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  1. Newish isf owner

    Welcome Wayne! Good to see another Northern owner on here. I see you can spell Northern right though!
  2. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    Unless I am mistaken, 642 refers to the amount of penalty points Peter will have on his licence by Thursday.
  3. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    Oh my god! Defintely putting the wife on eBay now! As others have said.... what an achievement. Properly amazing. Love that underbonnet view
  4. Kemble 'Grand Tour' - 19th Nov 2017

    Just been showing the photos to my mate and his 16 year old son. Showed him the wide screen view of all the cars and his son says: ”you lot well and truly dropped an F-Bomb on that sh*t” Awesome.... I am copyrighting use of the term “F-Bomb” for any future gatherings! I am also about to hire his son as creative director for a company I haven’t even started yet!
  5. Kemble 'Grand Tour' - 19th Nov 2017

    Need a wider angle lens! That's everyone in though, 15 in total...... and a Peugeot SW, messing with our horsepower programme
  6. Kemble 'Grand Tour' - 19th Nov 2017

    Early arrivals.
  7. Kemble 'Grand Tour' - 19th Nov 2017

    Conclusive proof that silver "is" the best colour.
  8. Kemble 'Grand Tour' - 19th Nov 2017

    Lowered Vs Not-Lowered.
  9. Kemble 'Grand Tour' - 19th Nov 2017

    Great to meet you all at long last today. Brilliant line of Lexi (that's definitely right.... just like Mongi is for Mongoose!) too!
  10. ISF Footwell LEDs

    What is it with those things? I had a perpetual oil leak in mine for 18months, replaced everything it could have been.... still there. The interior smelled like hot oil all the time. Loved the car and the power (was well modded up) but hated the ownership costs. Likewise, traded for the ISF....... with a short stint in a CLS inbetween (mistake).
  11. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    Haha! No, she spends more time on if anyone is offering a low rate loan I’m in!
  12. One area for all F Drivers

    Awesome.... large thumbs and a small screen means i’m The only “no”. For the record I should be a “yes”!!
  13. Can't copy the link on the old crapberry but if you Google search "Lexus isf tein springs garagewhifbitz" you'll find them. They are a Supra specialist but do selected other bits too! Enjoy!
  14. My RR-Racing Supercharger Build

    Oh. My. God. I want that set up. Time to sell the wife!
  15. Kemble 'Grand Tour' - 19th Nov 2017

    Hey all, instead of M5 you could go cross country a little to the A449 through Stourbridge and straight into Wolverhampton. Some good dual carriage-way and single lane twisty stuff on there. Cuts out almost all of the M5 apart from one or two junctions. Used to live over that way.