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  1. Hi all. I spoke to Lexus regarding upgrading to later disc 2017 version and asked if it had full post code on it but they did not know. Does anybody know if the new disc has full post code recognition on it please. 65mike
  2. Hi all. Jack sorry to here about the car damage i would get it to your Lexus dealer let them have a look at it telling the insurance company that the car is not driveable now if your policy covers a courtesy car get them to give you one asap. Sounds like the damage to the back box has upset all the system. 65mike
  3. IS winter wheels

    Hi all. I will be looking at getting winter tyres for next year went out in the car today after getting rid off 3 inches off snow off the car and went to pull away and rear tyres hit a load off snow and started to slip and VSC light flashed on and off so that was enough for me to decide to invest in some next year!!! 65mike.
  4. New member with first Lexus

    Hi all. Paul not having had a Lexus before all i can save is it drives lovely and smooth and is quiet and refined no slamming off doors which aim used to either. 65mike
  5. Winter tyres

    Hi all. What size wheels and tyres have you got on the car Alan and what tyres are you using. 65mike
  6. Winter tyres

    Hi all. This is good news indeed did you use the winter button on the dashboard and have you got winter tyres on the is300h. 65mike
  7. Cheap IS-F

    Hi all. Flytvr i agree but the XK i never stopped opening my wallet the thing was eating money like no tomorrow. I had 2 previous Jaguars and they were not like that still had one once would not have one again have now turned to the oriental side 65mike.
  8. Cheap IS-F

    Hi all. Flytvr tell me about it the XK cost me £1400 pounds in 10 months and still was not wright it was a money pit it had a few problems which needed money thrown at it if not then in the future so it had to go and good riddance to the thing. 65mike
  9. Cheap IS-F

    Hi all. Just to throw my two pence worth into the ring. The car looks good with service done recently but and i use but this does not mean it is any good my previous car to the Lexus was the Jaguar XK full history serviced but still had problems and it was becoming a money pit and that had a 6 month warranty the car you are looking at is a private seller no warranty. Don't get me wrong it could be a superb car with nothing wrong with it but there is a chance it could have a problems nobody sells a car which has nothing at all wrong with it otherwise why would you get rid off it. My new Lexus is250 well new to me has had a problem it has had to had the VSC fixed costing £1000.00 pounds lucky fixed under the warranty which had been there for 15 months i gave the service department a piece of my mind telling them it should have been sorted before i purchased it. I have also for piece off mind extended the warranty on the car to 3 years good deal at the moment 2 years for the price off 1 so iam sure this will be perfect for the car and will continue to make me a happy Lexus owner for the forceible future. I don't mean to be hard just saying as i have had the problems and need to be aware off what you may be letting yourself in for. 65mike
  10. Tyre pressure conundrum

    Hi all. I always take notice off what the car manufacturers say they would no best in my view as they have no doubt spent hours testing all these things and found what is best for the car. 65mike
  11. New member with first Lexus

    Hi all. Sorry took so long to answer David been looking through my first posts. Colour is dark grey looks more like black but is grey the interior is light beige looks good and the mileage was under 29,000 from new full Lexus warranty and 2 previous owners it was brought from the dealer who has looked after it all it's life. 65mike.
  12. Hi all. Ok Dav i would like the GS450H seems like a good vehicle good on fuel so i believe and cheap on car tax can i have this one then 65mike
  13. Gs450h paint correction

    Hi all. Mark that looks superb and is shinning like it was brand new. Since you had it done how is the coating holding up and is is nice and easy to wash. 65mike
  14. Hi all. That's not fair but i have had a V8 car and it crippled me in fuel and running costs so i wanted a hybrid go on let me have the 2 please. This is what the V8 was see picture 65mike
  15. Hi all. My cars i have had since i first started driving are, Chrysler Sunbeam. Vauxhall Cavalier sport hatch. Vaushall Astra. Vauxhall Nova. Saab 9000S Peugeot 309GRi Ford Mondeo Si. Peugeot 406 Sri. Jaguar X-type 2.5 Se Auto. Jaguar X-type 3.0 Se Auto. Jaguar XK 4.2 Auto ( ali version ) Lexus is250 SE-L ( currant car. ) And the best car i have owned smooth comfortable and quiet what more could i ask for.