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  1. I speak with other owners of ISF on the LEXUS FR forum but they are far from where I live. I did not see other ISF since I have my car.
  2. Not too much drone. And when i want to drive silently, in 5 sec I close the valve.
  3. On the video we don't really hear the difference of the sound, but in reality it's different. I shall try to make a better video.
  4. Here is my video clip! I will make a video inside the car later. Personnaly I'm very satisfied with this valve.
  5. I had the same problem @G10RRE . I bought two brackets at LEXUS for 78€.
  6. USRS RR Racing

    I received the USRS kit and the adjustable rear camber arms today! Thank you very much Peter for the perfect packaging and your confidence!
  7. ISF from UK to France

    5D carbon wrap made by myself :
  8. ISF from UK to France

    Cars & Coffee Nantes (France) http://
  9. ISF from UK to France

    10€ on WISH, installed in 1 mn, very satisfied with the result!
  10. USRS RR Racing

    A friend and me rolled the rear fenders of my ISF with a roller fender and a heat gun. My friend had already done it on 2 or 3 cars before. In 1h30 we had made the 2 fenders.
  11. USRS RR Racing

    Order placed! Order number 4008. Thank you Pete !!!
  12. USRS RR Racing

    @Peter P18 please send me your bank details and I'll proceed to the bank transfer. Tell me exactly how much I have to send you knowing that I live in France (Nantes, 44300)
  13. Thank you very much! The price is very interesting!!! 67,94£ for front and rear BREMBO pads shipped to France!