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  1. Tom's isf replica

    Haha I already asked for a Grom vline before and that got completely shot down. At least with this, she'll actually see it even though she doesn't 'get' it. Cheers for the link pal. Now do I go for just the diffuser or the whole lot....
  2. Tom's isf replica

    Really like these kits! Do you have a link for the ebay seller? Been on there website, and the prices don't seem too outrageous. Hinted to the misses that the diffuser would be a lovely Christmas present!!
  3. And you Pete, cheers for letting me pop round and have a look. Car looks stunning and Lee and the lads have done a great job on the install. Just following you for that short period, really shows how much our car's are in need of an exhaust. So much potential, yet they are so quiet stock. Thanks for making my spreadsheet with mod ideas, longer and longer!!
  4. It’ll have the LSD but not the updated suspension. Same MY as mine and I’ve got no complaints about the ride.
  5. 29, Pilot with a nice training loan to pay off. Wanted a quick but reliable car that I knew wouldn't need constant maintenance. 3,000 miles later, so far so good!
  6. If you want to see what a 2010 spec is like, feel free to get in touch. I'm near East Grinstead.
  7. And there's nowt wrong with that!!
  8. I'm not saying the RC-F and GS-F are bad cars, they just don't seem to move the game on too much from what I already have. Driving characteristics wise. I absolutely love driving mine (which is shown by my average of 17 mpg from most tanks) and I'm looking to keep it for a good few years yet. When I do come to replace it though, it'll be for something a bit lighter footed. Just feel that the sense of mass does dull the experience somewhat. I tend to mix up my cars a bit and don't look for the same recipe with newer ingredients. Saying all this though, if anyone asks me what to buy with mid 30k/40k, I do always mention the RC-F as a great used proposition.
  9. I do agree with him. Even though I have just got into the F brand. When the time does come to replace my car, I can't see myself getting another lexus if they keep producing cars in a similar vain with this engine. Yes, the tech keeps improving but the driving dynamics haven't moved on much. It'll be a completely different matter when/if the twin turbo becomes available or they produce a lightweight special.
  10. Looks like the latest owner bought it just to flip. Was for sale at 14k last time....
  11. Hopefully mine were just one off, dodgy pads then. Ordered a complete set (+ another set of front pads to replace these ones) for the future. Thanks for the heads up Voodoo!
  12. So my car is currently suffering with squeaking brakes when off the pedal (can hear the squeak as if there is a slight amount of contact still) and when applying/coming off it. Looking at the receipts, the front disks/pads were changed with these Euro Car Parts Brembos, 3,000 miles ago. I've been to Lexus and had them chamfered etc but the problem is still there. Has anyone else had problems with these ones? Did I just get a dodgy set of pads?? Sorry to be bit off topic but I'm looking at getting a new set of pads and don't want to pay the dealership prices!!
  13. Daily Drive

    She's been absolutely golden so far (touches wood). She does like to drink but I'm lucky enough to have quiet country roads on my run to work. So the temptation to have a play is greatly increased. Only thing that is a tad annoying is the size of the tank. At 60 litres, I fill up every week now, instead of every 2. Could think of worse sacrifices (says coming from an Alfa....).
  14. So a few might remember but I've been on the hunt for an IS-F for a little while and finally put a deposit down on one yesterday and will be collecting tomorrow! I'm literally like a child waiting for Christmas! If anyone is around the Sussex/Kent area and wants to go out drive sometime, do let me know. The Lewes tunnel is always fun!
  15. Thanks for the replies! That does look good Mark but I would like to try and replace or add functions to the original nav screen. All the replacement screen's illuminate the airbag light and nobody yet has solved it. Then the Grom has loads of firmware issues... Looks like I might have to be patient for a little while and just use my phone. I did treat myself to a couple of little goodies in the meantime though!
  16. Daily Drive

    I've only had mine a month but do daily drive her. Averaging around 18 mpg but I seem to be infected with the mentioned digital right foot!! As said in the past, it is such a dual character car. Leave it to do its thing early in the morning in auto. Then put it in manual mode on the way home from work and have a bit of fun!!
  17. Looks like the ex police one is up for sale. Reasonably priced as well! https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/lexus/is/lexus-is-f-pearl-white--5-litre-------------2008-58-plate/7618183
  18. So one month in and just over a thousand miles travelled and I'm still absolutely smitten with her! I haven't seen over 18 MPG on a tank average yet so I think I'm driving her in the right manner! I did have an issue with the brakes where, when I wasn't using them, I could here them squeaking at all speeds intermittently. It had new disks and pads fitted in May so thought it was quite strange. After I had the pads chamfered and it seems to have gone away though. Anyone else had anything similar? I've been looking into upgrading the Nav unit. There's a couple of Chinese android one available or of course the Grom Vline to plug in behind. They all look to have there issues though and at £450, its a big risk but I really want to have Waze and Spotify on the main screen and not on a phone next to it. Any suggestions?
  19. Evening all, Sorry for the late reply, work got in the way and I've been getting acquainted with the motor. She's an absolute beaut!! Can't believe how good it is, in both cruising and have a blast along an A road. Such a dual character. Took on your advice and had her inspected by Lexus (which she flew though) and got the two year warranty along with a three year service plan on Friday. Haha I wish I could take credit for the drive but it's my girlfriends parents flat that they own. Would definitely like to see your car Pete. I could be tempted into making a few "adjustments" in the next couple of years! Was that the one in Croydon? I test drove one there but didn't have the funds at the time. Lovely, lovely car.
  20. Definitely agree on the sound front. The induction noise is addictive, just needs more from the rear. She's booked in tomorrow for her inspection for the warranty so hopefully all is hunky-dory. I did, it was absolutely mental! My dream is to get an old GT Junior from the 60/70's and put a Busso in it. So here she is home. Just needs a clean and I'll get some more picks taken over the weekend.
  21. Q2 diff and had the later 330 brakes. It handled surprisingly well! Just couldn't believe the fuel consumption could be so bad on something with 250HP. I got 180 miles out of a £85 fill up! But then I would drive through the Dartford crossing and everything was forgiven Thanks, fingers crossed I get the same happy motoring! Cheers for clearing that up.
  22. Yeah the previous owner said that apart from the consumables and servicing, it has needed nothing at all. I'm in the same mind as you, just for the peace of mind. Well that is high praise indeed. The quickest car I had before this was a Alfa 147 GTA so it's definitely a step up!! I can't believe its the same price as a regular IS! Just shows how confident they are of their product. I'll definitely get the warranty now and see what kind of deal they can offer on the servicing package. Oh really! He was great yesterday, completely honest and I know that if he had different driving commitments, he wouldn't want to sell it. Feel very lucky indeed!
  23. Sooo happy with it Paul. Glad I waited for the right one to come along. She's got FLSH, only 2 owners with 32K on the clock. Planning on keeping her for the next 3/5 years so mileage was a biggie to me. Quick Q, do you think the extended warranty and service packages from Lexus are worth it?
  24. Exactly. I know the last couple that have gone through BCA auctions at least, haven't sold very quickly/still for sale. One of the main buying points for me is the rarity and the Q factor of them but seems like dealers are struggling to convey what they are to the general public.