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  1. Check Your Timing Belt Early!

    Didn't get chance but I will tomorrow and let you know.
  2. Lexus GS300 headlamp question

    You certainly do. I used the Autoglym kit on my last car and when you've done the first pass with the drill it's a little worrying to say the least. Brought the lenses up lovely though and prior to polishing they were virtually opaque.
  3. I'm guessing the Passat didn't impress?
  4. It's not seized. The headlights auto level when you turn them on ie they do that up/down sweep. But if you reach through and hold the middle of the bar it will rattle on the two end joints. The one on the rear of the car doesn't.
  5. Hmm. Seems unlikely then. But it does move and it is noisy. Buggered if I know... :edit: It appears I might not be the only one
  6. I agree with Linas wholeheartedly. Unfortunately many companies have realised there isn't as much money to be made out of items that last. Everyone wants new, shiny and cheap. It is going to bite us on the arse.
  7. Check Your Timing Belt Early!

    Had a bit of garage time so I took the covers off to have a look. Pretty healthy by the looks of it. I also checked the service records. Service book and sticker on the engine indicate it was done 7 years ago. The car will have been 8 years old at this point. Schedule just says 100k miles and no mention of time intervals. Now I'm sure 10 years/100k miles was mentioned by the dealer but this possible change discussed above does concern me. However, most posts relate to the IS200. Can any more light be shed on this before I call the dealer tomorrow?
  8. Don't think it's the drop link. As I said, there's only one on the front and one on the rear. The part in question. Anyone? And more to the point, is there supposed to be any play in it? I can reach through the gap between the tyre and wheel arch and the movement is pronounced and noisy.
  9. Check Your Timing Belt Early!

    Yes. The car has full main dealer history and it was done in 2010. The car has still only done a little over 54k miles but there was discussion about getting it done in 2020. If the interval has changed this was never pointed out and it would be due now.
  10. Check Your Timing Belt Early!

    Reviving an old thread again. (What can I say? It's an old car) Would my IS300 be included in this move from 10 years/100k miles to 6 years/60k miles? I'm going to be pee'd off if it is because a) it's the first I've heard of it and b) that makes my car overdue and the interval was mentioned more than once prior to purchase from Lexus.
  11. Reviving this one. The noise did return and seems worse. So I got in touch with Lexus again and they said they'd get a tech to go out with me though I could tell they were sceptical. Anyhoo, still haven't had time to call but did have time today to get a friend check it over on his lift. This is where I show my complete lack of spannering skill but there is movement in what appears to be some sort of short link on the NSF. It's vertical, about 6 inches long with a joint at each end and there's quite a bit of noisy play. There isn't one on the OSF and there appears to be only one on the rear too. Any idea what this part is actually called. My mate reckoned it could be something to do with the sport suspension ride height?
  12. I like the Firebird but my goodness, that 3000GT!
  13. Great list that. Photos of the American stuff and the 3000GT?
  14. If I was looking to purchase new (and I can't remember the last time I did) it would be my first question. And then I suppose if the list price less eg £4k is the new baseline trying to get something more out of the salesman could be classed as sport. All nonsense anyway, leasing or 3rd party PCPs has to be preferred for most people. Let some big buyer negotiate the discounts for you. Afterall, they want your business. The distinct impression I get from most dealers is they couldn't care less either way. "If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it." Widely attributed to J Paul Getty but I think I'm going a bit off the original topic.
  15. I think they all are so yes. But that's no bad thing if you can do away with all that "negotiating" nonsense. Since this new round of scrappage schemes started I have wondered what a dealer would say if you demanded your £4k or whatever off and had no car to scrap. If they're disposing of the vehicles as many are saying they will then surely they can offer the same discount to someone just walking in from the street. Smoke and mirrors. It's one of the reasons I lease.