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  1. Sounds like good deal, I wonder if that includes oil? Or is it just the labour? Lexus Reading (Jemca group) advertise 'Essentials' sevice @ £165 for cars over 10 years old, I wonder if they'll do something similar? Andrew
  2. Airbag recall

    Hi all, The Toyota Recall checker is here , claims to work by reg number but not for mine or my brothers car I had to enter my VIN for it to work.... then you get a number to ring and register..... Andrew
  3. Order a handful and do your dome light too, they're cheap enough.......Interestingly the drivers side footwell lamp on my 2007 IS is already an LED? Maybe the previous owner changed it?
  4. Oh, and the dome light is a bit fiddle to take out, use a penknife or similar on the rear edge of the cover in front of the lamps and it swings open revealing two screws that hold the housing up in the roof. then there are two trim clips at the rear corners, best unclipped with a forked trim removing tool. The bulbs are in little twist to remove holders on top of the PCB. The vanity light housings left & right both unclip at their left hand side. That said my brother did his IS by unclipping the dome light lens and accessing the bulbs that way........without removing the housing. Andrew
  5. Hi @65mike I just fitted three of these (in white!) in the front dome lamp of my IS, I bought a few different LEDs to try and these a nice even, bright ~6000K white light with no hot spots or points of light. The dome light assembly needs end lighting LEDs like these as they are fitted pointing down. I actually fiddled about and modified one to work @ 90° in the vanity lights (bulbs fit sideways), although I may have wasted my time as it appears that the switches activated by the mirror covers are a bit intermittent. I haven't looked at the rear dome yet as that uses a couple of 28mm or 31mm 'festoon' bulbs with end caps (why not W5W like the front?) and they're not so common. For a laugh I've ordered a set of these! to have a play with! All tthe reviews seem crap! Non matching colours, dying after a few days, but hey for £2.50 who cares! Andrew
  6. re you sure about that! Are you sure about that? Haha!
  7. That was a quote of the last line of the article linked by the OP.................... Andrew
  8. “Until a BMW driver comes along and ruins everything. They are a law unto themselves.” Haha!
  9. Replacement key

    @Pecker And either make sure the key you buy has been erased, or you can get it erased Here (eBay). My replacement key programmed fine, my biggest hassle was getting TechStream to talk to my PC and OBD dongle and then my IS250. Andrew
  10. Replacement key

    @PeckerGulp, that is going to be an expensive loss of key! When I got my IS250 it only came with one key, saw various reports about buying second hand keys on fleabay, saw a bargain one ~£40 asked if had been erased (apparently a neede operation) seller checked with his key programming mate who confirmed that it is required, paid him an extra £10 to get it erased. It took a month or so of fiddling to get a TechStream OBD reader/programmer dongle working (don't ask) and programmed the spare key perfectly. There is however one fly in the ointment for your case, you MUST have a working key to identify you as the legitimate owner in order to add a new key! Other than a new ECU and key pair I don'believe there's a way round it, unless there's some dodgy backstreet ECU hacker who can do it! Andrew.
  11. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    And another one...............
  12. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    Haha @gdh300 I bow to your superior knowledge! A quick Google of logos proves you correct, I do Dacia Dustbins a disservice! It will henceforth be known as a SsangYong Tw@toli!
  13. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    Hi @Spacewagon52, That's a standalone HUD, plugs into the OBD port and reads from the ECU, programmable & trimmable for speed and RPM (the analogue speedo lies somewhat enthusiastically! Overreads by 8 or 9%) The orange 4.6 at the top is Litres/Hour but can display system voltage or odometer and 86 is the water temperature in degrees with a bargraph below. My phone lives on a sticky mount just visible in the centre running Waze for navigation. The standard speedo is not particularly well marked, only 20, 40, 60, 80 etc. shown and with the proliferation of speed cameras I need accurate speed clearly. The HUD needs a few days fiddling to get everything how you like it and a reasonable position on the provided self cling mat, then fit the supplied reflective film on the inside of the screen. It's a bit bright at night on unlit roads and driving into a low sun (in the UK haha) can wash it out a bit. I also shortened the nice flat cable it comes with and added a custom right angle connector as the socket on the HUD is on the left and also swapped the OBD plug casing though 180 degrees to suit a RHD car. The seller on eBay that it came from doesn't list that exact model now, but a search for HUD in vehicle parts shows loads of different varieties, although This one appears to be the same as mine and is around the same price. Andrew P.S. If you get one I've kept a note of my customisation/trimming values if you should want them......
  14. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    Further to my previous video of being overtaken in a 'lower than national speed limit' area, it seems it's not limited to just BM's Monday evening on the way home from work Dacia Dustbin (must be a GTi!) this time. I must have an invisible sticker on the back of my car saying 'overtake me I'm a dawdling old fart' NOT! Narrowish road, 38-40 MPH GPS and he still had to overtake! Unprintable words here! Andrew
  15. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    Thanks Rayaans , OK, let's try again (time for editing the previous thread has expired) My contribution: BMW's are clearly exempt from sticking to the speed limit! Skip to 2:30 so you don't have to listen to Thai pop music (no swearing as the little woman was with me!) Well I never! That's a much easier way to embed than most other forums.............. One further question, I seem to have forgotten how to 'tag' someone in a post........?
  16. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    My contibution: BMW's are clearly exempt from sticking to the speed limit! Skip to 2:30 so you don't have to listen to Thai pop music (no swearing as the little woman was with me!) YouTube Help..... can someone remind me what the php code is to embed YouTube videos please?
  17. As my phone is a Samsung Galaxy S7 I'm using Samsung TecTiles but I've also played with standard NFC tags, like these. On Android you just download a suitable NFC app, set up what you want to happen and save it to the tag, then every time the unlocked phone is placed on the tag it carries out the actions, if it's locked they happen on unlock. Takes a bit of fiddling to get it right and they can't be set up to reverse the actions on moving away from the tag which would be useful. Regards, Andrew
  18. Hi, Has anyone had any experience with an olde worlde (2007 era!) Lexus dealer fitted bluetooth handsfree kit? I'm a recent Lexus convert, '57 IS250 petrol automatic, came with a dealer fitted Lexus branded bluetooth handsfree. It appears to work correctly (throught the radio speakers) and recognise spoken commands, but I'm d*mn#d if I can get it to pair with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (or my other halfs Galaxy S4). The process goes OK until the bit where you enter the pin it tells you (1234, same as the book says), and the pin is never recognised. Is the bluetooth protocol just too ancient for modern phones? Or am I missing something blatantly obvious. Regards, Andrew
  19. An update...... I was missing something blatantly obvious! I had tried it with a different phone so was fairly sure it wasn't the phone. When I first got the Lexus I just popped my bluetooth headset in the place previously occupied by the ashtray, headset stays permanently on standby and my phone holder switches the phones bluetooth on. It suddenly dawned on me to try turning the bluetooth headset off, rather than just letting it drop to standby and bingo! Phone paired with car instantly, reconnects every time on startup, all is good! I have an NFC tag on my car holder which is programmed to turn on bluetooth, start a speedometer overlay program and start Waze for navigation, and 15 or so seconds later the radio mutes and announces "phone 1 connected", I am happy now! Andrew
  20. Hi, I'm planning to hardwire my Viofo A119 dashcam (as it came with a hardwire kit) and hoping to put the adaptor in the dome light housing. Does anyone have a wiring diagram that shows the dome light wiring? I had a poke around the dome light connector (both side pictured below) with a meter at lunchtime but it was somewhat inconclusive...... I found a permanent 12V but couldn't find an additional feed that was alive with the ignition.... Anyone else done this? Regards, Andrew
  21. Thanks for the wiring diagram! That's exactly the area I was seeking. It actually looks like I'm going to be out of luck finding a switched 12V feed in that area as all the dome light functions are active whether the ignition is on or off, I'll probably end up running a single feed wire down the left hand A pillar to the footwell fusebox. Regards, Andrew
  22. Got my DVSA recall notification this weekend, called Lexus Reading and it's booked in for beginning of October (earliest slot they had) I guess the recall is gathering pace! Andrew
  23. Dashcam recommendation

    Viofo A119, different form factor to most, doesn't rely on a suction mount, they always fall off eventually (or in a shunt if you watch the YouTube east european wrecking vids!) Mine came from here there, although there now appears to be a newer version with an updated GPS mine has never had a problem getting a lock. One of the few cameras to fully support 64gB cards. I couldn't quite get it behind the mirror on the offside as I have my mirror quite low which swings it forward, as you can see the installation is particularly inconspicuous. The GPS receiver (which has the USB socket at the top) is actually stuck to the dotted part of the screen with double sided tape and the camera simply slides on to the GPS. The supplied is tucked away in the edge of the headlining and down the nearside A pillar. A hardwire kit is also available. Nearly forgot, it doesn't rely on a cheap lithium battery (not so good when they're full in the sun!) but has a couple of large capacitors to enable it to shutdown and save the last video. YouTube video here, actual quality is somewhat better before youtube squashes it...... Regards Andrew
  24. Lost smart master key. LS430 2004.

    Hi, Assuming all Lexus' are the same, do you have a working smart key for the car in question? Does it look like the attached? As far as I know (and in my limited experience) provided you have a working key further keys can be added, the programming routine gives you 30 seconds to present the working key to the start button, once identified you get another 30 seconds to repeat with the new or second hand BLANK key, confirmed with beeps and on screen prompts. Needing an existing key is a reasonable security measure , otherwise a car stolen without a key could easily be reprogrammed. Note that the key to be added can't just be taken from another car, it needs it's internal memory wiping first to make it a blank virgin key. No keys at all = new ECU's! Not good! Hope that helps (and is applicable in your case) Andrew
  25. @ rich1068 & @The-Acre TechStream is Toyotas' proprietary dealer fault code reading / servicing / programming software package. As far as I can tell it was originally written to run on 32 bit Windows XP So it doesn't seem to be too much of a resource hog, and as I discovered It can be persuaded to run OK on a 64 bit machine, the laptop I ended up using has Windows 8, 64 bit. There's some well documented (on the www) fixes to decompress and install the correct drivers and registry edits, but in my case having done these the software installation process appears to install an additional unneccesary 'windriver' that prevents the software seeing the non original OBD dongle. All I did was disable the windriver in device manager and all was good. There's also a bit of mInor mucking about with registration text strings and a replacement TechStream.exe file. I think knowing what I know now it would probably run OK on Win10 64 bit, I may try upgrading the Win8 machine to see now I've done what I needed to do. I'm also going to see if it will run on my Win7 64 bit laptop that I tried (and failed) on first. Regards Andrew