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  1. Hi all. Sounds like you had a result there Andrew seems like a company / dealers who seem to be prepared to not flees there customers when it comes to tyre pricing which is a good thing for a change, but a big tut tut for not keeping a eye on the depth off tread on the tyre. Still look good in picture so all turned out well. 65mike
  2. Hi all. I have had all sorts off brands on previous cars Dunlop, Pirelli and Continental which crazed like mad only half worn at the time and my personal favourites Uniroyal rain sport 1 & 2 good tyres in my opinion and the wear was excellent but alas when i got the IS250 was unable to get my Uniroyals so as the car needed new rears dealer and myself done a deal as he brought one i brought the other so have now got Bridgestone Potenza on rear and some other Bridgestones on front so will see how we get one with these. 65mike
  3. Hi all. Mine tend to come on when it is damp and misty and stay on until they decide to switch off get fed up so turn them off before wearing the blades out. I assume this is a normal thing to happen on the car 65mike
  4. Hi all. Linas thanks for the info i now see why the dealer said the exhaust is not covered by the warranty as it is a expensive item which they do not want the cost off replacing so it comes under the ware and tear heading. Will need to look into it further as and when it needs doing but should get hopefully a lot more out off it yet as the mileage is only 29000 miles 65mike
  5. Hi all. I would very much doubt if they did i was looking for a carpet for the boot off the car but Lexus don't do one but found another supplier who does just need to order now. 65mike
  6. Hi all. Eamonn very nice motor car what colour is it called The wheels look the same colour as mine seems to enhance the vehicle somewhat.. 65mike
  7. Hi all. Being new to the Lexus brand off cars and this being my first is250 was a little surprised regarding the exhaust needing replacement. My question therefore is, is this a common thing that the exhaust fail on these cars as i have seen by other posts that they are expensive. Seems strange that today with all the engineering they put into cars that they cannot / will not make a exhaust last a lifetime as standard fitment. I have not replaced a exhaust in nearly 13 years as the Jaguar system was very robust made off stained steel not great grade S/S but did not give up the ghost. I think a S/S would be the best option but it would probably be louder and probably drone as is200 Newbie says. In my view the more noise and droning would not be acceptable the reason i brought the is250 was it was so quiet and refined and that would take it away in my view. My previous car was a XK and that had a loud exhaust but was fitted as standard when built came with it. 65mike
  8. Hi all. Texas in answer to your question the car is fully up to date with all the software and recalls they have checked this so all is well 65mike
  9. Hi all. 2 pictures the dealer took for me before i took delivery off the car will get better ones asap. 65mike
  10. 65mike

  11. Hi all. I never apply the handbrake a traffic lights always keep in D and use footbrake have got used to doing this now as have had a Auto for 12 years so no problem and i usually if car is on the flat get in and press the handbrake to take it off so never had the beeps telling me it's on. Winter time will be a laugh as i live on several hills so will see how good the winter mode is Pictures will be coming soon but not till the rain stops and it is cleaned again. Saying that there is a couple from the dealer i could upload if you are interested. 65mike.
  12. Hi all. Just a update for you to keep up to speed on the new well new second hand Lexus is 250 SE-L Well have had the car for a month now and have covered over 800 miles in it and think it is lovely motor best car i have owned in 35 years off car ownership. It is comfortable smooth quiet and refined does all i need it to do there is one problem that i wish would go away and it is a slight rattle from the dash board round the speaker / vents / info controls but alas it's 8 years old so what do you expect my Jaguar x-type when brand new rattled from day one so can live with this. How do the rest off you get on with the handbrake on the automatic cars i am not keen as it takes a bit off getting used too. I have been offered the extended warranty for the car to take it up to 3 years for the price off 2 and will probably have it as i look upon it as a insurance so hopefully never need it. One thing i have noticed about the Lexus brand in a whole is they do sell a very limited amount off personal accessories e.g model cars, sunglasses, bags all that sort off branded items unlike Jaguar who are a wash with it and i usually get myself a nice coffee mug from the local dealer but the Lexus one is all black so will have to think long and hard about that Just my few pennies worth off info on the car will hopefully get my number plate put on this weekend as i have only just got the plates so a little job for Sunday if it's not raining. 65mike
  13. Hi all. Thanks C Andrew Green i assume the floor ones by the feet are W5W then which seems a handy thing will look into ordering a pair. Thanks. 65mike
  14. Hi all. I would like to replace my interior bulbs the ones in the foot well at the front with new LED bulbs but was hopping for some advise. Now does anybody know what bulbs they are and if they can be replaced or is it a complete new part needed i have changed before on other manufacturers cars but as iam new to Lexus so not sure. and the handbook does not mention them from my looking at the book. Also slightly off topic iam after a set off the ali pedal covers spoke to dealer he said only available on F version and probably be new complete pedals I have looked on eBay and had a good scout around but not keen on sending to Taiwan for a set All info most welcome thanks. 65mike
  15. Hi all. Iam new to this forum and the Lexus brand as I have come from 3 Jaguar cars last was a XK. Now this had a 6 month warranty when I purchased it in Jan this year and was not worth a cent rubbish warranty have had untold problems ceased brake calliper a not coved by warranty and after the warranty had alarm problems in the end called it quits and brought the Is 250. Now have got a Lexus warranty as the car is 8 years old wih 29000 miles on it so hopping for some refined relaxing and no troubles well warranty should cover everything but wear and tear items we will see. I will read the small print when I get the warranty document and then decide wether to upgrade to 3 years. 65mike