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  1. Who said it was a concern, just an interest, hence the point of forums and sharing experiences and information.
  2. I drove from Inverness to Birmingham this week - 450 miles covered on a single tank in my IS250. impressed with the car, achieved around 38mpg average. What range are you guys getting out of a full tank?
  3. Servicing Costs

    In my opinion anyone who considers a third party warranty is off their rocker - Lexus warranty all the way! Mine is warrantied up to 6 years old - then I'll take my chances and my indie can start servicing it.
  4. Techstream

    Sorry to hijack this post but it's related, in my previous Audi I could change extra config not available in the menu such as DLR brightness, horn beep on lock, sweeping needle at start up etc. Can anyone confirm if this is available in Techstream or is it just diagnostics?
  5. Appreciate your comments but look at the state of that oil at 102k above - it needs changing before 100k. Also I recommended waiting until 50k not doing it at the current 28k miles. A complete replacement every 50k still sounds like the best way forward to me.
  6. Interesting, shame this isn't part of the Lexus service regime. My Gen 3 IS250 has only covered 28k, I'm tempted to get this drained and replaced every 50k miles - any thoughts? is an Indie ok to do this or is it highly specialised?
  7. USB Port

    Are you looking under the armrest below the USBs
  8. Firmware

    I'm pretty sure my firmware update has reverted back to stock following a battery replacement 😳🤡😵
  9. All season tyres

    I'm glad I asked! Thanks everyone 😊🙃😊
  10. I only ever use Shell, usually go for the Standard but every 5k I'll treat it to a tank of Premium/V Power. Can't say I notice much difference in MPG, smoothness or power but I figure it can't hurt.
  11. Hi, wondering if anyone is running all season tyres on their IS? Not going to be running separate winter tyres but when my factory set need replacing I'd consider all season if anyone has found any or would recommend?
  12. I believe the government subsidy is £1,500 so if your car is worth any more than this you are better off selling it privately. The rest of the discount is just marketing nonsense where more expensive cars have a bigger discount. I agree with earlier posts, the government should pay you £1500/£2000 to take your old motor to the scrapie, bypass the auto makers and get some of the worst polluting vehicles off the road - and I mean the worst, not your mint 2009 Lexus 250 with 50k on it 😂
  13. Do you have kids in the car?
  14. I have a 2014 Gen 3 IS250, It has covered 25k miles in 3.5 years - booked it in for a service and they did the 40k major service on it (it's 4th service). In checking the computer they have set the next service at 9k miles rather than 10k - any idea why this would be the case?