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  1. newbie saying hi

    Cheers both. I have ordered a Sonic Titanium with rose leather 300h F SPORT. Protection pack and standard nav. Due end of November or a tad earlier. Originally wanted Azure blue with black leather but the spec i wanted "wasn't available".... I suspect a facelift is in the pipeline. I have 57 plate Mazda RX8 231 black with cream leather. Attend Jap car and general uk motorsport events in it. The Lexus is poles apart from the rotary and I really like the effortless driving and sophistication of the 300h. Can't wait to haveit in my garage!
  2. First thing I looked for after ordering my F sport was plate options. Decided to go with L300RCF . Ok, strictly speaking not getting an RC-F but it is a 300 RC F Sport. Think I can get away with that!
  3. newbie saying hi

    Had a variety of Mazdas for about 10 years now and some how I'm now awaiting delivery of a beautiful RC300H.... never really considered a Lexus before but a 24 hr demo in an FSPORT 300h sealed it for me. Looking forward to any helpful advice when needed that I've come to expect from similar car clubs and forums. I still have my Rotary though when things need to be loud... 😁