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  1. My two penneth on this subject is something that was told to me years ago and has stuck in my head ( for some reason) ever since, that is when changing gearbox oil due to the fact it rarely gets changed the plugs might be siezed in very tightly, so always remove the filler plug first to ensure it is free and then the drain as if you do vice versa you could end up stuck with no gearbox oil and be unable to put any new in! paul m.
  2. That's the difference between a "Fitter" and a "Technician", a fitter just changes out parts and the technician tells you which parts to change!!!
  3. Pass......... I'm guessing here, so don't quote me, but I reckon it went for a service/MOT and some nugget of a technician put the wrong mileage down and the customer/next technician never spotted it until the next year! No going back now is there? paul m.
  4. Here's some proof Bob....I hope Tom (the dealer) doesn't mind me posting this video as the original Ad is no longer available. Picking the car up soon.....
  5. You were right something did turn up in the end, and only 10 miles from where I live!
  6. Car is for sale Privately 250&advertising-location=at_cars&radius=1500&maximum-mileage=80000&aggregatedTrim=SE-L&page=1 Checking on DVLA ( I Know!) mileage between early MOT's was rediculusly low. but I think the problem arose through the dealers mistake.
  7. Not sure on the Lexus but to do an ECU reset ( of the volatile memerory) it is a good ideal to turn on a bulb when the battery is disconnected as what you are doing is trying to totally dissipate all the electrical charge supplied to the ECU and if you turn on a lamp while the battery is disconnected then absolutely all charge should be disapated. Also the time of disconnection required Vary greatly depending on your info source!
  8. That is some serious Krap in there, what sort of state is/was the filters (Engine air intake and cabin air inlet ) on this car like? paul m.
  9. Excellent write up, thoroughly loved reading your adventure getting your next project and having 'been there done that' it is great to get a good result although you do despair at times! can't wait for the next instalment....... paul m.
  10. Can you believe this? can you see this happening when the airbag recall gets addressed over here? paul m.
  11. Lots of reading material here, especially under the "Model History" Tab Paul M.
  12. I here that unless you like collecting points, and I don't mean Clubcard points! Then 6th gear is pretty unusable until you go on holiday to Germany! And unusually for Lexus there was not an Auto option on this range of car. paul m.
  13. This is an entertainment unit ( pictured in above post!!!!!) with the 'Mark Levinson' enhanced system (logo under cd slot). And also DVD and MP3 CD capable as per logo under the DAB/AM radio button. paul m.