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  1. That is the leveling sensor for your headlights Skickat från min F8331 via Tapatalk
  2. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Thanks, doesn´t sound to bad :)
  3. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    How well does the R154 fit in the chassi? Is there any need of "body adjustment"? Skickat från min F8331 via Tapatalk
  4. SK IS200 build thread :-) HKS Hi Power

    Oh, so they are avaible trough eBay? How is the quality of them? Skickat från min F8331 via Tapatalk
  5. SK IS200 build thread :-) HKS Hi Power

    Very nice touch with the blacked out emblem!
  6. My IS200-99

    Thanks [emoji16] , I really need it to be done before i could do anything body work related to the Lexus. Yeah i would gladly do a build thread on the workshop build if it's ok with the admins? Skickat från min F8331 via Tapatalk
  7. My IS200-99

    Well, the Lexus have been on back burner... I have been busy with other things Like this :)
  8. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    I really hate that when you can feel it in the whole body the pain that will come when it break loose, but you have no other choice then keep on pulling [emoji23] I'm glad you got it loose with out hurting your self [emoji106] Skickat från min F8331 via Tapatalk
  9. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Wow it really took a lot of momentum to break that crank pulley bolt loose
  10. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Great thread and great build!
  11. SC430 project

    The SC430 is growing on me, from the beginning i was not so impressed with their design, then i started to think they were ok. And every time i go to check this thread i like it more and more so right now i just want one myself
  12. My IS200-99

    Thank you [emoji4] Skickat från min F8331 via Tapatalk
  13. 2002 Lexus IS300 - pics

    Wow, such a fresh car [emoji106] Skickat från min F8331 via Tapatalk
  14. My IS200-99

    I have also done some more cleaning Windows switches so filthy i felt like throwing up, yuck!! Much better! Fitted together with facelift doorcards, i still need to purchase new doorcards for right hand doors. I have also went to pick n pull scrap yard to get me some new front seats, but they need som cleaning of course Like night and day difference :)
  15. My IS200-99

    Something have actually happened, OEM wheels is mounted and rear control arm is replace. Some more cleaning have been done But first a photo that just show the good side, it´s my motivation pic to keep going As seen there i have raised the car up 20mm so its possible to use it without it scraping everywhere Oem 17" wheels is mounted and a new license plate have been fitted. Back to some of the things Time did come to replace this little bugger. Bolt was siezed inside of bushing of course, tried all of my little tricks to get it out but it just wouldn´t So started to cut it at that point and removed the arm. No problem there very straight forward with the angle grinder. Problems started when i was trying to cut through the bushing. Only got half way through then the angle grinder wouldnt fit in place no more and hit the rear subframe. And i couldn´t rotate the bushing since it was siezed. So i hade to cut ut so many small pieces i could until it was weak enough to pry of. Ended up with that :) Here you can see it´s almost 1mm of rust inside the bushing thats pressing the bolt stuck in there. Bought a used control arm and some new OEM hardware, fitted it with a generous amount of antisieze on the new bolt :) All back in place and now i got a rear wheel that´s not steering the car anymore and let´s me steer the car instead :)