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  1. Thanks for looking folks, I'll give Lexus a call. It'll only be an issue when I'm 168mph o a private road and my rear bumper flies off!!
  2. Just took a pic of the drivers side so this is what's missing from the left if anyone's got one laying around? If not it's a call to Lexus. Cheers, Ben
  3. Thanks guys, I'm pretty sure it's the parts in this photo but can't sure unless I take the right hand side apart which I don't really want to do: 52582, 52198a and 90159 (all for left hand side) picture is not very clear though:
  4. Hi all, washed the car tonight and found a clip missing from the rear bumper passenger side where it meets the rear wing. Any idea what the the part no. is? Could look at the other side but it's dark now! thanks, Ben
  5. Hi folks, some guy being quite complimentary about the F around Silverstone! Enjoy Ben
  6. They look great, a lot better. Do you get bulb error warnings on the dash with these? Ben
  7. Loving the tools, you can never have too many!
  8. Go ahead Big Rat, if that's your thing!
  9. Just be careful with this as remember the gearbox and diff still won't be warm when you eventually drive off 😉
  10. Hi all, Anyone else got anything they're a little bit obsessed with other than the ISF? I have this, a 1988 Mitsubishi Starion. Owned it for 13 years now and will never sell. Half the power of the ISF but puts a smile on my face every time I drive her! Please share!
  11. I noticed that to, winner! The guy on the second vid is properly annoying!
  12. This may sound stupid but I only viewed one and bought it. It ticked all the boxes and wants for nothing plus being in my price range. It was also the closest one to me at the time which was still 60 miles away! Didn't get much of a discount, about £300, but as I said it needs nothing, with a full Lexus history etc. Not bored after 2 months and look forward to driving it every day! Ben
  13. Looking good! Can we have a few more pics of those calipers please? Thinking of having mine done as they're flaking and was thinking blue to make them stand out a bit and go with the blue of the 'F'!
  14. Heads up if anyone is in need of front discs, £144.69 for Brembo's from eurocarparts on EBay...... Cheers, Ben
  15. Hi, Mine are driving me mad at the mo. Think it's either front or rear right. Fronts need changing so maybe that's the answer but when I get time I'll have them to bits for a good lube! Ben