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  1. New member, new to Lexus.

    Welcome @ST100 I'm just three weeks into Lexus ownership after a good few years with Honda, including an Accord 8th Gen. My dealership experience was also excellent, and so far I'm blown away by the quality of my new NX. Hopefully Lexus will be as reliable as my Hondas were. Everything suggests they will be. Currently I'm achieving 10mpg more in my hybrid NX than I was in my petrol/auto CRV, so I'm a believer!
  2. First NX Clean

    The side protection strips are a genuine Lexus accessory for the NX. I'm not 100% convinced by the looks, but my car is in a work car park every day, so I see them as an essential. I've had similar on every daily driver I've had over the last twenty years, and they've saved my bodywork on a number of occasions - and I'm very careful about where I park! @Rusty Crobar - I've never really believed in the 'new car wonder treatments' - Supaguard and similar - but the Williams ceramic coat was thrown in by Lexus for free, and it does seem to have been done well by the company they used. Having detailed many cars over the years as a hobby I'm a sceptic, but I'm interested to see how this treatment lasts. I'm topping up with CarPro Re-Load sealant so I'll never really know for sure, but I'll report back as the years go by. Reviews elsewhere suggest this is a good treatment if prepped and applied properly. We shall see...
  3. First NX Clean

    Having had my NX Sport for nearly two weeks, today was the day for my first clean. The car has the 'Williams F1' ceramic coating applied by the dealer (well, by an indy the dealer uses) so today was also a good chance to assess the quality of the application and finish The good news is that the paintwork is flawless. Regardless of the merits or otherwise of the Williams coating - which I didn't pay for - the preparation of the car was evidently done very well. My basic regime today was the same as I use for my other cars, although with the Williams coating present I didn't (at this stage) clay or actually prep the paintwork, which I would normally have done. - Snowfoam - Bilt-Hamber Auto-Foam - Wash - Bilt-Hamber Auto-Wash (three bucket method - body, wheels & rinse) - Paintwork & wheels - CarPro Re-Load sealant - Tyres - Bouncers Dress to Impress - Glass - Dodo Supernatural followed by Auto-Perfection Pro Clear - Exterior plastics - Chemical Guys New Look Trim Gel
  4. NX Three likes/dislikes

    Sad to hear that you are having comfort issues @Trophy92 but as I said, seat comfort is a very personal thing. Hopefully you'll get a solution. As I said earlier, generally the reviews of the NX highlight just how comfortable the seats are...4.35. - 4.50 on this video.
  5. Side Protectors

    I had the genuine Lexus side protectors fitted on Friday, painted to match the car. I can't decide whether I like them or not. Part of me likes the fact that they break up the rather 'slab-sided' looks. The other part of me thinks they spoil the overall design and they aren't in line with the looks the designers intended! Regardless, the car is parked in a work car park every day, so these are an essential to try and avoid damage. I can't see that any other members have these - thoughts?
  6. Agreed. Perhaps less flawed than the surveys that are entirely based on driver feedback - which are perception and opinion based and often see owners justifying their purchase - but flawed nonetheless. I believe (but am not sure) that the Warranty Direct index uses cost of repair as well as instances of repairs needed. Thus, if a Lexus doesn't fail very often - but when it does it is expensive to repair - it will achieve a 'lower' reliability score. Whether that means that a Ford - for example - which fails more often but is cheaper to repair would achieve a similar score I just don't know, but logic would suggest that might be the case.
  7. NX Lux 6 months in…MUD anyone & MPG

    On Sunday I cleaned the NX. It looked like this. After just two journeys to and from work down the lanes of rural Wiltshire - 15 miles each way daily - it now looks like this... By far the worst areas are the bottoms of the inner rear doors, and when the doors are open the underside of the sills. I've never known a car collect mud like it! I've already got the worst off with my pressure washer this evening. Looks like in the Winter I'll be using the M4 from now on rather than the lanes...
  8. New owner questions

    Hi all. Picked up my new NX Sport today - pics in my intro thread. Massively impressed with Lexus so far having come from years with Honda. The quality and the smoothness/quietness of the drive is amazing. Having searched the NX forum and looked at the user manual, I have a couple of questions that I hope you can help me with. 1. Is there a way to get the passenger door mirror to tilt downwards when reverse is selected? I've had this on my last three Hondas and it is very useful. Can the NX do the same? 2. I have the 'parking pack' fitted i.e. Front and rear sensors. The user manual shows that you can see the distance - which sensor is closest to the obstacle - in the display but I can't seem to find it. I hear the beeps, but have no display (although the rear camera works). What am I missing? 3. I've asked a question about the DAB on another thread, but for those only looking at this thread, how do I get the DAB to select from the various available transmitters? I can only seem to search on one, which gives a very limited range of stations. How do I find the rest? thanks in advance...Ed
  9. New owner questions

    On my Sport the sensors - listed as the 'parking pack' option on the invoice - were fitted by Lexus at their depot in Bristol prior to delivery to the dealer. The reason for my delayed delivery was that the car was listed as 'unfit' for delivery by Lexus UK i.e. The sensors hadn't been fitted as quickly as expected. Reading the brochure, and based on what my dealer told / showed me, I'd be a bit surprised if there were different types or makes of sensor being fitted from new as an 'OEM' accessory.
  10. New owner questions

    Mine definitely hasn't done that @Omegajb I'll keep an eye on it over the next few days and see whether I can make it happen in different circumstances.
  11. NX Three likes/dislikes

    Seat comfort is a very personal thing. I've seen an online review saying that the NX seats are the most comfortable that the reviewer has ever sat in, but that's a pointless comment as different people have different requirements. Personally I find them comfortable at the moment, but being only 200 miles in it is far too early to really comment with any authority. My car is a 300h Sport, so has different stitching to the Luxury. My Sister - who has some back issues following an accident many years ago - was recommended by her specialist to buy a SAAB as they had 'the best seats.' She bought one - a 9000 which shows how many years ago it was - but couldn't get on with the seats. She ended up with a Renault 25...
  12. One of the stories above is fact rather than parody...
  13. NX Three likes/dislikes

    According to the brochure, LED is standard across the range for dipped, with halogen for full beam on S, SE, Sport.
  14. SUV Recommendations

    To be fair, we are all coloured by our own experiences. Somewhere there is somebody who will never have another Lexus, although I guess the odds of that are somewhat smaller. In my case with VAG, I've owned three VWs and two were a reliability nightmare. My Sister and her husband had three Audis (A4 and A6) and had one new engine and one new DSG gearbox (under warranty) as well as a number of more minor issues. They've driven Honda and Subaru for a few years since without issues. Oh, my other Sister had an Octavia DSG which had major issues under warranty. A former colleague had a Tiguan that needed...a new DSG gearbox under warranty too. Just last week my neighbour traded his 2015 Golf as he'd started having issues with his DSG gearbox and wanted rid while it was under warranty. Maybe I'm just unlucky? Either way, I'm never taking the risk with a VAG product again.
  15. New owner questions

    I haven't noticed a parking sensor lag @Omegajb Persevere with the DAB. It only needs setting up once, and once I'd finally worked out how to do it the process was all over in a few minutes. Just don't ask me to remember how I did it in a few months time...
  16. NX Three likes/dislikes

    Can't disagree with any of that @Omegajb One more 'dislike' I've found over the past few days is how poor I find the standard LED headlights. The high beam is great, but on dipped I'm finding them a challenge when compared with my previous Honda with HIDs. My only other dislike is that it's getting very dirty on the lanes around here...but hey, that gives me an excuse to clean it this weekend.
  17. SUV Recommendations

    Regardless, you'll understand given my personal experience and that of too many friends and acquaintances why I could never have or recommend a VW. Unless it was a recommendation to somebody I really didn't like... As for the looks, that's a matter of opinion. I think they look bland and oddly proportioned.
  18. SUV Recommendations

    Speaking from personal experience, if you are looking at a VW Tiguan, beware the DSG gearbox amongst other things. Apart from being hesitant and clunky to drive, mine went bang (literally) on the M1 at only 40k miles - under warranty fortunately - but it took weeks for VW to replace it. The reason? The gearboxes were on back order due to the number failing and my dealer alone had four cars of various types awaiting new boxes. Other than that, the paintwork quality was terrible, the interior rattled, the touchscreen started to fail and the driver's seat and carpet wore badly. Quality was - to be frank - hopeless. I also had two acquaintances with similar experiences, one needing a new engine and gearbox. I only now buy Japanese cars as VAG 'quality' is a myth in my personal experience and that of quite a few friends, relatives and colleagues.
  19. lexus owners - what did we drive before?

    From the beginning... 1988 E Lada Riva 1200L. In beige. Mmmm, nice. Bought for me by my Father to learn to drive in so I didn't have to use his car or my Mum's car. Not cool, despite my "Street Machine" magazine "awesome" sticker on the back. An early attempt at irony...1980 Vanden Plas 1500. An Allegro with a big grille and a leather interior. And walnut picnic tables. Far too cool for school. 36k miles but terminal rust in the chassis. Shame. I rather liked this one.1988 Mini Mayfair automatic. Given to me by my Mum when she upgraded to a new Nissan Micra (mainly because the Vanden Plas above failed the MOT). Went to Mini 30 at Silverstone in this one. She was a bit slow for the track though...happy memories even so.1985 Austin Montego 1.6HL automatic. Great car. Loved it. No rear seatbelts, and you could fit a surprising number of people on the rear bench when needed. My first University chariot, I had some 'fun' times in that one...1991 Rover Metro 1.1C. Terrible, terrible, terrible. Everything in the world went wrong with this one. Gear linkages. Paintwork. Electrics. Seats. Rubbish. Still the only car I've ever crashed. I didn't want it but my Father decided it was more 'sensible' than my Montego. Sigh.1993 Daihatsu Charade CXi 16 valve automatic. And the "16 valve" was so important it was in red letters down the sides. An absolute peach, I loved that car. Should never have sold it, but my (now ex) wife wanted something more practical, so we bought a...1996 Hyundai Accent 1.5GSi automatic. Very good. Reliable. Practical. But never as good as my Charade. And very dull. Nothing more than an appliance.2000 VW Polo 1.4S automatic. Nearly as bad as the Metro. VW took it back and replaced it due to all the problems. Hopeless.2001 VW Polo 1.4S automatic. VW provided a new replacement for the previous pile of poo Polo. No problems with this one, but by then I wanted a...2001 MINI One automatic. The demonstrator from the dealer, so no waiting list for me. British racing green, with two tone beige and black leather and lots of options. Wonderful.2004 MINI Cooper automatic. Still have this one in the garage 13 years later, and with only 12k careful miles. Every extra ordered except the John Cooper bodykit, and I went to Plant Oxford to see it built. She's only been driven in the rain twice. Sad? OCD? Guilty on both charges. My second car for the weekend.1974 Mini Clubman automatic. A genuine 12k mile, one owner, classic and I still regret selling it again 5 years ago. This was a third car for other weekends!2005 Renault Scenic automatic. Practical and cheap, I needed an everyday driver to go in and out of London so I didn't have to use either of the Minis. Lots of bits fell off, but my niece had it for years after I traded up, and it is still going in the Aylesbury area despite some pretty severe punishment. 2009 VW Tiguan automatic. Never again VAG, never again. Ever. EVER! Good at first, but then kept going wrong, ending up destroying the gearbox in the third lane of the M1 after just 40k miles. Had a hole in the drivers side carpet, the touchscreen was patchy and the paintwork quality poor. If only everything in life was as reliable as a...grrr.2012 Honda Accord i-DTEC EX automatic. Brilliant. Just brilliant. One of my better decisions...a truly superb car. But a change of job meant that after 50k miles it had to go as I didn't need a diesel and potential DPF issues. 2015 Honda CR-V 2.0 i-VTEC automatic. An odd one this. The Twilight Blue paintwork had an issue with 'bleaching' noticed at just a few days old. Honda replaced it, almost straight away. I'm not sure how many other manufacturers would have done that. 2015 Honda CR-V 2.0 i-VTEC automatic (take two). This time in White Orchid Pearl, I had a happy 22k miles in this - a really excellent car - until i fancied a change.Which brings me to my Lexus NX Sport. I don't think I've missed any out...
  20. NX Lux 6 months in…MUD anyone & MPG

    Rural Wiltshire here and the first clean of my new NX coming up this weekend. I've also noticed the build up on the inner rear doors. To be fair my Honda CR-V was similar, and as a solution I had the side steps fitted to see whether they kept mud and muck at bay. It worked to a point, but instead I got a big build up on the bottoms of the side-steps... MPG over my first 180 miles is 46.9 on rural roads at 30-40mph mainly, no motorway miles to speak of. Or a-roads. Or b-roads...just lanes.
  21. Lexus Nx True Mpg

    Just to echo a few other comments, over the past two days I've had the car set to 'Eco' mode and have seen no difference in mpg attained. The average after c180 miles - journey types as described above - is 46.9mpg. I'm very happy with that.
  22. New owner questions

    Indeed so @javadude - I was approaching this by trying to use the audio system in the car rather than by using my iPhone as the method of control. I can now stream Spotify by downloading the play lists to the iPhone so they can be used off-line, then connecting with Bluetooth from the car, selecting a play list on the phone and it then comes through the in-car audio. Jolly good...not had a car that could do this before. I may even give up CDs at some stage...
  23. I ran my previous Honda CRV (I- VTEC petrol) only on BP Ultimate for over a year, then switched to only Tesco standard unleaded for a few months, and posted the results on a Honda forum where a similar debate was raging. BP Ultimate gave an increased economy of 2-4mpg over the period, and my perception was that the engine performed better with it, although I accept this is both subjective and liable to the placebo effect. As others have said, this is mostly about preference and belief. Some consumers buy Tesco Value baked beans, others have to buy HP or Heinz. Both effectively do the same job at different price points. Are they really much different? It's all about choice and preference.
  24. 2018 Lexus CT200h Revealed

    I agree @yeahchap although we will have to see exactly how consumers react to the negative press about diesel over a longer period. How local authorities chose to implement congestion charging will also have a big impact on future customer behaviour. Sales figures are showing a sharp decline in diesel sales, with strong growth in hybrid sales although normal petrol is also growing to fill most of the gap left by the diesel decline. IMHO in order to fully capitalise Lexus should start to offer 'scrappage' as an offer on the CT. From a customer perception perspective, offering (say) £5k scrappage rather than discounts or deposit contributions could see them shift quite a few CTs. Certainly a number of other manufacturers are being quite aggressive with such an approach.
  25. NX Three likes/dislikes

    I need to add another like. When playing a CD the screen shows a colour picture of the cover artwork. Very nice...