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  1. Tuning experience

    Head gaskets blowing up seems like an overheating issue? Is this going to be a problem in colder climates like norway?
  2. Is there anyone here who has remapped or chipped the IS 220D for over a year and would like to share their experience? Considering getting a remap to 215hk including EGR delete. How is this engine going to handle it for longer periods of time?
  3. Any updates on this matter?
  4. Sadly is 250 is quite rare it seems and i havent seen one for sale in my country for a while. Im also more fan of a manual and those 250s are even rarer
  5. I am considering to buy a 2009 lexus 220d with 110.000 km done from a dealer. I see some of the 220d has some problems, but few post the age of their car so i was wondering if this model contain some of the same problems? Mainly head gasket and egr. Have recently test driven it and im quite happy on how it performs.