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  1. If this feature isn't fitted, you'll hear a snap, crackle and then pop, and need to order a new linkage from lexus. Only kidding, I assume you don't need to put that much pressure on the arms to find out if they will pop to the higher position?
  2. PCP deals, eh, been a long time since i was hanging with smokies! Friends wife has a from new xe, and apart from hitting a dear, nothing wrong in 18mths. Not much of a sample size I admit, but here's hoping the wife's xf holds up. Still, got a 5yr warranty, so not all bad and they standing by it more than some I guess.
  3. Mine didn't do this at all (park in same place, using full lock to swing in and out every day), until i changed the lower ball joints, then was real bad until had tracking alignment done, got a lot better then, but still happens a touch now, although they didn't do great job as my steering wheel not 100% straight, despite a repeat visit and adjustment to tracking shop. It's straight to the stalks, when wipers 1 click down in auto lol, so looks balanced at top, off at bottom lol
  4. I know, I was shocked as well, but given they will only be adjusted about 4 times a year, decided that the weight saving was worth it, although still a cheap out on a £43k motor
  5. GS450h 2007 Shock Absorber Failed

    I got 2 rear shocks, 2 track rod ends and some other bits and bobs for 550 GBP, all genuine Lexus toyota parts. Fitted myself, not a bad job either except for some seriously corroded and stuck bolts. These are heavy cars and the shock design poor, so they are somewhat consumables. I have no record of prior shock changes, and mine failed mot on one rear leaking at 147k miles. So these early fails seem excessive, but if no warranty, not too expensive to do (not cheap could be much worse and forced to pay Lexus price). Need to shop around and push Lexus for replacement under warranty if you have it.
  6. Wife just bought a 17 jag xf r sport awd, and its belting. Bit under powered being the 2l jlr diesel, but is an alloy block and drives better than the old Ford lumps. everything else seems great. She likely not keep for more than a year or two from warranty, if it's first years are ok, heres hoping though, but was impressed by most of the standard kit, considering she hasnt tricked it out that much at all. No ele seats, but has remote start... strange, but mpg is brilliant for a large car, double my gs even being the awd. recommended servicing at 24mths or 20k miles but, tax not so good with the surcharge though.... swines. All car can present issues, and offer compromises, you just got to give them a go and see what you like or don't and decide from there. Would I swap my 1/10th price cheapo gs for it.... Not unless I could sell it... too slow 😁
  7. I recently broke an alfa gt, so nothing like your car, but getting the carpet out was a big job, ie all seats out, centre console out, seat belt holder out and various other bits of trim. I'd imagine the Lexus will be as bad, if not worse. I'd also hesitate yo say you'd find decent value replacement, likely a breakers best bet, but as not many going, they likely charge a bit, plus condition wise and if not ripped when removing.... guess you take your luck with that one. Clean it up best you can, then stick some mats down. If worried about those areas, cover with sticky back plastic before putting mats down. Won't see it but will keep from getting wors, although from description, sounds like the Matt will cover those areas, ie it's been used without mats. Best belt cleaning, to remove and soak them, but that's a chore. Extend fully and stick a bucket of detergent and hot water on seat. Lock belt at max extension and soak the belt as best you can. Give it a real good scrub with poly brush and work dirt out. Rinse then dry with towel, power towel then air or hair dryer, then leave out fully until real dry.
  8. Main beam is a hb3 I think, so not a standard h series. Comes with a bulbous bulb and plastic angle connector, but that's still ridiculously expensive. I replaced mine with led bulbs, 20 quid a pair lol. 8 will be sidelight as 5w. 7 is indicator bulb I think
  9. Would appear so lol. 65 for a zenon isnt half as bad as it could be though from a dealer. 125 for one of the wifes from bmw, i said no lol
  10. Don't know it at all, but if you can remove the light and access the leds, replacement must be possible. Just need to ensure correct voltage drop led is used so retains its usage or they may start popping like bubblewrap
  11. 4 is the dip beam xenon bulb sam, 5 is the main beam halogen bulb Can't help on part number suitability I'm afraid.
  12. Will try a cleaning kit first then, although I think it's glazed a bit too much, as lots of very small tiny crack lines showing in the hazy areas, perhaps its a prior coating giving up the ghost.
  13. I like the dash displays, the wheels into battery bit doesn't show on mine, it's a different display.
  14. What type of testing did these places do to battery? Simple voltage check, or proper load drop test? You've not said what capacity the battery is, perhaps it's too small? I've no idea how big they should be, I'd guess rather small given the setup, vs other large saloons, so I'm using fictitious figures here on in. Assuming a 100 amp hour battery, then to be a non starter, you'll need to drop it to say 50, so given it won't be fully charged, 100% by time you park up let's assume a healthy 90%, means your losing circa 40 amph between sat pm and Mon am, so assuming you park up at 6pm sat until 8am Mon, that's a loss of 40 amp hours during the 38hrs, so your dropping over an amp an hour, thats a lot. A 5w bulb in boot will draw 5/12 of an amp, or 0.42amp, so unless you've got 2 x 5w bulbs in the boot, this isn't the only source of drain, unless your battery lacks the juice at 75% charge, which would be a poor show. You can try removing bulb, but easier and faster method is to stick your video recorder on your phone, lie it in boot, camera up of course and shut boot. When retrieved, play video back and see if the lights on, confirmed result in minutes. Paying £100 plus at this stage, I say hold off, likely the fix, even if a new battery, would be cheaper than that.
  15. Malachy, how you restore head lights? Cleaners, or sanding down and clear coat? Mine gone at top, so not interfering with light, but starting to spoil looks