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  1. Tyre Preasures

    35 psi all round for the IS200, and make sure the geometry is set to WIM settings to avoid the inner tyre wear
  2. Lowering Springs

    Brought mine back for the IS250 Se-L from Houston Texas whilst working over there in 2006/7. I spoke to Eibach in Germany to enquire as to why the European spec was different and was told it was due to the initial distributors who put the spec together for Eibach to manufacture to. The American spec drops the front by 1.5" (38.1 mm), the rear by 1" (25.4mm) and the European spec is 30mm drop all round. The American Spring is also more progressive in compressing. One thing to note is that the Lexus geometry settings for the IS250 can still be made within their specified range up to a 30mm drop, but fitting the American spec Eiback Pro-Set requires the additional fitting of camber adjusters to maintain the correct geometry (front only of course).. http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/topic/80172-do-i-have-to-adjust-camber-after-lowering-my-is-220/?hl=%2Beibach+%2Bsprings
  3. No mine was not under warranty, but they were regularly servicing my three Lexus that I had at the time. Just told the Service Manager I didn't expect anything to fall off a Lexus.
  4. Lexus Recall

    I had the recall letter in November so I called my local dealership at the beginning of this month, not realising that the fuel pressure sensor sealing issue wasn't just restricted to the IS-F. Service Manager then informed me of the cooling fan issue and booked me in for both mods a couple of days later. Guess if I hadn't called I'd still be in the queue with along with the 250/220 owners.
  5. Lexus Cheltenham have bought two RC-F's, one in white and another in Blue. Pity they didn't get the Carbon option, but taking one for a test drive this week.
  6. Lexus Recall

    Lexus Cheltenham had mine in a couple of weeks ago for both the fuel pressure sensor sealing and cooling fan mods. Took all day and they carried out a health check of the car at the same time.
  7. One of mine fell off a couple of years ago, so I called my local Lexus Service Manager and complained. Result was a completely new assembly fitted at no charge.
  8. Apparently the RC-F will be a limited supply, with only 170 allocated to the UK. Not surprising really as that figure isn't a lot less than the IS-F sales in the UK.
  9. If you are all talking about the Engine Fuel Pressure Sensor recall regarding the sealing of the gasket between the sensor and the fuel delivery pipes, then it applied to the IS-F too. Had my modified a couple of weeks ago by Lexus Cheltenham. Took a whole day, but that included another recall that only applied to the IS-F, concerning a required modification to the electric fans/cooling system. Apparently there had been reports of IS-F's overheating, but I guess that was from countries a damn sight hotter than the UK!
  10. Probably the front tyres sliding rather than rotating. It's common on the second generation IS's, including the IS-F and occurs in cold or wet weather particularly when the car on full lock scrubs the tyres instead of rotating the front (non driven) wheels. Just caused by the tyres lack of grip in certain conditions on full lock, whether going forwards or in reverse. First experienced it on my brand new 2005/2006 IS250 SE-L and was concerned until I realised what it was.
  11. I've got a standard cat back system if anyone wants to make me an offer. It was only on my brand new IS250 SE-L for 13 months, and as I spent most of the first year of ownership in the USA it only did about 5000 miles.
  12. No touch-up available, but get a paint shop to make it up for you. Apparently a couple of options available, standard 11GY39 (dark silver metallic) or 11GY38 (buffed finish). I have used Toyota Phantom Grey Pearl (1E3), only a near match, not perfect, but is available as a touch up.
  13. Flood damage in Leeds??? More like it's been written off through accident damage and the weather has got into the interior. Drivers seat has taken a hammering.
  14. During the last three years I've been running 40 psi nitrogen in all four. Started with 36 psi and monitored the wear pattern when I bought the car in 2009 when it had the original tyres, and noticed the outer edges were wearing more in comparison to the centre. Gradually increased the pressure until I had even wear across the tread. Currently running 235/35-19 Super Sports on the front and same make 275/35-19 on the rears.