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  1. i would use this method for cleaning manifold fast and easy.
  2. Make sure you did it the way it says . Sometimes you have to read 5 times before you understand what step you missed :D Otherwise i would buy 3 party techstream with cable from ebay or amazon . Dealers using the same sofware. If you do anything yourself on your car you will find it usefull. I found it for 25£ in ebay. Realy usefull and easy to use.
  3. This must work for you as this is from the is-f 2013 manual. Good luck :)
  4. i don't know if there would be an option for you on techstream. But on is220d i was able to change mpg to l /km. For newer car like yours there might be more options available. I think if your display is illuminated then there is a chance to do it but , if its just lit with led's then you would have to change the whole display . Anyway i will keep searching.
  5. Well i am not sure but that was just from this lexus forum :
  6. Hi , i got is 220d se-l 2008 insurred with axa for 500£ in N.Ireland i am 25, got my license for 8 years, 3 years no claim bonus ,never had any claims. So i guess your insurance must be lower then 600.
  7. nice job did the car felt any better? :)
  8. Thanks i guess i found it At least when i paste this part number into google and search by imgae i found the part that i was looking for. THANK YOU I hate when somethings have two names or more... :D why they dont name it exacly the same as they name it in ecu......
  9. Hello, Maybe someone could find this part number or where to get it ? fuel route switch valve for lexus is220d 2007 Searched all internet nothing similar.... Sent an email to lexus they replayed to me Contacted my local Lexus dealer , and Toyota aswell. I hope they will respond. Last time Lexus in Belfast just ignored my emails...
  10. is any rusts are not covered by lexus ?? 12-year anti-corrosion and perforation warranty
  11. Thanks alot man . Looks like i will have fun at the weekend.
  12. Hi, again looks like you are the only one that want to help me :D thanks for that. So the fuse that i used was exactly the same part numbers and voltage so i guess it ok to use. The problem is i don't have any idea where the hell that fuel route switching valve is..... searched all around the internet no clue... As for the filter yes i've seen few videos, and few guides but still looks tricky just by looking at them. But it must be done... the easiest way that i found was to remove the wheel, and the guard so you don't really need to lie under the car and have better access. I will try that this weekend, and hope not to break it...
  13. So... Found the relay ordered new one from ebay , but then figure out that i can swap with the other fuse... Did that, and guess what no changes... Scanned my car again trying to clear the code and it come back after 1 sec.... must be some thing else then . Any suggestions ? Things that are in my plan atm is : CHANGE OF THE FUEL FILTER (god knows when was it changed the last time ) (better question is was it ever changed ? ) CHANGE THE FUEL PUMP..... i don`t think that will help clearing the code, but worth to try...