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  1. Keyless Entry

    NX 300H has it also.
  2. Gurgling Noise

    Ok, so I've covered just over 280 miles in 2 longish journeys with the radio on FM (gurgle fm isn't too good though!) and the result is - NO gurgling noise at all and the drop down bar at the top of the screen showing which radio station you are listening to is much much less in frequency. Me thinks it has something to do with the media system. Anyone else had this symptom?
  3. Gurgling Noise

    Funny enough today I switched from DAB to FM as the drop down info informing which DAB station you are listening to drives me crackers with its frequency. Surprise surprise whilst on FM there were no gurgling sounds at all and no infuriating FM drop down info! I'll be doing a reasonably long journey next week so I'll see if this is the cure.
  4. Gurgling Noise

    Many thanks @rayaans. As far as I know the car has not been regassed as I've owned it since it was 6 months old. Regarding the "hybrid gurgle" I wasn't aware there was such a thing. My previous car was a Honda C-RV EX diesel and I have no experience of hybrids.The dealer didn't have time to look at it when I was there to have the dashcam re-sited as that was on a "drop in when passing" scenario. I'll mention it to them when I visit next.
  5. Lexus Nx True Mpg

    I've not long returned from my annual trip to Scotland covering 1887 miles in 10 days. The trip from Leeds to Aviemore return was mainly motorway/dual carriageway to just north of Perth. The remainder of the journeys covered were class A and B roads with many miles of single track roads with passing places and also some pretty hairy inclines! From filling the tank to the brim at the start and end of the complete journey the NX returned 41.3 to the gallon. I'm quite happy with that figure. Most of the journeys were in "normal" mode with "sport" mode used for some of the steep climbs.
  6. NX Three likes/dislikes

    I've not long returned from my annual trip to Scotland and covered 1887 miles in 10 days. I had no problems with seat comfort but when I first got the car it took a fair bit of time to get all the adjustments done - height, rake, lumber support and the steering wheel. One of the main things I found was the steering wheel adjustment to suit the seat adjustments.
  7. Gurgling Noise

    That could be a possibility @First_Lexus. I'm seeing about re-siting the dashcam soon so I'll suggest they look at that- thanks.
  8. Gurgling Noise

    Has anyone heard a "gurgling" type noise from under the dash area of the NX? My wife thinks it is from the radio but I'm not so sure. It doesn't happen all the time and sod's law, when I try to record it the flipping thing doesn't do it. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Side Protectors

    Must admit I'm not a fan of the side protectors. IMO they're not the correct angle and therefore don't match the angular nature of the body shape at the bottom of the doors. Only my opinion remember, but the appearance is in the eye of the beholder! If it protects against annoying dints it is good. How would they look if they were put on at the same angle as the contours at the bottom of the doors? Possibly they would not then do the job they are made for.
  10. NX Three likes/dislikes

    Hi Ed - good to see a familiar avatar. I've had my Lexus for just over 6 months now and it is truly a fantastic car albeit with the same dislikes as most members on the site.