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  1. something a bit different, is220d

    I wouldnt be a huge fan of just riveting on arches for the sake of it, whatever option is decided upon they will be smoothed and made into the body shape. Over here in ireland it is next to impossible to get aftermarket parts for the idea i have currently everything has come from America, is there anyone uk based selling the likes of front arches, spoilers etc. Also looking for a front diffuser and canards for the front bumper.
  2. something a bit different, is220d

    That is the dream but from looking at forums in America space anf more importantly the wirimg loom is the biggest issue. My previous car was a 1.5 jz Bn sports Toyota Mark II so i do have noting but love for the jz engines. thanks for the comments there much appreciated. The wheel colour choice was sure why not to keep it a bit different which was the reason why i bought the is220 in the first place as the is220d and is250 in ireland arent a thing in the modified world lets say, a lot of audi and bmw can be seen on the roads.
  3. This is my current little project to be working on, i bought the car completly orginal from a older gentleman who had it since new with full history. Curent spec is Tein flex z coilovers. spc front and rear camber arms. jpr 18" alloys sprayed in custom blue. twin exhaust system made by friend of mine. front lip rear diffuser side skirt extensions all lights tinted. blacked out front grill and rear lexus badge. lexus and model badge removed from boot lid and holes filled in. Smoothened front bumper future plans is to source a wide arch kit or reshape the orginal arches as i can not get the front of the car lower without currently rubbing. I have no plans at all to go the air suspension route. full respray nissan sr20 or 2jz engine swap, i have both engines from previous cars and projects so yet to look into which of the options is the easier of the two.
  4. Long time stalker on the site which has been helpful for tips since starting my new project modifying my is220d, big plans including engine swap all happening shorty.