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  1. I vote the gs300. The 250 rear is only good for occasional short trips with rear seat adult passengers. I looked at a 450h and really liked it but having just driven to the airport with three suitcases and hand luggage, glad I didn't buy it. I don't know enough about hybrids to have an opinion but from the figures, they don't seem massively economical.
  2. To be fair there wasn't any crap on it that I could see. The wires/elements looked in perfect condition but it has made a definite difference since cleaning. I gave it a couple of days before posting just in case it was that placebo effect.
  3. I've been looking for small job to do whilst the weather is not the best. I've got some Throttle Body cleaner for when I have a little time, along with some spark plugs for the summer. I bought some MAF cleaner, looks a bit cheap and nasty but I took a punt anyway My MAF looked perfectly clean, all shiny and new but I spayed the thing liberally with the cleaner anyway. I'm bamboozled by the difference, I wasn't expecting anything after looking at the elements beforehand. The engine revs much more freely, the whole car feels much more responsive. My Top Tip for the day, get some MAF cleaner and give it a spray every 6 Months or so. Takes 2 minutes to remove, 10 minutes drying time and 2 mins to refit.
  4. Why not just pull the cap off in Picture 2? you can see the coolant inside the tank.
  5. I struggle to accept there wouldn't be an ABS fault light on if the fuse has been removed from the ABS. This is one of the safety checks the ECU conducts when starting.
  6. I already ordered from Opie oils, could have saved a few quid but I don't think Opie will be selling fakes (is there anything which doesn't have a fake market lol??).
  7. Spark Plugs DENSO FK20HBR11 Cheapest place seems to be Lexus Birmingham on Ebay at £79.99
  8. Thanks, I've added it to the recommended parts post. I linked to the seller rather than the item in case the listing disappears.
  9. I'm right with you on that but the price is astonishing compared to anywhere else. I've ordered from Opie Oils but I am tempted to also buy the Ali Express ones as a test, I might fit one to the easy plug slot and see how it fares over time. At least if it plays up, it is an easy to change option. I won't be fitting them for some time yet so I will take a while to ponder...Sounds like I may also need a wobbly socket for one of the manifold bolts near the bulkhead. EDIT: Bah!! I didn't notice madasahatter second link to the genuine ebay ones.
  10. Thanks guys, I'll try to stick with Denso (never heard of BRISK). Opie Oils do them at £110.40 delivered Or I could take a punt buying from China (Ali Express) for a grand total of £27.55 for a set of 6 delivered
  11. Nothing in the recommended parts post. I just took one of mine out whilst cleaning the engine bay (for the first time). The plug isn't the nice sandy colour I was expecting but is sooty. Not completely sooted up but black and sooty nonetheless. The car is on 91K will full Lexus service History. I have a printout of the history which shows a 60K service but priced at £445. The price now for a 60K service including plug change is over £600 so I am wondering if the plugs were changed at all. A plug change is on my list of things to do when it gets warmer and I have some time, but there seems to be dozens of plugs which all state they are compatible. Euro Car Parts recommend DENSO FK20HBR11 but at £23.49 each works out at £140.94 for a set of 6. I've read posts suggesting about £80 for a set but doesn't state what type. Does anyone know of anything different?
  12. Just to update my post above, the seller sent a replacement disk and everything now works.
  13. Just by way of an update to my voice problem above. The seller sent a replacement disk, everything now works.
  14. That's about £190, much cheaper than my quote, I thought it was fixed price. He told me about 4hrs. That's a long time to sit in a waiting room. I can't imagine what would take 4hrs, I've watched the clips. The place I enquired have a very good reputation.
  15. Interested to know how much it was. I just called Avon Tuning who quoted £300 +vat for the Terraclean and Direct Injection clean. That's more than I was expecting.