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  1. IS250 SE-L Newbie

    Looks very nice...and welcome to the forum..some very knowledgeable people on here. Re wheels...just leave it some where "nice" in Manchester get 'em nicked and claim new ones on insurance..... :-) Joking of course.
  2. What has actually gone on the exhaust? Do both the middle sections and rear sections need redoing? I went for a stainless steel cat back.....did look at this replacement but it was the middle section of mine that went so I needed to replace from cat back. This one is good and suggest you look for a second hand middle section and this back box. Should last you a few more years.
  3. Whole exhaust need to be checked....the shunt may well have done some damage further up the system. Light and bumper new and sprayed to match. Panel under light repaired and resprayed. You might be able to push them to replace rear part of exhaust but you need to make sure they do it all to your satisfaction. It will be expensive £3-£4k I would have thought with new parts and labour. Make sure you get any excess back as well.
  4. New Potential Lexus Owner/Recommendation These guys are good barometer for IS250s
  5. New Potential Lexus Owner/Recommendation

    Evening. Relatively new IS250 owner here. Recommend auto over manual. There are lots of fancy gadgets - sat nav, electric seats, memory seats, heated seats, etc. They do go wrong and hence would suggest taking out the Lexus warranty to ciover them if they go wrong. I think you need to find a balance between age and mileages....I have a '57 reg with 68k miles. There are some good deals out there but you need to look for them and be quick if a good one comes up. £5/6k should get you a decent on. Look for Lexus service history etc .....all the usual stuff. They are good cars, they should, and do, last a long time if looked after right.
  6. Airbag recall done at Toyota Aberdeen. Loan car was Aygo, washed and hoovered...wish I'd seen the clips post above before it was done...never mind. No petrol but then it was a Toyota dealer.
  7. Would be interesting to get a part number from Lexus themselves, maybe you already have that, but cannot believe the exhaust, in it's main parts, would be drastically different. This is a difficult one. Maybe worth a visit to your local Lexus dealer and explain your predicament and ask them to have a look and give you a price, and part numbers, of replacing with an OEM rear exhaust. Test their famed customer service and see what they say/do. Or call them.
  8. Ah..was that the change from oval pipe to round?? @Skyjaws......can you get some pictures of and existing 09 IS250 exhaust from somewhere?
  9. Heard good things about this place....they seem to have a pretty good breakdown of parts but they are in the States!!
  10. Probably £200!! It's a nightmare when trying to find the correct parts for any car. Does the parts website show any difference picture wise?
  11. Try having a look on here for your car and see what the exhaust part number is and that may help. I have a is250 2007 and it has a part number of 17430-31490 for that part. Might help you narrow it down a bit especially if you get the Lexus part number
  12. Been following this thread with interest.... I would ask......what vehicle hit which vehicle? Ie Did the van hit the car side on or did the car hit the van side on etc. In other words which vehicle was actually hit? If the car was already negotiating the roundabout and the van hit it then I would suggest van at fault. If the other way around then car at fault.
  13. Try here....create account, sign in and load in the make, model of car.....if u know VIN even better.
  14. Go look at these guys... I was looking for a "nice" car....Honda Accord, Lexus IS250 or similar, Honda Legend etc. These guys do Youtube vids as well. They do good cars at good prices. I test drove a 2.4 Accord, Legend, etc and bought an IS250. They have a couple of very nice, low mileage IS250s in just now. Just about doable for you to get there and back in a day and have a good test drive of a Legend, IS250, Accord to see which one you like.