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  1. Simple 'Find' yourself a witness then.....
  2. Likewise I'll check what mine is because I'm Pretty sure the battery in my 2007, 37k miles IS is still the original from the factory and back when I got the car in Aug this year I took the battery out and topped up the electrolyte with pure water before leaving it on charge for a while on an intelligent charger because it was turning over a bit sluggish for my liking. All cells needed topping up as they were on or just below minimum so hopefully I have rescued it and it will last a bit longer, one thing I do remember about the battery when I had it out was that it was not a branded aftermarket one and had Japanese writing on it! paul m
  3. Good looking result you got there! Really need to do my IS that I bought in Aug this year ( haven't cleaned it yet!!) don't look down on me cause I've only done about 350 miles in it!! Can you please let on what products you used as I haven't actually bought any yet and would rather go on recommendations than ad hype. FYI my paint 'feels' really rough and 'sandy' to the touch so I think I need to get some 'fallout remover' at least along with some clay bar perhaps. Also my alloys need to be refurbished as they are flaking very badly on the inside face and this I think will lead to slow punctures if not addressed. Cheers Paul m.
  4. brembo brakes

    For those who like to get their hands dirty ( or wanna past them to their trusted mechanic to fit) Eurocarparts have 50% of pads and discs, including Brembo, up till 9pm today, 15/11/17, so if you are in the market for some any time soon well worth it I reckon. use code FLASH50 (only for pads and discs remember) cheers Paul M.
  5. If your switch turns out to be faulty then I just found this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LEXUS-05-09-IS250-AUTOMATIC-ENGINE-BUTTON-SWITCH-START-STOP-2004DJ1456/182897925294?hash=item2a9590dcae:g:0mkAAOSwIhxZZMmu ( not being sold by me or anyone I know) paul m.
  6. Text...Text.....meant text!!!!!!! paul m.😀😀😀😀😀
  7. Right now using "WEEKEND35" code this is £4.48 @ Eurocarparts paul m.
  8. They got any left at this price?????? my alloys are flaking real bad on the inside surface and will need addressing soon, one way or another and £530 for new would be doable. paul m.
  9. Do you only have one key fob, and therefore cannot try a second key fob to check the one your using is good? paul m.
  10. The recall can be a fuel seal or passenger air bag or maybe both! paul m.
  11. Apparently water pumps on the IS are usually good upto about 90-100k so assuming the same sort of materials used and quality control then this does seem rather early!! paul m.
  12. Tuning experience

    That's not the only reason head gaskets fail.
  13. Not au fait with DERV's but a petrol engine will rev high if the IAV is faulty or the thermostat is stuck Open, hopefully a d owner will be along soon to expand, question? Has this just started to happen ( idle was OK upto now) or is the car new to you? So after a short time does it idle correctly? Paul m.
  14. So he might! But did you win your car in a free raffle? I guess not and I know I have worked damn hard to get mine so if some Jeremy Kyle contestant wants to treat it ( my property) like dirt then it is probably gone end up with us both rolling around on the ground and getting a few scratches to say the least, straight after an exchange of expletives has taken place. Sure it ain't gonna fix anything but I'm gonna sleep a whole lot better and mr tricycle might think twice in the future.