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  1. Not been using mine much with the crappy weather but here it is at work.
  2. Wouldn't that require an ecu remap as well, sounds very expensive for possibly little gain, I gather the ISF engine is very optimized anyway. From what I've read the exhaust sounds like a good place to focus on if your after decent proven gains.
  3. I had a 20% discount code for eBay so I ordered a Bayson R front lip from the US, I'll post up some pics once it arrives. Do you notice much difference in throttle response and induction noise with the HPS intake pipe fitted? I've been looking at them myself.
  4. Looks great, my lights are looking a little dulled and could do with a polish. think ill have a go at this myself.
  5. Just a quick heads up, just picked up some Brembo front disc's and pads for £160 from ECP via a Black Friday deal. (Use code BLACKFRIDAY). Bit better than the £860 Lexus quoted me earlier today!
  6. Great pics! Sorry i couldnt make it, was a bit busy in the morning so it would have been past 1pm by the time i would have arrived. Ill make sure im not double booked for the next one
  7. I do have some family stuff to do on Sunday morning so i doubt i would be able to make it for 10am, how long do the meets usually run for, would there be any point in turning up at 11-11:30?
  8. It's in need of a good wash but here it is on my drive :)
  9. I took delivery of the car yesterday, have done around 150 miles so far. I definitely think I made the right decision, I absolutely love it! It's like it has a split personality, quiet, comfortable and refined driven normally, then it sounds and goes like muscle car when you put your foot down. I thought my little MX5 was quite quick, this thing just keeps on going! Also love the stereo, sounds awesome, In a different league to any I've had before. I went to see my local Lexus dealer today, now booked in for the passenger airbag recall next week and they are going to give it a general check over at the same time. It's going to need a new front tyre at some point and the MOT noted the front pads were getting a bit low so I might need a bit of help sourcing the right bits at a decent price soon.
  10. Thanks, its been very welcoming and helpful, from everything ive read it sounds like Lexus built these cars like tanks, that factor and its rarity attracted me, maybe it will be a future classic. I do intend to keep this car as a long termer, i do lowish milage (<10k pa) so fingers crossed my main worries will be fuel/tyres and routine servicing. Ill get the car on Sunday morning, i can't wait, just hoping for a dry day!
  11. Wow thanks for the extra info! The car wasn't formally advertised for sale, i found it on a thread on the PH forum and contacted the owner directly. I do love the wheels, saying that the other style i see on most IS-F's also look great. Ill do my best to make the meet on the 19th!
  12. Put a deposit down on this beauty today. Ive been reading through this and other forums for the past few weeks deciding whether to take the plunge, ive struggled to find any negative opinions from owners and after considering the usual alternatives (C63/M3 and XF-R) it almost seems the sensible choice (If a 5L V8 could ever be classed as sensible!). I'd be interested if anyone on here has any previous knowledge of this car? Few bits of info, 18k via Private seller, CK11OMG, 83k miles, white leather, Full history etc.. To be honest Silver wouldn't have been my first choice but after seeing the car in the flesh it looks really classy, the mileage was also a little bit higher than i would have ideally liked but its in tip top condition and i gather these cars wear miles well anyway, It felt really solid and drove great. It's also got 2 services left on a service pack so it seemed like a pretty decent deal for a later model car. It's going to eventually be a daily driver, replacing both my leased Citroen C1 commuter and my supercharged MX5 weekend car (owned 17 years!) which i never seem to get any time to use. Im hoping it will tick the boxes for me, the noise alone gave me goosebumps, what an engine! Would be great to come to some meets in the future, i should be picking it up in the next few days so ill post up a few new pic's when i do.