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  1. Independent servicing

    Personally I wouldn’t touch third party warranties, too many loop holes to get out of paying plus compared to the Lexus rate of £400 a year I don’t think you’d get the same level of savings and maintain the level of cover. The main cost of the warranty appears to be keeping up with the Lexus servicing.
  2. Independent servicing

    Thanks - will stick with Lexus for the next 2 years. ive already had the 40k Service, despite the car being at 28k at the time - I was told it’s the 4th Service so they treat as 4th year. I had assumed this would follow ie 5th service interim and 6th Service equating to the 60k/6 year service?
  3. Thinking of going for independent servicing now the car is 4 years old, we have a mechanic in the family who does good work at a fair cost. Don’t fancy the £645 Lexus Service coming at 60k - or in my case 45k (6th Service). i have the extended warranty with 2 years remaining. As long as I buy genuine parts is the warranty good or do I need to keep taking it to Lexus until the warranty is up?
  4. My drivers side window squeaks and seems a little slow - is it possible to lubricate this without taking the trim off and without having a smeary window that can’t be cleaned?
  5. Thieving Gits

    Same here - I bought 4 black plastic ones from Amazon for £1 and use those now.
  6. Nice way to preserve your doors! I have the same de-badge too, but I have left it blank with just the central Lexus badge. Being a Gen 3 IS250 it’s the same as the 300h but has twin exhausts, looks nice debadged.
  7. It doesn’t sound like there is anything you can do. Witness statement and police statements will be sufficient for her to be apportioned full responsibility. If its 50/50 they will investigate and look at both statements and road layouts, checking against damage to try to establish what happened.
  8. F Sport Speedo Suspicions

    Mine is 5mph OVER at 50mph (real speed 45mph).
  9. Winter tyres

    The X-Trail is almost identical to the Qashqai, we had a Qashqai to start with but we out grew it. The dash, steering etc are identical. I have two babies and a very large Rottweiler (120lb) and needed the extra boot space. There aren't many non-premium cars of this size on the market and given we only do 4k per year and it gets wrecked I didn't want to go premium. If you time it right you can negotiate Nissan down around 27% off list price, my wife's is an N-Connect which is middle of the range: 19" wheels and sat nav. We paid £21k. This is our third Nissan, we get a call about 18 months in to swap for a new one for the same monthly payment. Despite the huge discount the car is in negative equity - we owe £19k and it's worth about £17k. We can return it under PCP though in 18 months. The pros of the car are: Fuel economy - always 50+ mpg Size - might be the lowest cost 7 seater out there(?) well maybe not be it's a low cost option. Spec/Tech - the navigation and all round cameras are excellent, general spec is very high (power boot, folding mirrors) Performance - for a 1.6 diesel 130 hp it has a lot of torque and I don't find it underpowered Negatives: Traction is not great with 19" wheels Depreciation - need to be careful how you buy, lease costs are low and Discount levels depend on the time of year and demand Serving is affordable (£220-£320) however they stopped the 3 year £299 service pack which was a great deal. Annual services is a bit of a pain but if you own a Lexus you're used to it. I pay a consistent £300 a month for the family car (last 3 Nissan's) and I'd buy another X Trail - we treat it very poorly (dog/kids) and treat it as disposable, never had any issues with trade ins or doing a deal. I've looked at leasing and found the large deposit outweighs the monthly saving so it's also around £300 a month.
  10. IS winter wheels

    Are the tyres 205/55 R16 H?
  11. Winter tyres

    Tried to take my IS250 out today - abysmal in the snow, I got stuck right outside the drive in slush. The snow button did nothing. Fortunately my wife has an X-Trail so I'll be using that for my work trip tomorrow. Ill be on the lookout for a winter set for next year.
  12. Hughes mileage one on Autotrader is at 121,000 miles 300&page=1&radius=200&make=LEXUS&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New
  13. SatNav

    I'll await my 3 points and fine in the post with baited breath.
  14. 1 minute time of research has found this is legitimate: They have 50+ cars in stock including high end vehicles. I'd suggest this is a trade in they want to shift rather quickly.
  15. SatNav

    It's a dedicated tablet, not my iPhone - I wouldn't want all my alerts coming though plus no Apple product fits in that gap as neatly as the Galaxy Tab.