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  1. Couldn't get reads adjusted, bolt stuck. Front brought back to spec, but steering wheel slightly off, so will have to go back and get it tweaked. Driving much much better though, the hop skip and jump, gone.
  2. On absence of recommendations, I've headed to local shop. Turns out she is off on toe. I take it red is really bad lol. Here's hoping adjusters work lol
  3. For me, it's a no, unknown, yes. But, I do like the purpose, so be interested in the replies.
  4. Anyone know any decent places to get tracking done in norfolk? Preferably norwich area? As need it done but had few bad experiences in past that I'm keen to not repeat. Thanks
  5. Thanks Alan, saves me buying new ones to find same trouble. Still, I personally think having no clearing mecahisum is crazy and could be dangerous to a point. Who's got any recommendations for the best hydrophobic coatings then?
  6. Glad you got it sorted, and reasonably to. Better than 2k from Lexus, result!
  7. Thanks John. The manifold was on tight, way more than 13ft lb, I struggled to undo the deep recessed Allen bolt near firewall, as had to us a long Allen key coupled with a spanner for leverage, as long Allen bit in socket adapter wasn't long enough. They were well over torqued! I'll undo and redo correctly today and see if helps. Thanks, again, your a true font of knowledge of John!
  8. What's the torque for the inlet manifold? Couldn't find anything, so had to free hand it. Thanks John, although mine at 22nm, oups. Given the washers already crushed, I'll leave them as they are. Guessing the extra 4nm won't hurt too much?
  9. Well, changing plugs proved more difficult than I thought it would, those 3 on the passenger side, what a needless struggle. Ended up loosening the inlet manifold to get bit more room, and had to unclips several connectors. I'm pretty sure I've connected everything back again, but, when I tried the car with new plugs, it sounded louder than before and not as quick, but could be my paranoia. Hope so. Will recheck everything tomorrow, but wonder if anyone else had same experience and if so, what was it? Perhaps something I've overlooked to? I torque set the plugs to 22nm, was only rating I could find, listed for the plugs vs car, anyone know if this is right or wrong?
  10. Thanks John. How would I do the 'zero point calibration' and 'linear solenoid entering calibration' via techstream?
  11. Lovely thanks John. Was hopefully tracking may be the cause (as only one that makes sense given the circumstance) but knowing my luck of late... Will try to find a recommended place, as used a few and not been happy with them at all. One place told me that my steering wheel needed to come off and be put back on again to straighten it out. Tried to explain that's not right, and they got quiet defensive lol. Will rest a touch easier now, so thanks for confirming your thoughts. Cheers,
  12. So having driven the car a bit now, there is something wrong at the front since changing the ball joints. When turning right sharply, ie moving out my parking space, it feels like the front is slipping, jumping kind of judder. As if the tyre isn't in full contact and only party touching ground and is slipping out sideways vs following the true steering path. It's a stutter, jump by jump, type thing, not constant, as if pressure building, tyre slips, is ok, pressure builds again, then jumps again repeating .5 to 1s ish. Like a very strong camber if you get my drift, when on near full lock. It's also not as solid or steady on the road. I'm going to recheck the 8 bolts are tourqued to spec (i did torque them properly as per your specs John, both hub/knuckle bolts to higher figure, can't recall now, and the 2 castle nuts to 26 or something quite lower), but wonder what else it could be? Ball joints crap? (Used bluepoint I think) I've knackard something else (not a clue what though) Or could it be down to the tracking/alignment stuff, assume this would address any camber issues? as I've not had it done yet? If so, what do I need to ask for when seeking a shop, tracking, alignment, camber check etc? Cheers all, this is turning into a headache. Car was fine, no issues at all with the old joints, except failing mot, now new balls and it's gone to pot (not to mention new shocks that made no difference whatsoever lol)
  13. Bluetooth memory remained intact, turned on my phone bt and auto connected no issues. Battery had been of Friday for exhaust and then several hours on Sat and then again Sun.
  14. Wow, at that price I'd not care if they only lasted 20k. Heck of a lot cheaper than the 290 each I put on my car yesterday! It's almost 1/5 the price, so that's 100k worst case scenario per one pair for the 450h, and nice new suspension through the life lol Sorry can't help with part numbers, but, all mice checked out on so perhaps that can help confirm or correct.