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  1. Lexus Portal

    I'm also pleasantly surprised. No services yet, but even my purchase of a touch up pen is listed! Accessories fitted and date has also been added, although they've added wind deflectors instead of sidesteps...I guess somebody entered an incorrect reference number.
  2. Lexus NX vs Infiniti QX 50 who wins

    It is a nice looking thing, if a little bland and similar to the latest Mazda SUVs imho. I looked at Infiniti before deciding on my NX. I was quite impressed, but as @rayaansnotes, the interior quality wasn't QUITE there. Mostly excellent, but some cheapish plastics present in the boot and lower dashboard. Even so, they will doubtless improve and this may be their breakthrough moment. TBH anything that draws people away from the generic German choices has to be a welcome addition to the market.
  3. NX side-steps

    @bluenose1940 No idea on the fitting side of things, but genuine side-steps are available on eBay from a Lexus dealer for £360.
  4. Depends on what your budget is, both for the car and for insurance.
  5. If you have more than one vehicle you can build up a NCD on each, then transfer as required. My main car has one NCD, my weekend car another. They were both built up by the same driver - me. What you cannot do is use a single NCD on more than one vehicle. At one stage I had four cars at the same time, each with a different NCD. Every insurance company I've been with, including Admiral on a multi-car policy at the moment, has allowed this.
  6. Stone chips & Lexus paint

    That's made me feel better! I suppose it could have been far worse - at least it is low down on the door rather than in the middle. I'll attack it with the touch up kit and a cocktail stick. Hopefully it will look ok when I'm done.
  7. I'm beginning to wonder whether I've bought an 'unlucky car' ! I cleaned the NX for the first time since October yesterday - it's been cleaned, but by Lexus rather than myself as they had it for nearly three months sorting out an issue. In fewer than 2000 miles it already has more stone chips than my Honda CRV had in three years and 30k miles. There are half a dozen small ones on the front bumper, and a couple on the lower rear doors (both sides). Driving home this evening I actually saw a stone coming - which is never a good thing - thrown up by a car coming in the other direction, and it's left a deep chip on the lower front door. Not much the car can do about that, as I said, unless it is 'unlucky...' I'm using the car in exactly the same conditions as my CRV. I hardly ever use the motorway, instead using b-roads and country lanes. I don't exceed the speed limit, nor do I drive close to cars in front. Is Lexus paint known to be fragile and prone to this sort of thing? I had a 2012 Honda Accord that chipped badly and a VW Tiguan that had terrible paint, but in recent years I've grown used to cars with better resistance - or I've been luckier! Thoughts?
  8. Current Lexus range

    It was the LC500 they offered me rather than the RC. Amazing looking car in red metallic. That really would have made my neighbours talk...
  9. New to Lexus ... hopefully

    I think I needed a change. I've had a couple of issues with my NX but nothing serious and Lexus customer service has been excellent. The NX is light years ahead of the current CRV - it shows up just how old it is now and how urgently Honda need to get the new version on sale in the UK.
  10. Current Lexus range

    I was actually offered the RC500 demonstrator for a couple of days but chose to take the RX instead as I couldn't get in or out of the LC easily! Or at all... Perhaps the RX wasn't noisy - it was just noisier than I expected on the motorway, being not significantly quieter than my NX Sport. It was an F-Sport, and as with the NX F-Sport I had, I feel I would prefer the softer (and quieter?) nature of a Luxury model. I agreed with Lexus that I wouldn't say much about the fault with my NX. What I will say is that it was a surprising defect - especially on a Lexus - that should have been spotted at the factory. It also took a while for Lexus and Lexus Swindon to work out what the issue was, mainly because they'd never seen a manufacturing fault like it before. It was relatively minor though, and I agreed to keep the car (because I like it) and accept goodwill rather than seek a replacement - and the replacement option was discussed. Now it's fixed, that seems to have been the right decision. Fingers crossed. Lexus Swindon, barring a couple of minor instances where the car was delivered back dirty inside (which was rectified and then some!), were excellent all the way through as were Lexus UK. When you have a problem, you find out whether the company cares. From my experience, Lexus does really care.
  11. New to Lexus ... hopefully

    Welcome to Lexus @nsxer...well, almost! Honda UK seemed to lose the plot a couple of years ago. It isn't just the lack of a new Accord - no MPV option, no city car, no S2000 replacement...and no hybrid options from a company once in the vanguard of that technology. The CRV is old now, the Jazz nice enough but not reallly competitive - hopefully the Civic will turn their fortunes around. Good luck with the GS, I hope it works out.
  12. Worst - 2009 VW Tiguan. Bought new, and what a terrible car. Loads of gremlins from new, including poor paintwork finish on a door and a malfunctioning touch-screen, but as time went on it just got worse and worse. A hole in the driver's carpet at less than 30k miles 'fair wear and tear sir' and then the seat bolster on the driver's seat wore through before 40k miles. The final straw was it destroying the (infamous) DSG gearbox on the M1, fortunately JUST a few months within warranty. After that was replaced it broke down a few times - transfer box fault, alternator, starter it went. Good riddance. Never again will I be fooled by a VAG product! Best - 1993 Daihatsu Charade 1300 CXi. I loved that car. Rare, fast, quite cool for a youngster back in the day and indestructible. Only sold because my first wife wanted something 'more practical' which turned out to be a bland Hyundai Accent. I still regret selling my Charade now...sigh. The wife went shortly afterwards, but I was left with the Hyundai.
  13. Sport v Luxury v FSport

    In terms of the saving, I used CarWow and then went from there with the dealer who offered the lowest price. Very simple, first time I'd used it and I was impressed. I used it as a starting point to negotiate with a dealer who clearly wanted the business. Best initial offer was about £7k off list. On a Honda CRV I was offered even bigger reductions, but fancied a change. What I would say is that at that time (mid-September) the arrival of the facelift NX was known and dealers were (I guess) being incentivised to shift pre-facelift cars, especially the Sport. By far the best offers were on Sport models - I wasn't offered close to the same discount on a Luxury although it was still £4-5k from memory. Worth also pointing out that the offer was dependant on me taking the Lexus PCP - the reduction included their deposit contribution - and thus they'll get a chunk of the list price reduction back in interest.
  14. Sport v Luxury v FSport

    Quite right @Ian J. Parsleyit doesn't have an auto tailgate. Never had a car with one. Never needed one. Would have cost me an extra £7k to have one! Easy choice...but like I said, if maximum toys are more important than age/mileage then a Luxury or Premier is more appropriate. Nothing worse than 'buyers remorse' so think carefully about what you really want @keywest
  15. Sport v Luxury v FSport

    Sport was the run out special for the pre-facelift NX. It is basically an SE with Tahara upholstery (wonderful and soft) and navigation. It has black wheels/grille/mirrors and looks great IMHO as it misses out on some of the fussy chrome. It also has the softer ride - if you are considering an F-Sport make sure you take a long extended drive as I couldn't live with the hard ride and hard seats personally. I had a courtesy F-Sport for nearly 3 months so speak from experience. Sport has the usual stuff - heated seats for instance - but misses out on some basics like front fog lights and an auto dimming rear-view mirror. Parking sensors are also an option. If maximum spec is important you'd be better off with a Luxury or Premier I'd say. You'll get a newer Sport, but don't pay too much...I got nearly £10k off list new! What I would say is most of the 'extra' spec on higher models - although very nice - is mainly window dressing. Decide whether you need it or would prefer a newer car, then buy accordingly. Mine looks like this...