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  1. Yeah, that is a good price for 24 months on such a car. But, I was wondering if a dealer would up their normal used car warranty, of 1 year, to 2 years to secure a sale...I can but ask I guess!!!
  2. Yeah I could do that. I would just have to factor in spending £900 Before it turns 10. I do have faith in the reliability of the car (one of the things that attracts me to it) but as is being discussed on the ‘true cost’ thread, an ISF can of course be expensive should something go wrong. I can try talking the dealer into extending the 1 year warranty into 2 though I guess, FOC?!
  3. Going back to my question...I've been chatting to a very helpful lady at a Lexus dealer today and asked about extending the warranty beyond 10 years if it's continuous. She went to find out, came back and said no you can't do this! So, if I was to buy a 2008 ISF through a dealer today [which would have a normal 1 year warranty applied to it] and wanted to buy the £895 2 year warranty a year down the line, I wouldn't be aloud!! Something for me to now think about.
  4. Ah yeah I do remember. I think it had 5+ owners [which could mean 6, 7, 8....1000!!] and as my preference would be to buy one with a few less, I think I decided against it! I am coming round to not worrying about total number of owners though, as long as the cars been very well looked after. It's more to do with seeing it in the future to tell the truth.
  5. That does look nice. Wonder if it’s been owned by anyone on here?
  6. My bad, I didn’t mean profit. Just wondering what percentage a dealer would expect to make on a year 10 year old car that they took in as part ex for just above mid teens? Does the warranty cost them any cash too?
  7. Mate, don't tell us the figure, I don't want to know! I totally understand why you guys have been trading your ISF's in - the time, worry and fuss you save is more important than a couple of grand. For me though it's a killer as another great example has a huge amount of cash added to the asking price [I doubt Hedge End have done anything to the car either]. I'm going to keep my eye on these few cars though and maybe make a more realistic offer in the future...I have time of my side! Out of interest, anyone know what a dealer would expect to make on a part-ex at this price? If Hedge End get near their asking price that's like 25% profit!
  8. I’d say more like 5. That’s too much for a 2008 (not very low miles either). I while ago on here a chap was selling a 2011 with warranty for the same price...yeah I know a dealer car will of course be more but I wouldn’t be surprised if that car remains at the dealer for a good while if the price remains that high (as nice as it may be). I’ve missed out on two 2008 ISFs, both will less miles and great history (one having a 2 year warranty), for a lot less than that. I am of course bias as I want to buy an ISF! Another example of an ISF going to a dealer though when there are buyers here...which makes me sad (though I do understand why) ;(
  9. I think I’ve seen Cov Lexus mention a few times on here...just wondering who’s the guy to speak to about F stuff there?! Ta.
  10. Did anyone know the answer to this? Can you keep extending the warranty even though the car would be over 10 years?
  11. Isofix?

    Cheers all. Now I know!
  12. Very boring question but does the ISF have the isofix kids seat fitting things in the back? I’m sure I’ve looked at the spec online and it has be listed as ‘standard’ but just thought I’d check!
  13. DC2 mate, JDM. Here it is (if this works) https://farm4.staticflick Amazing car. The gear change was something else (as I’m sure you know). I do really like the DC5 too.
  14. No problem mate. I didn’t realise there was ‘rules’ like that on here...which seems a pity as I’m a serious buyer and want to be part of this owners club. I don’t know if a PM would of been against the rules?! I think when people call about a car you’ve got for sale you can pick out serious buyers, but I’ve never sold a car privately as expensive or high performance as an ISF so I imagine there is a certain amount of worry. The last car I sold was an Integra Type-R, I’m sure you can imagine the kind of people they could attract! A young lad from Scotland caught a plane to come see it so I knew he wasn’t going home without it (he was bugging me for months on a Honda forum to sell). I’ll keep my eye on it and maybe put in a cheeky offer (I mean how many people are looking to buy such a car coming up to Xmas)!!