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  1. The IS250 owners manual is very specific in that when you use an automatic car wash you must fold the mirrors in (use the switch in the door panel) Page 252 of the US manual refers, might be different in the UK manual (I've got a .pdf of the US manual here and my UK manual isn't to hand at the moment). I've forgotten a couple of times and folded them at the last minute! My old Mazda 626 went through fine with the mirrors out, but the weren't electrical folding mirrors............. Andrew
  2. It's going to involve a fair bit of fiddling! My brother just fitted a set of those to his 2005 IS250 in place of the original halogen dip beams. All the wiring and boxes that come with them won't fit in the headlamp rear housing behind the bulb access hatch. His HID kit also didn't come with a suitable plug to connect these to the original loom, although tbe crimp pins were already in place on the end of the wires??? An appropriate plastic plug housing was swiftly sourced on eBay. He then drilled a suitable sized hole for the supplied gasket in the hatch, passed the wires through and fitted the plug housings after confirming the polarity of the headlamp loom with a multimeter. Currently the boxes are fitted on top of the airfilter housing (R) and fuse box (L) with double sided tape, although this may have to change when he refits the plastic engine covers. I've not had a go jn his IS at night yet, but he reckons it's significantly better and they must be OK for aim, as he hasn't had anyone flashing him thinking his main beams are on! Reading on the DVLA website their guidance is that HID lights aren't permitted at all (new or retrofit!), but as manufacturers are fitting them they're allowing them, but they specifically say that "their view" is that they're not acceptable as retrofit, as the housings aren't specifically designed for HID. Brothers MOT tester said he doesn't care what they are so long as the aim and pattern is OK. Andrew
  3. Yeah, I assume that's short for Very Idiotic People!
  4. Appalling thing, 1200 miles out of the tyres like that, Why bother?
  5. No Keys.

    Key fobs definitely need erasing prior to re-programming, I bought one for my IS250 and the seller wasn't aware of the need, but checked with his programming expert 'mate' who confirmed it was needed. (paid extra to have it done) TechStream took a lot of fiddling with drivers and stuff but got it going eventually. Similar service advertised on eBay. To add a new blank key you're asked to put the existing key on the start button (with the new key outside the vehicle) and then there's a time window to place the original key on the back seat and the new key on the start button. The instructions in TechStream are quite precise and it still took me two attempts to get the time and sequence right. I now have the security of having two working key fobs. Cutting a new blank was straightforward enough at a branch of Timpson, you'll need a bigger branch with a computerised milling machine for the double sided Lexus keys, then I just had to saw and file it to fit my key retainer. Regards Andrew
  6. Haha, After 40+ years in three pedal Manuals with conventional handrake, when I got my IS250 automatic in April it took me a little while to retrain my left foot into the correct sequence to release it at the right time! If I pull up to traffic lights that have just turned red I tend to apply parking brake & select 'N', feet off pedals aaand relax, if my prediction is a short stop, foot on normal brake and shift to 'N', brief stops it stays in 'D', I only use 'P' and parking brake when parked up and shutting down. A long while ago I actually had a brief drive of an american car which had the same parking brake system, so I kind of knew what to expect. I agree with 'comfortable smooth quiet and refined' and with enough 'Go' to make usefull progress. It's a lonnnng time since I owned and drove a RWD car in the winter so we'll see how much fun we can have! I also seem to have broken my initial habit of driving off with the (somewhat weedy) parking brake on! (it beeps at you after a few yards). Andrew
  7. Ceramic brake pads.

    @capese & @parkman, Funny you should say that, what I did was go on Wagners part finder direct and identify exactly which part number I needed (in my case ThermoQuiet Ceramic #QC1113) then search Amazon for them, Amazon.co.uk = £68.00 (not Amazon but sold by someone else) Amazon.com £40 odd (sold by Amazon with import taxes (allegedly, we'll see) included). As it happens I was initially looking on Amazon.com (US) and it was only later that I tried searching the .co.uk site. I'm not at all sure how I've got an account on Amazon.com as I've never bought from them before, maybe you automatically get a reciprocal account when you sign up to Amazon.co.uk? I wait with baited breath to see how the import side of it goes and whether I have to pay ParcelFarce / Royal Snail's 'clearance fee'................ Andrew
  8. Ceramic brake pads.

    @capese21 Thanks again, off to Amazon I go to place an order..... Andrew
  9. Ceramic brake pads.

    Ah, OK thanks, I thought that would be the answer. Might I ask where you sourced them from? Andrew
  10. Ceramic brake pads.

    Hi, I'm thinking of getting a set of Wagner ThermoQuiet for the rear of my IS as rear pads getting thin was the only advisory on the MOT. As far as I can see they have to come from the USA, unless anyone knows of a UK seller? Amazon appear to have the correct parts for $48 (~£36) including taxes, how did others buy theirs? And finally did you leave out the OE shims and stuff and go with Wagners applied shim material? Thanks in advance for suggestions. Andrew
  11. Just got to rearrange the laws of physics and we'll be good to go! I don't inherently disagree with the convertiplane concept but as the Americans have found with the V22 Osprey it's almost like the worst of both worlds. With a wingspan that small you're looking at 200~300 MPH in the cruise (a 35' span Cessna 150 weighing ~1600 pounds cruises @ 75MPH on 100BHP, just!) to achieve those kind of speeds is going to require a significant power input......... Nice to dream though. Andrew
  12. Hi @cortinas, My IS250 is from a similar era and merely has the 'cruise' caption that lights up when on, but no indication of what speed you've set it to after having cancelled it. I think the display of the set speed comes with the radar cruise option. Certainly the RX300 loaner (with radar adaptive cruise) I had while having the airbag recall done displayed the set speed. Andrew
  13. Firmware

    Hi @TBi, When you say 'firmware' do you mean for the navigation system or do you mean so you can talk to the OBD port? Andrew
  14. Sounds like good deal, I wonder if that includes oil? Or is it just the labour? Lexus Reading (Jemca group) advertise 'Essentials' sevice @ £165 for cars over 10 years old, I wonder if they'll do something similar? Andrew
  15. Airbag recall

    Hi all, The Toyota Recall checker is here , claims to work by reg number but not for mine or my brothers car I had to enter my VIN for it to work.... then you get a number to ring and register..... Andrew