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  1. Looking to get a GS 450H

    Welcome @SpeedyGee good to see a familiar name! Good luck with the Lexus search.
  2. How less practical is CT vs NX

    I didn't expect this to be such a touchy subject! I haven't meant to offend anybody with the ML system, or any other system. If you re-read my posts, you'll see that I say I don't doubt that the ML system sounds better - the issue is by how much and whether in an in-car context it is worth it. I also tried to explain about the nature of modern signals - very compressed. A comparison with a standard system in another marque is like a broken pencil - pointless... Nobody said you were a fool. I simply said that people are often fooled into believing - or hearing - what they want to. I won't say anything else on the subject.
  3. How less practical is CT vs NX

    This thread has drifted off-topic I fear. An interesting debate though. I don't agree with the premise that just because something is more expensive, or branded, or has more of something, that it is necessarily 'better.' If that were the case audiophile systems would all be multi-speaker a la Bose. I don't doubt that the ML system sounds good, but in an in-car context you're likely fooling yourself if you think it is that much better than a more 'standard' set-up. My original point was that the post labelling the standard set-up as "truly awful" was a bit harsh. I stand by that, but if the placebo of expense or more speakers for the sake of more makes people happy, then who am I to judge?
  4. How less practical is CT vs NX

    I'm sorry, but anybody who thinks an in-car system can be anything other than adequate (to a trained ear, anyway) is kidding themselves. As I said, the standard system in the NX is neither any better nor any worse than other in-car systems I've had. Labels, brands and dominating bass are little more than a placebo in an in-car setting.
  5. How less practical is CT vs NX

    ^^ A bit harsh on the 'standard' sound system I think. From my perspective - having the standard 8 speaker set up in the NX Sport - it is no better and no worse than other standard in-car systems I've had over the years. Given the limitations of audio clarity and depth in any in-car situation, and then adding in the compressed nature of most signals these days - certainly with DAB and anything downloaded including Spotify - I think it does a reasonable job. At least it doesn't fall into the trap of adding superficial bass to everything in an attempt to fool the listener that it is in any way 'high-end' in nature.
  6. NX Three likes/dislikes

    If you see 'Tahara' listed as the upholstery type, then it is artificial 'leather' on the NX. I can't tell the difference, except that it doesn't have the awful perforations so beloved of many manufacturers that make proper maintenance so difficult. I notice that some Lexus dealers list the NX Sport as having leather upholstery on Autotrader ads. It isn't an option so either they are confused or realise that customers will never know the difference...
  7. NX Tyres

    My previous CR-V ran the exact same tyre size as my new NX. I've used a few Winter tyres over the last few years - Vredestein (useless), Yokohama (ok) and Falken EuroWinters (amazing). The Falkens were simply astonishing in slippery conditions. Well worth a look I'd say.
  8. NX Three likes/dislikes

    Personally I'm no fan of leather upholstery, in fact I deliberately chose the SR CR-V last time as it has alcantara rather than leather. Maybe a sign of age, but I miss a nice velour sear cover......mmmm, comfy. My NX has the Lexus 'artificial' leather, and I quite like it so far. Nobody who has been in the car has yet questioned whether it is actually leather, much like the Mercedes 'Artico' option.
  9. 2018 Lexus CT200h Revealed

    Spot on @Fsport Mind you, even though it may look a bit boring it is still more interesting than either the VW Golf or Audi A3.
  10. Gurgling Noise

    Not something I've come across so far @Zoot1948but as I always have music on I'm not sure I would have heard anything. Will be interesting to see what others think and if this is a common feature. Could it be something to do with the air con?
  11. Side Protectors

    I tend to agree about the looks. Whilst they don't offend me, the car looks better without them. However, I'd be far more irritated by dings on the sides, so for me - as with all my previous cars - it's a price worth paying.
  12. New member, new to Lexus.

    Welcome @ST100 I'm just three weeks into Lexus ownership after a good few years with Honda, including an Accord 8th Gen. My dealership experience was also excellent, and so far I'm blown away by the quality of my new NX. Hopefully Lexus will be as reliable as my Hondas were. Everything suggests they will be. Currently I'm achieving 10mpg more in my hybrid NX than I was in my petrol/auto CRV, so I'm a believer!
  13. First NX Clean

    The side protection strips are a genuine Lexus accessory for the NX. I'm not 100% convinced by the looks, but my car is in a work car park every day, so I see them as an essential. I've had similar on every daily driver I've had over the last twenty years, and they've saved my bodywork on a number of occasions - and I'm very careful about where I park! @Rusty Crobar - I've never really believed in the 'new car wonder treatments' - Supaguard and similar - but the Williams ceramic coat was thrown in by Lexus for free, and it does seem to have been done well by the company they used. Having detailed many cars over the years as a hobby I'm a sceptic, but I'm interested to see how this treatment lasts. I'm topping up with CarPro Re-Load sealant so I'll never really know for sure, but I'll report back as the years go by. Reviews elsewhere suggest this is a good treatment if prepped and applied properly. We shall see...
  14. NX Three likes/dislikes

    Sad to hear that you are having comfort issues @Trophy92 but as I said, seat comfort is a very personal thing. Hopefully you'll get a solution. As I said earlier, generally the reviews of the NX highlight just how comfortable the seats are...4.35. - 4.50 on this video.
  15. Agreed. Perhaps less flawed than the surveys that are entirely based on driver feedback - which are perception and opinion based and often see owners justifying their purchase - but flawed nonetheless. I believe (but am not sure) that the Warranty Direct index uses cost of repair as well as instances of repairs needed. Thus, if a Lexus doesn't fail very often - but when it does it is expensive to repair - it will achieve a 'lower' reliability score. Whether that means that a Ford - for example - which fails more often but is cheaper to repair would achieve a similar score I just don't know, but logic would suggest that might be the case.