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  1. Hi Bamboo I would stick with the grade of oil recommended by Lexus for your car. When buying filters, its probably best to stick with genuine filters. After pricing them at Lexus, phone your local Toyota dealer to see the price they are quoting for same parts, mention you might just go to eurocarparts as it is an older car and you don't want to spend too much . I done this last week and the person at the end of the phone said he would put the parts through as a trade deal if this would help. Worked out I got genuine parts for the approximate same price as eurocarparts price. I may have been lucky, however as they say " If you don't ask, you'll never know". The worst that can happen is they say no. As far as part numbers go, phone up Lexus or Toyota with registration or VIN number and they will be able to supply you with correct part numbers. Good luck.
  2. Brake pad advice

    Thanks for replying Steve and Normski, taken your advice and purchased Red rubber grease and got the pads from local Toyota Dealership, sold me them at trade price (35.00) which I thought was very reasonable. Still to tackle the job however no real hurry as existing pads still have 3_4 mm left on them.
  3. Brake pad advice

    Hi Bob Thanks very much for replying, the post of January 25th is fantastic and just the information I was after. Didn't see it when it was originally posted as I was not a Lexus owner then. Still trying to get to grips in sourcing all the excellent information the site holds. All the best. Alan
  4. Brake pad advice

    Checked rear brake pads today, will need to do them in the next few months, don't do a big mileage or drive car hard so don't require high performance pads. Whats the general opinion on the pads eurocarparts stock. Have seen Normski2 mentioning Rockauto in the US as being good for price and service( albeit I think he was talking about slide pins which are hard to source here), checked site and pad prices seem very low compared with pads in UK. Also US you-tubes appear to rate 3M Silicon grease for the slide pins as being the best however difficult to source in UK at reasonable price for small amount, any comparable silicon grease for same purpose here. Hoping to pick the brains of those members with experience having done this job and what products have proved reliable with respect to brake pads and type of grease used. Also used to use Shell Engine Oil (Helix Ultra Professional AG Engine Oil - 5W-30 - 5ltr) for my last car , Mercedes, with no issues, great price at eurocarparts at the moment with discount, anyone use it for their IS or am I better sticking to Toyota parts and oil. Look forward to all advice.
  5. Got letter today, have booked in for Friday. They will also look at the new headlight they fitted 3 months ago , dealership had the car for 2 days. now after less than 1000 miles, it is showing condensation. Here's hoping I get a better result on Friday.
  6. Hi Texas Fantastic video, as you say a lot of fixings however if all else fails looks do-able, I'm hoping when I contact the dealership they will make good and restore some of my faith in the brand. As Madasahatter correctly stated, try another dealer. Problem both dealerships in my area are owned by the same company, purchased the car from one and was rather disappointed in the way the way the car was prepared when picking up the car, a lot of messing about trying to get minor issues resolved. Received email from dealership PR team within days of taking ownership asking how I rated the Lexus experience. l highlighted the basic issues which I encountered on picking up the car, still waiting for some sort of reply, not a good sign, hence took the car to the other dealership for the headlight issue. My initial impression with this dealership was extremely positive and everything appeared great until I received the car back and seen the complete lack of attention to detail on repair( seemed to do the hard bit and did not bother with the easy bit). My impressions so far is Lexus dealerships are predominately only interested in selling new cars and the service side is a byproduct which is not up to quality standard of the cars which are being serviced. I am sure there is great dealerships in the UK however in my experience, just not in my area. I'll keep my fingers crossed that my next visit to the dealership turns my negative views into a positive and makes me eat my words, I'll keep you posted, and thanks again for all advice and help.
  7. Hi Madasahatter Pretty sure the lights are Halogen . I'm amazed that the bumper can be taken off so quickly, it makes me wonder why the dealership had my car for 2 days when replacing the headlight, I wasn't that bothered at the time as I thought I would be getting a quality job, how wrong was I !!. I have looked at the RX issues on youtube, this solution would be ok for an ageing headlight however surely one which is only 3 months old with less than a 1000 miles should be covered by some sort of manufacturers warranty.
  8. Thanks Texas for quick response, certainly no stone chips or damage to headlight glass , is the access cover easy enough to get into, I know to take the headlight out is quite a job, first removing bumper. Madasahatter, you mentioned drain bungs, I was under the impression that all modern headlights are sealed units, is this not the case.
  9. Purchased car from Lexus dealership in March this year, in June noticed NS headlight had some staining( not condensation) on reflector. Took car to dealership for advice, dealership duly replaced headlight , which I was very pleased about, however they never replaced the bolts holding the plastic engine floor panels, only after getting the car home did I notice them hanging down. Took car back and was given the reason they did not have bolts in stock!!. When I said surely a few cable ties would have been better than leaving a job like this , service manager was embarrassed and annoyed, I think more the fact that the bad workmanship had been noticed so quickly and no excuse could be given. While washing the car today ( not using pressure washer, I noticed the new replaced headlight has condensation in it. To say I'm disappointed is a understatement, has any other IS250 owners have had similar issues with headlights. I also have a 10 year old vauxhall astra van, never had an issue with headlights and never been renewed. Since buying the Lexus I have done only 1700 miles, approximately half of this since new headlight fitted. When not in use(6 days a week) the car is kept in a well ventilated garage. I have still to contact the dealership to see what can be done, however suffice to say all the hype regarding Lexus Quality and Reliability together with quality workmanship is starting to sound rather hollow, its a pity as I really like the car but have I made a mistake straying from the quality German brands. Any and all advice would be appreciated.
  10. Airbag recall

    Does anyone know what years are affected by airbag recall, purchased car from Lexus in March, don't know if work has already been done or whether my model year is within the cars affected. Have checked the and there is no mention of the recall. After reading the posts highlighting damage to dashboard encountered by various members, I really hope my car has not to be recalled. I'm not really surprised at some of the comments as my experience of the quality of workmanship shown at Lexus dealerships is sadly lacking. Great cars, plush showrooms and courteous staff however let down badly by technician's lack of attention to detail. I'll try and do any future work myself or use a quality independent whose sole source of income depends on quality work and not car sales.
  11. Is this a feature on all IS250's or just the SEL model as mine does not move when reverse selected.
  12. Hi Kieron I had a similar problem with one of my headlights (nothing to the extent of yours) showing slight staining on bottom reflector. Only had the car for about a month after buying it from Lexus, staining may have been there before purchasing however only noticed when washing car. Although being annoyed I thought I would just have to live with it. Decided to mention it on this forum, was advised to take it to Lexus dealership. Made a appointment, arrived at the dealership expecting the service manager to chase me, and unbelievably he said he would order a new one. New light fitted under my extended warranty. Don't know if I was extremely lucky or not, my advice would be to make an appointment at Lexus, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Hope you're lucky.
  13. Who maintains their own Lexus?

    Hi Dave, never knew anything like the Fumoto valve existed, just watched a couple of you-tubes, great idea, certainly would make oil change so much easier with less mess. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Who maintains their own Lexus?

    I know some dealerships now suck the old engine oil out via dip stick tube, I have used both methods and admit the suction method is easier and removes just as much of the old oil. This method is definitely favourite for engines with filter fitted to top of engine, no need to crawl under car at all. I know with Lexus I still need to go under car to change filter however sucking the old oil out still appeals to me as opposed to dropping it out via sump plug. Any thoughts which is best.
  15. Stolen RX450 Sport

    Years ago I remember Ford fitting impact switches into rear bumper location and if someone rear ended you, the switch would trigger cutting power to the fuel pump. I used to cut into the circuit and fit a small toggle switch hidden in the car, and when leaving the car , I would just enable the switch knowing if the car was stolen it would only go for a limited time before running out of fuel. The thief would hopefully just abandon the car within a certain distance of original parking. Don't know if modern cars utilise same type impact fuel cut off switches and this might seem a crude answer to the problem, however the theory still holds good. Cut power to fuel pump, car stops due to fuel starvation. Theory does not work if they load vehicle directly onto trailer. Food for thought.