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  1. This: That chipstick doesnt do ****...
  2. Sunny day today! a good day to wax my lexus :)
  3. You should take pictures step by step and make a guide on the forums, bet there would be alot of people grateful to read it :) including me!
  4. damn, those sure would look good, probably need to remove headlights to install them ? meaning you need to remove whole bumper etc. never done that before, would be too nerve wrecking for me that i wouldn't damage/scratch something :D
  5. Gotta say it looks exactly like a shot from a air-rifle, been there done that :D ( on my own car, just to be clear! )
  6. Yupp snow here in Finland, most of its melted away now so time to put summer tires under her! Black is a bitch to keep clean! but i love the color!
  7. Had to post some pics of my is250 as a new lexus owner, god i love this car! Changed to summer tyres today! with my newly painted rims, and rinsed the car, so i had to take some pictures! The cars nothing special, will be adding the boot spoiler once i get some more cash in my wallet! also thinking of painting the calipers red when i got the spare time and better weather! Once you go black u never go back! enjoy! :)
  8. Not to go too much off topic but how much is the total cost of driving a car in Uk ? For me here in Finland The Car : lexus IS -06 177,000km = 15,000€ Co2 Tax = 450€/ year Insurance = 900€/year No wonder Finland has the oldest cars on the road in the nordics
  9. What a cheap car!!! :D In Finland the same car is about 18-22k € The land of massive taxes! a little off-topic but yeah :)
  10. As a new Is250 owner i must ask, why are they doing a recall ? something not right with the airbags ?
  11. Looks nice! :) You done what im planing to do!, boot spoiler and black rims :)
  12. Hi! Yes mainly 95 and 98 @ the pumps, always been using 98 cause price difference is so small. E85 is cheapest around here but never thought about adding that to the tank, dont u need to install somekinda of kit to make your car run on it ? seen alot of ad`s for the E85 kits to convert your car to use it. changes the ignition timing or something? ( dont know anything about them ) Well sounds like i will be totally fine with just using 98 :)
  13. Yes! Thanks to this forum is probably saved alot of money and future problems! Lets just hope this one doesnt get the carbon build up prob! Thinking of adding a oil catch can, might help avoid that problem! anyone experience about them ? should be rather easy to add :) and heres a pic of my new ride, a plain simple is250 auto, -06 and 170,000km`s on the clock ( fack they are expensive in Finland. price tag 15,000e