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  1. I have an f sport and mainly do motorway driving around 350 miles a week. In the summer I average 51 mpg with 18 inch wheels. Currently I have winter alloys on with winter tyres, they are 16 inch and today I averaged 56mpg. Yours do appear abit low to be honest
  2. Winter tyres

    Is this not a Lexus forum ???
  3. IS winter wheels

    Hi Yes Nick you are correct, these alloys are off the latest auris. There is a guy very local to me that sells genuine Toyota alloys he's does various sizes. I got them at a fantastic price, I paid £220 for all four boxed then because they are 16inch the tyres are much cheaper too and perform better in snow due to smaller width. I purchased good ultra grip 8 which are amazing for around £68 each so total setup was around £500. As I've said before yes it doesn't look as good but it's only for 3-4 months. Also I don't have to pay the charge to keep swapping the tyres over and rebalancing etc. To confirm my tyre size is 205/55/16 which is what Lexus fit in the SE bogo model Cheers
  4. Winter tyres

    65mike I've started another thread on here which you may well have seen called IS winter wheels. I have an F sport running 18 inch wheels but have purchased a second set of 16 inch for winter, great in the Snow. The winter wheels are 205/55/16 I'm running good year ultra grip 9, amazing tyres
  5. Cheers ryaans I'll look into that, might be the way to go
  6. IS winter wheels

    Well today the snow has been awful. I was asked to pick my sister's little boy up from cubs camp in the middle of the countryside as she was stuck. I thought the let's go for it. At one point there was an Audi Quattro stuck on a hill all 4 wheels spinning. I shouted out the window "you need some winter tyres mate" as I went straight up in my rear wheel drive Lexus without the traction light even flickering haha. His face was a picture. I think the weight of the batteries in the boot helps a lot too, great car in the snow with the right tyres on
  7. No either am I but when I come to use them it annoys me that they are a completely different colour to my headlights. I've tried to get a pic to show you but the camera can't pick it up correctly
  8. Sorry I have a 300h. I agree also though, why hide the exhausts. Make sure you put some pics up where it's done
  9. I have a more concerning question. Why did you take a Lexus through a car wash? Lol
  10. IS winter wheels

    I agree not a huge fan of the look compared to my f sport wheels but I'd prefer to have the grip and safety when needed, also nice knowing my 18's are all polished up and not getting any salt on them . If anyone prefers to drive in winter with summer tyres on, they need to try a decent set of winters. On Friday there was a 4x4 stuck on summers tyres, I went straight past in my rear wheel drive Lexus haha.
  11. IS winter wheels

    Neil the difference going from 18 to 16 is astonishing. It's like driving a big sofa now Lol, so smooth but I've now lost the f sport handling, not as I'm bothered in this weather. Car was amazing today in the snow, no issues at all. I can highly recommend good year ultra grip 9's
  12. New Owner - Just a Hi!

    Hi Yes mine has the premium nav and leather which is also cooled as well as heated .it sounds like everyone has all different options which is weird. Thought things were more standard than they appear to be
  13. New Owner - Just a Hi!

    My 2013 F sport already dips the mirrors in reverse, I presumed this was a standard feature
  14. Hi fellow Lexus owners Thought I'd share something with you out of interest more than anything. As the main family car we've always had the top spec avensis tourer. In the winter I have a second set of toyota auris smaller 16 inch allows fitted with winter tyres which I change over around November time. Anyway, this year we had the latest avensis with the 150bhp bmw unit upfront, I went to fit my winter alloys and blow me, they have fitted bigger breaks so my alloys physically don't fit. Anyway, today I though I wonder if they will fit my IS and to my surprise, yes they do. Yes it looks slightly odd seeing an f sport with 16 inch rims on lol but at least I can now get about tomorrow with all this snow forecast. Tyres sizes have matched perfect as have the load rating, well chuffed as they arnt a waste of money now. I've attached a pic of before and after for your amusement, but at least it's now practical and my nice rims can be polished and put away, no salt for them
  15. Servicing Costs

    Yeh it's the full plus service at 60k that you're missing out. Toyota will charge you £395 for this then you will have to pay your £60 on top for the health check so total £455. Still a saving though