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  1. Please take note that this thread is 6 years old!!!!!!
  2. So... If the original Lexus alloy's are acid etched and powder coated when they start to deteriorate will they need doing again in a few years (barring any damage obs') or will they still deteriorate due to some poor alloy material for example. Paul m.
  3. Are the genuine ones that obscene a price? Because you know they are gonna fit! paul m.
  4. And why prey is the national speed limit in Kuala Lumpur by chance? paul m.
  5. OP stated "140 mile round trip" so I read this as 70 miles each way? Paul m.
  6. Note: Castrol EDGE TOP UP with TITANIUM FST ™ is not suitable for: BMW M-Sport, competition/race cars, high performance/supercars and vintage/classic cars. Check warranty requirements before use. I think I personally would class a IS 250 V6 as a high performance car but weather Castrol do is another thing to achieve their 97% suitably! paul m.
  7. Slightly off the original topic but to do with oil grades, today I was behind a Castrol delivery truck and it was advertising on the rear doors 'Castrol Top-Up' a 1 litre oil that is compatible with 97% of engines. So I guess it is some sort of half way grade fully synthetic (I hope) oil and as it is 'only' susposed to be used for topping up then it is not going to be that detrimental if it is slightly out of spec??? paul m.
  8. I have been looking for a 250 for a while now and this one looks good But on pic 6 in this dealers ad can anyone shed any light onto what looks like water staining and/or water damage around the OSR door speaker? Is this a known problem on this model? paul m.
  9. More info???????? MOT history is a good read here all adds up. I am in the market for a 250 right now but this is out of my budget. paul m.
  10. Seems a quality car but serious money! does anyone know the location (approx even) of this dealer? paul m.
  11. Not doing yourself any favours posting comments like that. paul m.
  12. Proper screen wash liquids (alcohol or spirit based) also act as an anti-freeze additive when added to the resivour. "Been there Done that" in years back when first motoring I have had a washer pump split due to no anti-freeze additive in the screen wash - water only=bad move. paul m.
  13. Another 'worst' thing you can do is squirt Washing Up liquid in there as a substitute for genuine screen wash as this tends to sink to the bottom of the tank and congeal into a goo/sludge that might foul up your low level sensor. paul m.
  14. Just a note on this 'problem'. In the past when I have had this 'gurgling' noise in the coolant system after changing the thermostat for instance to expedite any air removal I have used a local (non fee!) high rise car park and after running up and down in there a couple of times it dislodges the air pockets! Paul m.
  15. I am not yet au fait with the IS250 to the level of others on this forum who may have more learned advice but the water pump should push the coolant around the system at a rate to hopefully dislodge any air pockets and eventually the problem should subside. Use of the cabin heater may assist in this as the coolant will have more flow, just keep an eye on the coolant level like I said as it will drop as the air moves higher, I am thinking that after the pump was changed the coolant was not refilled in the prescribed manner ( with a temporary header tank while engine is running) and was just refilled probably without engine running. paul m.