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  1. Change to RCF

    Absolutely @Mark G. Blue it is 😀
  2. Change to RCF

    Wow that is stunning @Big Rat. Could be tempted with one of those.
  3. Change to RCF

    That was the interesting thing. I had done a deal and I had paid a deposit subject to seeing it. So i called to say that i would be proceeding and obviously he asked and i explained why. To be fair he could have been more helpful, was very apologetic and deposit was back on my card in no time. You could hear the keyboard typing as i was on the phone so I'm sure it was being checked out.
  4. Change to RCF

    Yes agreed, a big thank you from me @Big Rat. Very much appreciated :-)
  5. Change to RCF

    Thanks Peter. I love the IS to be honest. Interested to hear more about yours with a supercharger :-)
  6. Change to RCF

    Maybe Mark 👍
  7. Change to RCF

    Thanks for all of the input guys. I think I’ll be sticking with the IS-F 😀
  8. Change to RCF

    @Big Rat. Oh dear, I’ve seen videos of this car in London in that case. How did you find out it was this one? Do you know anymore of the history?
  9. Change to RCF

    That is true @Mark G, although it had to be blue 😀
  10. Change to RCF

    I’m not sure if I’m honest. Will find out when i visit this week. I was just saying to Dav that I hadn’t planned on changing at the moment but this one caught my eye 😀
  11. Change to RCF

    True Dav. I have been looking at them for a while and the right car has never come up. The spec, colour and options on this one would have been how i would have chosen from new which is the only reason i have progressed this now. I certainly wasn’t intended to change at the moment. Still got to drive it yet 🤔
  12. Change to RCF

    Thanks buddy. I will look out for Dave in that case 😀. If it does happen i would still like to join you all on the next meet so you can have a good look then.
  13. Change to RCF

    Cheers Dav. I must admit this is all with mixed emotions as the IS-F has been so much fun. It will all come down to the test drive i guess 😀
  14. Change to RCF

    Hi all, I have been considering a change for some time now from my ISF to an RCF and have been following availability and prices closely. It would seem that due to many owners upgrading to the LC 500 there are quite a few available and Lexus Coventry have a blue one currently that looks to be a nice car with all that i was looking for (ie blue, well its a bit more than that). I have reserved it subject to test drive. The reason for the post is just to say that if anybody knows anybody that is looking for a really nice ISF, then if all goes too plan this week, Coventry will have a lovely blue ISF (2010 with just over 30000 miles and a full Lexus service history) for sale shortly which is a cracking car and I would recommend to anybody. Cheers, Jon.
  15. Kemble 'Grand Tour' - 19th Nov 2017

    Sounds good Ratty. Haven’t been able to use the car so much recently due to working away. Hopefully all be done by this meet 😀