owner had skimped on a plug change, worth getting done for peace of mind I would say (mine is a MK3 97)
  2. Hi Malc, To be fair the garage I used to do had down to replace new cambelt kit and water pump, at the same time they replaced my radiator as one of the spokes was missing and was very old. As the rad had to come off anyway made sense in terms of the labour. while they were doing this though they said that the air con radiator was well past it. At that point I said don't worry I will source the part myself as rather hard to come by. So in all fairness more my fault rather than the garage in terms of the drier not being replaced, if I knew my onions then I would have got that part at the same time. I am using NRP off the lower road Malc, have been great to be honest. Very honest bunch, they overcharged me by accident on the cambelt repair and rang me back up the same day to refund, as I say very honest and straight talking. Know their stuff, the mechanic who has been working on my car loves them and always chats for ages how good these cars are. Can definitely recommend these guys
  3. Thanks both will enquire with the garage tomorrow
  4. Thanks, the condensing radiator has just been replaced, will see how easy it is to source a drier
  5. Thanks Malc, what part of the air con is it? Just had the ac radiator replaced
  6. Hi all, Found a leak feom this contraption by the radiator, cannot for the life of me find an engine diagram online so want to know what it is if anyone can identify? Sent from The Isle Of Sheppey
  7. Off to get detailed and a full valet on Monday and proper chrome boot badges put on to replace the naff faded gold ones Sent from The Isle Of Sheppey
  8. Had all four tyres replaced today as the existing ones were simply woeful, all near the legal limit Chinese rubbish and very choppy in the wet. Now have brand new Avon ZX7 tyres and the ride has completely transformed. Brakes better, grips better, in fact does everything better. Gratuitous shot of car as sunny Went with your recommendation cornershop in terms of alightly wider tyres for the DHP wheels Sent from The Isle Of Sheppey
  9. A nice one here
  10. Thats a good price. one of the very last as well on a W plate. A very good buy for someone as it doesn't really want for a lot apart from the rear bumper and a refurb for the alloys. The only thing that puts me off is the colour to be honest
  11. There we go - first pic shows where cable comes out and works a dream, second one is the DAB transmitter I believe. Apologies for not uploading beforehand. It's nice to get wuch a wide range of radio stations now that I could never before. A bit of Jazz FM seems to suit the Lexus Sent from The Isle Of Sheppey
  12. Sent from The Isle Of Sheppey
  13. Sent from The Isle Of Sheppey
  14. Looks like it has been glued before so I think a proper repair Sent from The Isle Of Sheppey
  15. One thing I have found since I bought my Mark 3 a few weeks back, certain spares are near on impossible to get - granted there are more in the states but it is a pain to get parts sent over. For instance the bottom splitter section of my front bumper is split, I guess from going up and down curbs and and cannot find a replacement one anywhere.