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  1. SE-L spec vs SEspec ?

    That seems to make sense. So the L is attached to the Navi and not the SE. L-Navi is a strange abbreviation for Navigation as it is not going to be made by anyone other than Lexus (L) !!
  2. Thanks both for the replies. I had better go and buy them then. They have the 225/50/17 tyres.
  3. SE-L spec vs SEspec ?

    Oh it does. Its on all my documents, my V5, Service books etc. See below details of my car from the Lexus website.. It has half leather so the L can't mean that. It does have a few extras onto of SE. Nav, keyless entry etc.
  4. I have a 2016 IS 300H with the 16 inch wheels on. I have been offered a nearly new set of 17 inch wheels and tyres off a 2016 GS300. 9 spoke design. Does anyone know if they will go straight on and are the correct size/offset etc? The only marking I can see on my 16inch IS wheels are: J16 X 7J. AMS DOT 45 and the below.. Thanks.
  5. I have a 2016 IS300h SE-L Navi model. I can figure out what the Navi means, but can’t find any details of what extra you get over the standard SE spec for the SE-L. It isn’t listed as a model option on the Lexus website .
  6. Servicing Costs

    Avoid Warranty Direct. Bunch of sharks. They are very good at avoiding payouts for anything by quoting small print and classing everything as a ‘wear and tear’ item and not covering it, although the item is listed as being covered in their paperwork. l ,
  7. I did ! The sensor must be very sensitive, as the bump was so minor that it only dislodged the light washer jet.. I wonder where the sensor is?
  8. Techstream arrived and pop-up reset. Worth the £12 already !
  9. Thanks. Are you sure they would change the diff oil on its second service with sub 20k on the clock? Trade discount sounds favourite as I have been told need to be 'Toyota boxed' parts. What is the 'fancy type' pollen filter? Surely air filter too?
  10. Thanks. I have been quoted £140 by Lexus for the labour inc Hybrid check, so just need to find the 'Toyota boxed' parts now, but I am sure I can do it for under £310 !
  11. Hi. I have a 2016 IS300H which is due for its second service. I have been quite £450 by Lexus for what is basically an oil change and a look around the car. With my previous 2015 Mercedes C class, I purchased the genuine Mercedes oil and filters etc, normally from eBay and Mercedes just charged me for the labour of about £100. So full service with genuine Mercedes parts was sub £200, instead of their usual £400+. I assume Lexus will do the same thing provided Genuine Lexus parts are used. The parts do not seem so readily available as genuine Mercedes parts or am I looking in the right places ! Anyone done similar and know of a good place to source reasonably priced genuine Lexus service parts? Thanks.
  12. Thanks. Will give it a go when the tech stream arrives.
  13. Anyone know what this is.

    And your prize is......... warm glow inside..
  14. I removed my rear bumper today to have a fiddle with the parking sensors and saw this mounted to the centre upper behind the bumper. There was a wiring connector going to it, but couldn't figure out it use. Any ideas. Just interested thats all !
  15. Thats the message ! I will put my washer back into position and then have a go with the Techstream when it is delivered.. Does it specify pop-up hood in the software or is it under some other setting?