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  1. Have you got your last MOT certificate to see what the O2 readings were? They don't tend to fail in a short space of time, the levels creep up, it's worth seeing if your readings were at the upper limits (but within tolerance) at the last MOT.
  2. Car handed over to the garage this morning, estimate is £1,045 worth of damage. Car will be with them for 4 days so I'll get it back early next week. Called Insurance as I haven't heard anything, LV say the other guys Insurance haven't responded yet. They said they have to give it 14 days before escalating. Ref the Dashcam above, I am not at all sold on the DDPAI model I have either, it does look a nice unit, but not as a dashcam if that makes sense. Early days yet but either I can't work it out yet or it doesn't function the way I woud like but on high settings, I can only get 2 minute segments, too short in my opion, I'd rather 5 minutes each at least. Also the folders have tmp folders inside every option (video, pictures etc) all completely filled with hundreds of (what appears to be) duplicate movies or jpg. It means on high settings I can only fit about 15 minutes recording on a 64Gb SD Card before it overwrites, that's terrible, but I might have something set wrong. No idea what the jpg files are, they won't open on my PC or in any picture software I can find.
  3. My last car was a 5 Series, it was only when I bought that when I decided I needed a dashcam. Accepting there are an awful lot of idiot BMW drivers, it is also true to say pretty much every other road use hates BMW cars and are out to kill them. Seriously, it is crazy the amount of times I was getting cut up, my other half called my 5 Series the Invisible car such was the lunacy I faced whilst driving. Since owning the Lexus, driving has become a much more relaxed affair, I don't get cut up anywhere near as much as I did in the BMW, hence I dawdled about fitting the dashcam. I gave the Mobius to my daughter and bought a DDPAI ( on the back of a Technoman review. I've had it about a year now sat in the garage. I didn't want anything stuck to the windscreen but in light of recent events, I installed it yesterday. I need to sort out the power as it is plugged into the socket in the centre arm rest. The supplied cable wasn't quite long enough so it travels under the passenger floormat lol. I also need to sort out the bottom of the door pillar/dashboard segment as I couldn't get the cable hidden.
  4. Still nothing heard back from Insurance. As promised, here is another picture showing the misalignment with the door. The gap between the door and wing is far greater than the other side (you can also see where the top of the wing is bent)
  5. Are you sure it is oil and not residue from some tired old thread grease? If the tips of the plugs, the actual element part, is clean, there isn't anything to worry about, if the elements are oily, then there is a problem. I put copper grease on my threads when fitting me new plugs. The coils on mine were dirty, I also thought they looked oily but the only way out of the cylinder is via the crush washers. The top of the coil has an orange seal
  6. He asked me about the handling which is still stright and true, I haven't noticed anything different accelerating, driving or braking. No vibrations either. He did say about blending the colour to the door and also full wheel alingment. He didn't go into detail about how they check the wheel. The colour is Satin Black, I've been looking for a touch up pen for a while but none of the usual places have it, I'm sure Lexus will but I haven't gone there yet.
  7. Assessment has been done. New Front Wing Bumper sanded/repainted Door mirror surround/casing to be replaced Wheel to be removed, checked and either replaced or refurbished. Heard nothing from the Insurance yet. He did notice something with the wing which I hadn't noticed, it is out of alignment with the drivers door. He said the whole wing has bowed. Busy now but I'll upload a picture in a couple of days.
  8. I've been searching for any footage of my crash, although nobody stopped to act as witness, I was hoping some dashcammer caught my crash and uploaded it. I didn't find mine but I found one pretty identical, although I was a lot further forward so I couldn't see the guy turning into me.
  9. I have been kicking myself about not fitting it yet, I had one for years in my old 5 Series. It is still sat in my garage, I just haven't worked out exactly how to fit or connect it up yet. This is how it fitted in my BMW, nice and discreet, no suckers on the windscreen, cables routed to a usb in the glovebox. I don't want a sucker on the screen but can't see any obvious way of fitting it without on this car.
  10. Excess is £300. I guess it boils down to being able to claim back my excess, whcih depends on him taking 100% liability. If it goes 50/50 then I am better off getting my own quotes and sucking back out of the claim but then I have a claim against me anyway. Lose/Lose.
  11. Found a Youtube clip already showing the cars going the same was as I tried to. I was going exactly as the camera car
  12. Because he claims both the left and middle lanes go into the Retail park (single lane entry). He claims to go onto the A174 you need to be in the right hand lane, and turning right. Guys a lunatic but with my persistance of trying to explain, and watching all the other road users going the way I stated, he remained adamant both me, and all the cars going onto the A4174 are wrong, ALL OF US. Thanks for all the replies, I know I am right but it is still nice to get comforting words of support. Filming the roundabout in action is a good idea, I will do that tomorrow and upload it to Youtube, then send the Insurance company the link. I have been cut up at that place before with some woman doing the same thing but as it happened in front of me I could brake in time. This nutter came from behind me though, my car was right in front of him but he still did it. Here is the damage to the other car. the bumper is cracked although it looks like a scuff in the picture. A few others of the damage to mine. Doesn't show in these but my wing is bent right on the top edge up where the bonnet shuts. Pictures don't really come out too weill due to the colur of the car, too many reflections.
  13. That's exactly my stance, I've completely refuted any blame. I think my explanation was good, especially making the guy stand and watch all the other cars going the same way as I had intended afterwards, but the other guy said ALL the other road users were wrong, and he is right.
  14. I did consider that but as the other driver was in a 17 plate car, he will be claiming against me. I thought it isn't going to look good if it comes out that I didn't report it straight away. There were dozens of witnesses but by the time I had got out and had the initial exchange of words, they had all moved on...typical.
  15. Had the car since Feb and some nutjob crashed into me yesterday. The other guy was a complete tool, absolutel blamed me for everything and flurried the personal insults at me. My first crash I've ever had since I started driving in 1986 so I'm pretty annoyed about it. I am going through insurance but they have warned me that roundabout incidents are nearly always considered a "Shared Blame" so both parties are at fault. I've attached a schematic and a picture of the damage. I've also written a full statement of what happened. I don't want to let this drop and accept shared liability but with no previous experience of claiming, does anyone know what else I could do to help prove my case? Car is being inspected by a body shop in three days time, damage is to the wing, wheel, bumper and door mirror, mostly cosmetic and could by fixed with a few bangs, sand & paint.