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  1. I used the provided cigar lighter power supply, modded to connect to the rear view mirror wiring... My dashcam is a mini0801 c/w gps bases - one for my car, one for my motorhome. Move the camera as required. Futs very neatly between mirror and screen.
  2. I have a similar bald patch in the back of my LS400... caused by me foolishly carrying a new battery in the back and having to brake sharply as a kid ran across the road. Swift mop up wasn't swift enough :-(
  3. That video has answered my initial question. It very much looks like the V6 is quite capable of achieving the advertised potential unaided, and continuously (fuel tank allowing!). I'm seriously impressed with the performance from what's been described as a "Pensioner's Car", but travelling at ~260kmph at night with traffic? I've seen too many Russian dashcam videos :~) Interesting responses, guys, Thanks all.
  4. MG1? Motor/Generator? I have a lot to learn :~)
  5. I had seen that video, but I hadn't noticed the battery status. Pity it didn't show how much charge was recouped on deceleration, or whether that speed could have been maintained without battery assistance. My (imaginary) trip to the 'ring is enticing me :~)
  6. In comparison, my '96 LS400, when I gave it a chance in Germany a few years back, managed an easy 150mph from its 290 ? hp, and that's a bigger older car. Funny how quickly your exit comes up at that speed! Cost me a 40 km round trip to the next exit and back!
  7. I've had mine just over a week now and am very happy. However, I've been thinking about the characteristics of this hybrid system. For 99% of driving, I can't see a problem, but... Let's imagine I'm on the Autobahn. Start off with a full tank and hybrid battery full. Foot down and KEEP IT DOWN. Fantastic performance until the hybrid battery is exhausted. So, will I find my top speed is limited below 155mph??? After all, I'll only have the ICE, and that will presumably be diverting some power to recharging the Hybrid stack? How long between setting off at maximum performance before the hybrid stack is exhausted? Before people get their dander up - I'm not being serious - just wondering
  8. Dashcam

    This... Why do I need a dashcam? As it happens, I also have a dashcam fitted in my motorhome and now have something like a terabyte of video data which should keep me occupied in my dotage as I try to edit it into something memorable and/or entertaining
  9. Removing the overhead console on a Mk4 GS450h

    Just an update, as I did the same job on my 2008 GS450h SE today. Started as above, removing the forward part, but then a difference. I felt around inside from the opening created by the removal of the front part, and it seemed that there was a different fixing. Using a mirror, it looked like there were screw fixings. I managed to open up the "blank" section between the lamps and the front section by prising from the sides and rear - I'd tried the front unsuccessfully. It turns out the fron is hinged, and the part carries the security / theft prevention control box. There are two recessed screws to remove. Then as above - two poppers. I also tapped in to the feed for the mirror using : All now up and working, and very tidy. BTW, I didn't use a dedicated 12v - 5v adapter - I just used the cigar-lighter adapter provided by the dashcam and extended +ve and -ve leads out from that (after covering the cigar lighter external connections). Hope this helps.
  10. Just an update to my first post: I collected the 2008 GS450h last Friday. I've done about 200 miles in it and up to now, I'm relatively pleased. MPG history display shows many bars above 40mpg, but average seems to be settling at ~ 35mpg. I'm not worried (yet) as I suppose I'll get better at eking out the last mpg (Hmmm, given the performance, maybe not!). This being my first drive in a hybrid, I'm not sure whether the "oddities" are just typical of how a CVT / Hybrid drives. There is a "smell" to the car which I suppose is to be expected given its age, but after reading the threads on here about detailing a 450h, I shall set about bottoming it - just as soon as it stops p*ssing down. I shall also try to remember to take some before / during / after photos. I think at least /some/ of the smell emanates from the "rubber" boot tray, which , although branded "Lexus", smell just like the cheap plastic crap you get from China. There are a few features which I have on my LS400 which I'd read about and assumed were standard on GS's which aren't in fact present on mine - sunroof, powered seat-belt adjustment, rear seat heat, rear armrest storage, under-seat storage box, and some which I'd hoped were there in addition: seat cooling front and rear, smart-phone integration. In the meantime, a question for GS nnnh owners: How often do you manage to get a full stack of green bars on the display - and is it necessarily desirable to get to that state? Finally, many thanks to all the contributors on here - one example of how you've helped is the thread on the failing hybrid pump - the description of the transition between gear regimes had me worried when I first went through the 50 - 70 mph stage under power and noticed a sub-1-second hesitation. However, I have since done 50-70 under /FULL/ power, and no hesitation. I'm hoping I have just succeeded in its first "Italian Tuneup"!
  11. I've had a good look at the car. In fact the seller pointed out that he had indeed re-finished the rear n/s bumper due to the owner "forgetting he had a gate post" :~)
  12. Impact Bodyshop & Repairs Ltd Richard Clayton Owler Ings Road Brighouse West Yorkshire HD6 1EJ
  13. I'm old enough to know that a warranty from a back-street garage is worth exactly the paper its printed on. In this case, the "garage" is in fact a body-shop and doesn't do mechanical work (I asked, as I thought he might be able to do some work on my LS400). It became clear early on that he was selling for a friend (I asked about a warranty). I just wasn't aware at the time of the ramifications of that fact. I am not convinced an HPI check would be worth it - especially as their terms and conditions (for the warranty) state: "You must buy at the private seller's address as shown on the V5, and confirm their identity". I've done / will do the checks re. MOT & mileage history, Service History, Reg. No. vs. VIN. I think I've done enough now to go ahead with the deal.
  14. Update: I've just spoken to the garage and they say they will arrange a letter from the owner's daughter "confirming" authority to sell. It really does sound as though the garage is doing a favour for an old friend.
  15. I'm just having a bit of a wobble after it occurred to me that the transaction might not be straightforward: Seller is a garage, but says he's selling for an old friend who has stopped driving due to Alzheimers. I've seen the V5 and service records, and it appears the garage has other documents said to relate to change from cherished plates and possibly original receipts &c. I've paid a deposit by credit card to the garage, but I'm now wondering who I should be paying, who should give me a receipt, who signs the V5 &c.... What would the panel do?