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  1. Lexus main dealer warranty

    Hope so...I'd like to be spoilt for choice!
  2. What to look for???

    Sorry in advance (in car this has been asked a million times). Besides the obvious/general stuff you'd look at when going to see a used car, is there anything ISF specific I'd need to check, when going to view a car? Cheers.
  3. question!

    Hey. I have mate, I spoke to ALA a few days ago. That back to invoice policy would cover the difference an invoice company would pay out up to the Glass/Parker value when you take out the policy. So if bought a 2008 ISF now, the max you're looking at is £15.5k (the book value) if it was written off. So not really useful in the short term. GAP only help years down the line really. Anyway, I think I'm sorted with my insurance (when/if I buy an ISF). Had a good conversation with a girl at Sky insurance this morning. She said Sky wouldn't use the 'book' value when assessing a write-off. They'd look at the real market value of your car (spec, condition, miles) and base the payout on you're more likely to get enough money to buy like for like. The proof would be in the pudding of course and I hope I'd never have to find out. But agreed value wouldn't be required if she was telling the truth!!
  4. question!

    Higos can't help. Too expensive! Greenlight only do modified cover. Another question...who here are confident that if you had a bump your insurance company would approve the repairs to be carried out by Lexus, as appose to one of their 'official' repair places? It's a question I'm currently asking Sky insurance(I'm on hold)?!
  5. question!

    On the job list for tomorrow :)
  6. question!

    Just noticed that Yorkie740 recommends Greenlight Insurance in the 'Recommend a discount' section. I might as well give them a go. As mentioned, I got a good quote from one broker but they don't offer Agreed Value - hence why I'm still searching :)
  7. question!

    Hi Dan, Thanks for your reply. Just regarding those 2 quotes I've had from different brokers but the same underwriter, surely AF would be pretty miffed that a competitor [who also specialise in performance and modified car] can offer me a product that is far more competitive? Surely AF would want that same product from the underwriter, or you could lose business of exactly the kind of people you cater for - an ISF is a specialist performance car after all! Your colleague did mention that you could maybe be more competitive after the first year of ownership [as you mention above]. Fingers crossed that is true as I'd happily try you again next year. I guess AF is willing to take that risk that customers will try again in the future? Thanks again.
  8. question!

    Hey mate. £306 is a good price but I imagine Esure don't offer agreed value policies (I'll check). Just been reading a thread on Pistonheads. A guys low-mile BMW E36 328 Sport got written-off (not his fault, it was parked up and someone crashed into it). Insurance say it's worth £1300 but there's no way in hell you can buy like for like for £1300 - you'd need triple that at least. The car price guides don't take rarity, or how desirable a car can become, into account. An ISF is obviously worth a lot more than an E36 BM so the difference in what your insurance would pay out if the car was written-off and what you'd need to buy a replacement ISF could be quite large. I did start a thread on PH to see if anyone has got a competitively priced agreeed value policy but no replies ;(
  9. question!

    Update [if anyone is bothered]!! I've spoke to a company who offer GAP, and although they do offer cover on a private sale, if you wrote-off your ISF they'd only pay up to the figure that matches the Glass/Parker guides at the time you take out the policy - so using an 2008 ISF as an example [good condition, 50k miles]; Glass guide says £15,590. So you'd still be way short on what you'd need to replace like for like! If you buy the cover now, in 3 or 4 years time it might be useful, as Glass would say your ISF is worth say £10k but you'd get £15.5k [insurance payout and GAP combined]. Not really helpful in the present though! An agreed value policy seems to be a better bet, if the agreed figure was a more realistic price though of course!
  10. question!

    So, I called an insurance company I used for many years to get a quote. £510, £300 excess. Much better. The only problem is they don't do agreed value on such a car. The next part of the conversation makes it hard to think car insurance quotes are nothing more than just numbers pulled out of a hat. The guy said the policy is with Ageas...hang on, that's the same company as the Adrian Flux quote! So one broker can do me a good price but no agreed value, the other a crazy price but can include agreed value - both products through the same company. Why? Why can't I just have the good bits from both policies, tell me Adrian Flux Dan?!
  11. question!

    I was disappointed they could only offer 1 policy as the others were in the thousands! I'd class myself as pretty standard so why are the quotes so high? Reading the issues Martin F had with Admiral does put me off them, and it could be they don't offer agreed value policies on a car of this age anyway.
  12. question!

    Damn, just got a quote from Adrian Flux...a bunch higher than I thought it would be really :( Including 'no-claims protection' [which was a massive £99.15 extra], the quote was £883. Making it worse, the excess is £550! Adding 'agreed valuation' was only an additional £42 - but that's over £900 for the lot. I didn't think I'd be paying what I do for my E36 but that figure is triple. At 38 I'm not exactly a youngster and I live in a pretty decent area so was hoping for something a little less?! She did mention that after a year of owning the car the price would decrease quite a bit. I'm not sure about this as in my experience insurance only goes one way...up, up, up! Anyone else had a big first year cost that reduced the second year? Think I better try some other places?!
  13. question!

    Who do you use now then mate (soz if you've already mentioned that)?
  14. question!

    Most important to me is how they'd deal with a claim as appose to the lowest price. For instance, I had a new windscreen on my BM a while back. As the car is old and rusty I wasn't worried too much about who fitted the replacement. The guy was nice enough but the trim he put around the screen still isn't sitting right. When/if I had an ISF and needed a new windscreen I think I'd want to choose my own replacement company but, wouldn't want to get shafted for doing this!
  15. question!

    I haven't had chance to look into GAP yet, but I was thinking, if you own an ISF that's written off/stolen and never recovered, the insurance company should be paying out enough cash to buy other one? If all the cars available for sale are priced way above what the price guides say, wouldn't you have a case to expect more money without having to get GAP cover? I know that's in an ideal world and insurance companies are buggers but...