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  1. ISF from UK to France

    Cars & Coffee Nantes (France) http://
  2. ISF from UK to France

    Hi, Here is my lexus isf that I bought in england a few weeks ago: year 2008, 107000 miles. Here are some pictures: cleaning of the seats with soap of marseille, complete cleaning of the body, plastidip of the emblem and the front grille
  3. ISF from UK to France

    10€ on WISH, installed in 1 mn, very satisfied with the result!
  4. USRS RR Racing

    A friend and me rolled the rear fenders of my ISF with a roller fender and a heat gun. My friend had already done it on 2 or 3 cars before. In 1h30 we had made the 2 fenders.
  5. USRS RR Racing

    Order placed! Order number 4008. Thank you Pete !!!
  6. Hello, The back height of the car suits me but the front is too high. I looked at swift sport springs but they are sold by 4, I can't buy only the front. My ISF has 108000 miles and the front shock absorber assy were replaced at 95000 miles. I found this topic on the US Lexus forum (photos pages 5, 6, 7) : It is about this product : What do you think about this kit? My opinion : Very easy to install but for bolts and spacers, the price is not cheap (same for the shipping cost : 172 $...)
  7. ISF Front lowering kit - Vip autosalon

    I will send you a PM !
  8. USRS RR Racing

    @Peter P18 please send me your bank details and I'll proceed to the bank transfer. Tell me exactly how much I have to send you knowing that I live in France (Nantes, 44300)
  9. Thank you very much! The price is very interesting!!! 67,94£ for front and rear BREMBO pads shipped to France!
  10. USRS RR Racing

    I'm still interested too!
  11. USRS RR Racing

    Great! I'm in Nantes, Loire-Atlantique (post code 44300)
  12. USRS RR Racing

    @Big Rat, If the price is interesting and if it is possible to send me the USRS in France, I'm interested.
  13. ISF from UK to France

    Vidéo with the cutout :
  14. My Isf On Kw's And Linea Corse 818's

    @effordoff , I tried my new LC818 19x10 ET38 all around. What do you think of the fitment? It seems to be the same on your car? I will have to roll the rear fender because I have rubbing issues.
  15. ISF from UK to France

    I tried my new wheels, but I will have to roll the rear fenders. The front is ok.
  16. ISF from UK to France

    Thank you! Yes it's the Bayson R front lip : It's in Polyurethane and I didn't paint it. It was easy to install, I put the screws in the bumper without drilling before.
  17. ISF from UK to France

    New front lip :
  18. ISF from UK to France

    I will make a video during my holidays (in a week). It is not yet installed definitively, but I think put the switch in the ashtray and plug it into the cigarette lighter socket
  19. ISF from UK to France

    New mod: I wanted a more beautiful exhaust soud without spending too much money in a complete exhaust system. I bought a QTP qtec33 cutout in the USA that I have welded on my stock exhaust. I activate the opening and closing with a switch. I'm very satisfied with the soud.
  20. ISF from UK to France

    Square setup LINEA CORSE LC818 19x10 ET38 Tires FALKEN FK510 255/35 R19 front and 265/35 R19 rear
  21. ISF from UK to France

    Thank you! Yes the price was much more interesting than in France. In addition, at the time of my purchase there was very little choice in France. Next mods : - wheels : LC818 - exhaust
  22. My Isf On Kw's And Linea Corse 818's

    Hello, just to check before buying the LC818 in 19x10 ET38 at the 4 corners, I measured the distance between the outside of the rim and the outside of the fender: here are the photos to compare with the "tire rim calculator". Front wheel: Rear wheel : It's clear that the rims will come out of the fenders. In your opinion it's still good even with the rear fenders rolled?
  23. Wheel refurb

    Did you rolled the rear fenders? No rubbing issues?
  24. Wheel refurb

    Very nice! What are the spec of your wheels and your tyres?
  25. Hello, I'm a french owner of an RHD Lexus ISF and I want to know where I can buy car mats (ebay, other website?). In France there are only for LHD. Thank you !