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  1. Hi all, I think I've searched all the past threads about adjusting the low beam headlights, but can't find the answers I need. I too find my low beam falls way too short, so am trying to figure out how to adjust the beam vertically. I've found the 2 wheels that are turned using a screwdriver - on each light, there's 1 near the radiator (I'll call it the inner) and 1 near the wheel arch (the outer). I can't figure out what to do with them though! I've turned them both in both directions loads of turns, and nothing seems to happen. So, my questions are: What does the inner adjuster do, and what does the outer one do? Do I need to adjust both to raise the beam? What direction do I turn the screwdriver to raise the beam? As if I'm tightening the 'screw', or as if I'm loosening it? All advice gratefully received, thanks in advance! Sent from my FRD-L09 using Tapatalk
  2. Hi all My 05 GS300 will be needing a service soon, and the main stealers prices are ludicrous. I cant find a specialist Lexus indie in the Manchester area, so thought Id ask the group. Does anyone know of a garage in the South Manchester / Warrington areas who they'd recommend for servicing Lexuses (Lexi?) at reasonable prices? Cheers in advance Adam
  3. Noob from Manchester

    Hi guys Thanks for the welcome. Took delivery of her last night, so far very happy - 105K on the clock, but with a full service history and a stack of paperwork. She drives sweet as a nut and Im loving all the toys. Will take a couple of pics and post them soon. And the tape deck will be very useful as a cheap means to plug my phone in so I can listen to my tunes and Radio 6 - Ive ordered an aux-in cassette converter and am hoping will provide decent enough sound quality. Adam
  4. Noob from Manchester

    Hi all Just about to take delivery of a pristine 2005 GS300 SE-L, really looking forward to being a Lexus owner, the test drive seriously impressed me. Hopefully won't be posting too often, the Lexus reputation for reliability is why I bought one! And it's got a tape deck!