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  1. Did the ad actually state 'Done by a Lexus mechanic' , big difference to done by Lexus my mistake, just re-read the ad, Dohhh! paul m
  2. Found this.... gotta love the homemade 'Claymore' pic in the comments!!! paul m.
  3. But thinking about it as soon as you take it out of reverse then the mirrors will reset to their normal positions! paul m.
  4. Comedian, could you please check your RC-F manual for me and I'll have another go but yours being a 2015 might be different to my 2007 but I hope not! paul m.
  5. I have tried this procedure and my mirrors don't seem to want to accept the 'new' position I put them in while in reverse. Pretty sure I am doing the sequence right and the mirrors do have full range of movement with joypad so not a mechanical issue I think? any pointers anyone? paul m.
  6. Looks good, but don't be tempted to throw away the plastic mount, I reckon it must be plastic coated gold! See here for price
  7. Yes, fair point but if your recommendation is carried out then hopefully a window 'reset' will alieviate the OP problem, however the number plate point was close to home for me anyhow and a quick direct response on that particular topic would have been suitable ( for me anyhow) paul m.
  8. "highly recommended" please expand on this, how so? And got any pics? I personally don't like the look of any screws in number plates myself but when I fitted mine ( with super sticky pads ) I did think about doing away with the black plastic mounting bracket at the front and stick the plate directly onto the bumper but was a bit concerned About the curvature being placed on the plate! paul m.
  9. I only recently got my 250 and it has done similar low mileage by the previous owner ( approx 3500 per annum!) I have only put about 50 miles on it so far as I have been working away :( but I have fitted a PO-40 module and when doing so I disconnected the battery, so now the car is going to get all its sensor inputs from My style of driving!!!! Upto my other car ( 16 yr old MkIII 1.8 petrol Mondeo) it pulls like a Dozen Donkeys and wants to keep going so I am going to have to be a good boy to keep a clean license! Very impressed with it so far. paul m.
  10. Trying to find a link I had that explains a Soft ECU reset very well,..... TaaDaaah...Found it. My other car is a MkIII Mondeo and I have been posting on the TalkFord forum for some time now, hopefully helping a lot of people overcome their problems and more importantly saving hard earned cash. This link is for the ECU fitted to the Ford and explains exactly what a 'Drive Cycle' is and why it is required after a soft ECU reset, hope it explains a bit deeper. But put in quite simple terms I normally tell people that the ECU recieves info from numerous sensors to make 'Decisions'. These sensors have a 'normal range of operation' and if they got out of this range then the ECU can compensate and ultimately if it can't then it will go into a default mode of operation or 'Limp Home'. so when an ECU is powered up for the first time ( after battery removal) then it likes to get aquainted with all its input sensors, the 'Drive Cycle' is required to make sure that all the sensors are put to use and recognised by the ECU. paul m.
  11. Well just went back inside the drivers door today as weather was brilliant ( Bank Holiday in UK so should have been raining!) and rewired the Loom as per 'JumboJake's' post and works a treat now, mirrors fold on first stage of locking just as I wanted. cheers Paul M.
  12. squealing brakes at low speeds

    Sounds like he really don't wanna strip em down again and do a proper job! By proper I mean spend a bit of time ensuring all contact surfaces ( excluding the friction material of course) are cleaned with a small wire brush and then smeared with a bit of copper grease, the minimal time spent doing this can elevate this annoying squeal you now have and I bet he takes the time to do this procedure to his own daily driver to have a quiet ride! Basic's really but 9 times out of ten you won't get any squeal but on an auto car I feel the brakes are used a lot more at slow speeds than they would be on a manual car so best done. paul m.
  13. Clause (c) could potentially catch a few claimants out I would have thought but depends if the actual garage are on top of these conditions being adhered to. paul m.
  14. Almost exactly the same scenario as myself ( recently got a ten year old SE-L with FLSH and standing at just under 38,000 miles) a London based car that prob had a parking space each end of it's ( my estimate) 15 mile a day commute as the body work is in an excellent condition. But now I have it the journeys will be at least twice as long but the number of them will be greatly reduced. I have always religiously changed all of our vehicles engine oil/filters @ 5,000 miles and will continue to do so with the IS ( probably could use the Fully Synthetic that comes out of the IS in son's polo ha!) paul m.