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  1. is200 advice

    Sounds like it burning some oil, valve stem seals could be a possible cause
  2. I´ve been trying to search internet hi and low for a good cast iron manifold with turbo mounted downwards. I have found one at , but is there any other options out there?
  3. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Woaw that´s a huuuuge turbo :) Some serious boost is coming your way :) Sorry to hear about your bearings, i do hope that they sort out som new ones for you quickly
  4. My IS200-99

    You should give som back :)
  5. My IS200-99

    Yes i´m used to snow :) This winter have been way to warm and to little snow for my liking. Should be more like 50-60cm of snow by now for it to be a proper winter :)
  6. My IS200-99

    I'm from Sweden, yes i do work as much as i have time for with the garage so i can start with the repairs on the Lexus
  7. My IS200-99

    Started her up today, need to do that sometimes
  8. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Looks fresh and modern, very nice work [emoji106]
  9. My IS200-99

    Thank you :) I´m very eager to get my cars inside :) And to start with the Lexus again, The size is 6x12 meters. I do hope that i manage to make most of that space
  10. My IS200-99

    This is the latest picture i got from the workshop build. So that is what have taken my time lately, I have started some work inside aswell, but none of those pictures is uploaded yet. The Lexus is kindly waiting to get inside :)
  11. My IS200-99

    But i have managed to get some more parts for the Lexus. And i'm having way to much ideas in my head then what's healthy for the wallet Skickat från min F8331 via Tapatalk
  12. My IS200-99

    Hello, thank you for your interest, i'm glad that you showing it. The reason that it have been qiuet is actually that i have been focusing on the workshop and sadly i were not allowed to do a workshop build thread, i have been in touch with the admins and they said only Lexus cars. But i could probably sneek in a picture or two[emoji16] Skickat från min F8331 via Tapatalk
  13. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Very nice that you painted that engine bay, it is thing like this that really make the difference! Great work as usual
  14. ECU pinout required.

    Does the Chaser use the same type of multiplex system in the car?
  15. If the sensor is seized it could make noise Skickat från min F8331 via Tapatalk