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  1. Heads up if anyone is in need of front discs, £144.69 for Brembo's from eurocarparts on EBay...... Cheers, Ben
  2. Hi, Mine are driving me mad at the mo. Think it's either front or rear right. Fronts need changing so maybe that's the answer but when I get time I'll have them to bits for a good lube! Ben
  3. I thought the ride was hard until I checked my tyre pressures and they had been set at 44psi on all four corners by the dealer I bought it off! Much better now they're at 36psi 🙄
  4. Washed last weekend and added a coat of wax....
  5. I ordered on Monday 2 weeks ago and it was here from Japan (had all Japan postage stamps) within 5 days, no instruction to pay extra charges. I was very pleased to be honest. I have a 1988 Mitsubishi Starion which is why I know about this website, great for getting original parts direct from Japan!
  6. It's coming from Japan though. I didn't pay any extra charges from what was stated from my original order. Your part is £220 with their discount code GENUINESALE
  7. Try this website I ordered a piece of door trim and it arrived within a week from Japan. Not sure how much the exhaust tips are though.
  8. Do you have any photos of your custom setup Mark? Thinking of doing the same at some point so looking at options!
  9. Very nearly lost mine the other day, only noticed how loose it was when washing the car and it came off in my hand!! Tied on with a bit of wire until I get round to sorting it properly. hope you get it sorted!
  10. August last year at Lexus, not sure if that included filters though, maybe just oil service.
  11. Thought I'd check the cabin filter and that was just as dirty so ordered a fresh one for £6 off eBay!! First observations are it feels a bit smoother on the power delivery, can't say there's much noise difference to honest but it has been over a week since I've driven it so didn't compare side by side with the old filter/pipe. Certainly no difference at low revs. Happy with the mod anyway as at least I know that the car can breath as best it can and that old filthy filter's been changed!!
  12. Hi all, Thought I'd post a few pics of the intake mods I've fitted tonight. Very easy to fit and glad I did it if only to find out how dirty the old filter was!!! Also gave the air box a clean while the filter was out and sprayed the MAF with electrical contact cleaner for good measure. Will report back tomorrow with regards to noise or performance. Big thanks to Mark (emjay82) for posting the parts so quickly. Cheers, Ben
  13. No, not on those plates anymore!
  14. Pretty sure my car is in that video! As tested on Top Gear!
  15. Looks awesome, great work on the "detailing"! I think I'm going to have to have that colour next!