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  1. Have you checked the small fuse panel under the dash on the drivers side. I believe there is a separate 30amp fuse for the drivers seat located there. From your description of what happened it would certainly appear to be a fuse failure but you will need to find out what caused the problem to avoid a repeat. Hope this helps.
  2. Lumpy idle when cold......

    My understanding is that you can remove the throttle body for cleaning without any problems. However you must NOT physically open the flap as this is what causes issues. If you are using the carb cleaner to spray the MAF sensor I would be very careful and would advise that you get a specific cleaner for the job - one that states that it does not leave any residue is required. Wurth make one which I believe can be bought online. I have noticed the same lumpiness at startup these last few very cold mornings but it only lasts for a second or two and I'm still on the original 2006 spark plugs at 88K miles!