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  1. If you find it aggressive then you are probably using the regular brakes as well. The car can brake while doing regen, it isn't 1 or the other.
  2. On my IS300h the lights don't come on if i lightly press the pedal and it's only using regen braking. Not sure at lower speeds when that engages the actual brakes, i'll have to check. In my view the regen braking is so slow that there is no need to put on the brake lights, it's equivalent of using engine braking. A driver who wouldn't notice you slowing down would either have to be very distracted or very bad and both should have no place on the road.
  3. Traitor!

    I see the confustion now. Lexus Ireland don't sell the premier model, they only show a 'Premium' model.
  4. Traitor!

    The Lexus site says it comes standard with a 10 speaker pioneer system. Has this changed?
  5. Traitor!

    I thought ML was an option? Not all premiers i saw had it. They all had upgraded speakers but not all had ML system.
  6. Wind Noise

    Mine has noise. Not all the time but a few mornings I noticed it. I found a thread talking about a bad seal on the door causing the issue. I’ll see if I can find it. Also hear a tapping sound that seems to be coming from front door but hard to pinpoint.
  7. Firmware

    And I was hoping the dealer would be different than BMW. Ugh... the same old overcharging... Anyway a fellow cork man. There’s not many of us driving lexii :)
  8. What version of software do you have? If you bought from a dealer bring it back and get them to put the latest version on.
  9. Firmware

    This and this. Both mention that the maps updated the software. i'm happy if it just updates the head unit.
  10. Firmware

    I just prefer to not ask for freebies on my first visit to a dealer :) I already took a free test drive then bought elsewhere. I've read that the system gets updated when you update the maps. This 2015 car has 2013 maps so will buy an update. There is a company (satnavdvd) in UK that sells 2017 maps for 50 quid.
  11. All season tyres

    I've never used them but i've read good reviews about the Michelin crossclimate+ tyres. I'll be looking to buy some when the time comes.
  12. Firmware

    A file that you used be able to download from lexus-tech.eu that you could put on a USB key to update the software on the ECU/Nav system. I'm on a very old version and i've read that newer ones are stabler and faster.
  13. I read a few threads that you could download firmware for your lexus before, but it's dealer only now. I bought mine privately and it was just serviced so i won't be going to a dealer anytime soon. Does anyone have a version they could send to me? I currently have vc03101d so anything newer would be great. Since i bought it privately and won't be getting it serviced i don't think the dealer will entertain me for a free update just yet... May just have to call and ask how much it will cost if no one has it.
  14. The i3 is electric only with the 22kw battery. Normal usage you'll see around 120KM (75Miles) range, up to 160km in summer and down to 90ish km on a harsh winter day. Although if you slow down to 80kmh you can increase the range 10-20%. Great car to drive, very nippy (leaves the IS and most almost all cars for dust) and i love the one pedal driving. Hopefully it will be the most reliable (and last) BMW i'll ever own. Also preconditioning is great on cold winter mornings, having a nice warm car to sit into and all the ice melted. As a second car i definitely recommend an electric car. My wife does a 90km round trip every day, which costs about ~€1.40 on night rate. The IS300h is doing 6l/100km so would cost around €7 for same trip. However we couldn't justify having an electric only household yet with the current range limitations (can't drive between the two major city's in Ireland yet with one charge unless it's a Tesla). The biggest drawback we see so far is that no one is investing in charging infrastructure in Ireland and there are a lot more electric cars (and PHEV's) on the road now. Almost all the chargers are taken every day which can be a pain if you need to charge to get home. The worst offenders are the PHEV's who are taking advantage of free parking in the cities and leaving fully charged cars plugged in all day.
  15. Just bought IS300h Premier (2015) and here are rambling thoughts after one week of ownership. It's the (almost) fully loaded version with Mark Levinson Audio and Premium Sat Nav. Almost didn't buy it due to all the reviews. I've driven the same vintage 3 series and A4 and they just don't compare. The 3 series was a better drivers car, by a small margin, but are generally diesel and diesel is the devils fuel. The IS is very smooth and refined during normal driving, no loud diesel clattering as you drive around. The engine does rev up and get loud when you floor it but you only really notice due to the lack of noise the rest of the time. There's also enough power (for me) to perform brisk overtakes without flooring it. The more i drive it, the more i like it. The CVT gearbox is far better than people say. I drove the 8 speed auto 3 series which was very smooth for a regular auto but you could still feel the gear changes. It was never a perfectly smooth drive like the IS. Also that car had a lag when flooring it just like the IS in normal mode. (Combination of turbo lag and the gearbox hunting for a lower gear). Another plus of the IS is the tech you get with it as standard. (We have an i3 with the upgraded widescreen sat nav, which is great, but lights for the vanity mirrors in the sunshades was an extra. Unfortunately that box wasn't ticked so we have no lights there.) I actually quite like the remote touch 'mouse' and find it quick and easy to get around. I really love how the mouse feel 'adjusts' to the buttons so you can feel the cursor going over them. My biggest issue is how slow the system is, possibly this is why people get aggravated with it. When you come from super smooth BMW iDrive it really does show it's weaknesses. Even changing songs on iPod is far too slow. Average fuel consumption is 5.9l/100k (48MPG) at the moment and i'm not doing any fancy fuel saving maneuveres. I know a diesel might get better economy but life is too short to drive a diesel... Thanks to every poster here who helped me make the correct decision for my new car!