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  1. PM me if you want to get rid of them. I've been caught out again today and if it doesn't clear by tomorrow then my wife has to get a taxi in to work as I take the Volvo. Not good.
  2. Is200 cambelt advice please

    You're doing the right thing. For their age these cars are relatively trouble free. I hear you when you say things are tight but it would be a shame to lose one through cutting corners.
  3. Is200 cambelt advice please

    Ah. Carry on...
  4. Is200 cambelt advice please

    I thought it was 10 years or 100k miles? Or is that just the IS300?
  5. IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    BorgWarner. Bigger than a dog's head.
  6. A quick hello from a new member

    Very nice. I have a feeling an LS could well be on my future shopping list. No problem and welcome. You've posted in someone else's thread so ideally just start your own in this New Members Area or here. The Sportcross is rare, maybe put some pictures up?
  7. About 4 and a half minutes but no longer. That is beyond even my abilities.
  8. I can simplify that. Fit every new car with a tracker from the factory. If you walk around with a mobile phone you've got one in your pocket anyway so the snooping argument is moot. Your mobile provider has access to that information so the case against letting insurance companies have it too is also irrelevant. If you want to be off the grid then wear sheepskins and live in a cave. If you want to protect your £££££ vehicle then let it be tracked. Many vehicles already have this technology but at the moment we ask it to find the nearest supermarket. There. Sorted. If anyone wants me to look at Arab/Israeli two state solution or what we should do about the glaciers melting just give me a shout. I also find contributions from people who watch too much telly amusing too. The sort of physical violence you may experience in real life isn't reflected in TV drama. It's nasty, vicious and it hurts. And trust me, you're allowed to try and defend yourself regardless of what The Daily Mail may tell you. Battering someone unconscious because they try to steal your car is a different matter entirely.
  9. Lexus Amazon Alexa

    Pretty much.
  10. Excellent. Mileage? History? Any plans for it?
  11. Lexus Amazon Alexa

    You think right. There's also a range of Logitech in-car phone holders that link to your Alexa account.
  12. Another 300. Nicely done. :edit: As they say, pics or it didn't happen
  13. Tell me about your Roof Box

    Drove from Sheffield to Rayleigh in Essex to pick it up. I think it was even the next day in case he changed his mind.
  14. Tell me about your Roof Box

    I've only got experience of Volvo boxes which are rebadged Thule ones. One of these in fact. All I know is that it's strong, secure and an absolute godsend on family holidays. Would you believe we picked up the box and a pair of Thule Wing Bars off eBay for 50 quid? The guy had hardly used them and was just having a clearout.
  15. I'd certainly be interested in hearing about future meets. My hands are a bit full with three kids atm but you never know! Hmm. I think mine are clipped in because one is moving slightly and water is getting underneath. I will investigate further.