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  1. Fox Exhaust

    Great work Big Rat!! I struggled to find anything! Sounds pretty awesome, I’m assuming that’s a cat back job though? Definitely still in the market for this but just started a new job so put it on hold until the new year. Appreciate the extra info, cheers! Ben
  2. 37, working in clothing retail for one of the “big four”. As someone else mentioned, I like non normal cars and the ISF was a box I had to tick. Absolutely loving it so far!
  3. Hi all, Has anyone has any experience with Fox exhausts. The one for the ISF looks perfect for what I want (if a little pricey) but I can only find one video of it lasting 8 seconds. I was going to go custom route but Don’t have the time to have the car off the road at the mo and like the idea of a properly built branded exhaust. Any info would be great! Here’s a pic:
  4. Sound like some great mods! Loving that carbon trim, where's it from?
  5. No idea, but I've always wondered that too coming from manuals! I've been to Santa Pod in my Starion before and it's good fun. You'd be surprised how nervous you get while your lining up for the lights. Definitely recommend if you get the chance, Santa Pod do "run what ya brung" fairly regularly I think.
  6. Found this while on the M3 forum, check out the times for the RCF & ISF. Anyone on here? (That RC has some serious cannons on ot!)
  7. No it isn't but they're quoting £395 to replace so not too bad. Tempted by the warranty though while I still can 🤔🤔🤔
  8. Just picked the car up from the service, nothing untoward picked up other than a slightly seeping water pump so very pleased. They even wavered the £15 insurance for the courtesy car because I'm a new customer! (I was wearing jeans and t-shirt btw). I am loving Lexus ownership! This was in the showroom, very nice, got some serious presence....
  9. Dropped the ISF off for a service and front brakes changing at Lexus Coventry this morning. Exceptional service so far, helped ever so slightly by the courtesy car!.....
  10. We've finally made it!
  11. That sounds like a good deal, are they removing the calipers to paint them? the lacquer is peeling on my front calipers and it's really starting to bug me!
  12. Blue metallic or burnt orange for me. I've been toying with this idea myself. Out of interest is the same company doing both for you? Ben
  13. I own Grahams old ISF, great read and getting some positive comments too. Love that colour! Ben
  14. Bumper clips

    Doesn't it just. Good luck with that, got a feeling Power Flow/Magna Flow can put valves in. Would be great to have a loud switch!
  15. Bumper clips

    Yes, I've been reading some of Marks posts and like the look of his exhaust. I have an exhaust tip about to fall off which is really pushing me towards this rather than spending £400 quid on new tips from Lexus!