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  1. You would think they would have used a plug in battery saver to keep all the settings, got mine changed and no difference ay all.
  2. Cheers for that. Its on my Christmas list.
  3. Yes, just register your car on and my Lexus IS on the far right of the menu bar. its really handy.
  4. I bought mine 3 months ago from a used car dealer near Manchester who gets a few in direct from Lexus Bolton, I think. Its a 2007 model which has the newer Nav and dvd player. Its an SR model and was looking for a SE-L, but the newer SE-L they had was tatty and had more miles on it. Mine had 84k with a full Lexus history which will now end as I use a local garage for servicing. Since purchase I have put two new rear tyres on, replaced the navigation display (centre of the touch screen was unresponsive, so check before buying, I didn't!), got a new nav disc, purchased a luggage cover (these tend to disappear from used vehicles and are expensive second hand) and today have replaced the reversing camera which was working but the image on the screen wasn't the best. Fortunately, mine has had the 10 year service just 1500 miles before I bought it, and water pump, cambelt etc was done already. You can also check on my lexus what has been done to the car since new at the dealership. Found that mine had a replacement gearbox at 39k. Next purchase will be a Grom Vline to upgrade the ML entertainment. Its a fantastic car to drive, quiet, smooth and economy during normal use, commute etc hovers around the 30 mark.
  5. Hi Steve, Yes thats correct, I didnt pay duty on the Lithuania part but got stung £44 for the luggage cover. The camera is a bit cheaper though. Just got to be careful with part numbers, as mine is a 2007, there are less bits about. Saying that, the nav screen was much cheaper than the older ones.
  6. So far since I purchased my RX400h, I have bought a luggage cover from Philadelphia, USA, a Navigation Screen from Lithuania and now have a reverse camera on its way from Chicago. At least the customs are making some money out of me.
  7. You are right in saying that the fuel comes from the same tanks at the terminal, however, different companies use less quantities of additive which is injected into the line as we fill the tanker. The supermarkets use less additive.
  8. The Grom displays on the original screen.
  9. Wanted.

    Mine did! This is the one I bought.
  10. Yes, there are spring loaded bits at the door end. Looks like I was lucky then.
  11. Chanced it and it was the 48410 which is the right one for my car. Straightforward job.
  12. Screen arrived from Lithuania this week, swapped out as per a YouTube video in about 20 minutes. Easy job apart from losing the two upper bolts from the head unit. Look for them another day! Works spot on, it's from a 2008 model. Only thing is that the reverse guides don't move when I turn the wheel, will look at that later too. Next job will be to buy a new digitiser for the old unit and have a go at fitting it.
  13. Which rods? The one nes that fit into the rails? Mine worked fine, it was just the clips that fit onto the headrests that I had to adjust. Works better than I thought, didn't realise it retracted automatically when the boot is opened.