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  1. Thank you! very much appreciated! indeed, this is why i would definitely need an auto electrician's help :)
  2. @Shahpor, thank you :) @sorcerer sounds like a good idea. However i will dig deeper and try to find a pair of OEM headlamps from the 200d model. Then I'll manage with an electrician's helps to have the DRLs permanently on. I wouldn't have the option to switch them off, but i see no reason for that. I will also try to find a wiring diagram for the two models and compare the two. Things should be more clear then. Thank you both for your help.
  3. The one in the video is not OEM I guess, and so the AFS light in the cluster will switch on. Also it does not seem to be Xenon headlamps. But thanks for the information. Attached is a shot of my car, literally in showroom condition, when I bought it last June. Obviously all stock... so far :)
  4. Hi all! First and foremost I am new to this forum. I bought a 2010 Lexus IS 220d F Sport from the UK and imported it to my country. I bought the 220d F Sport and not the 200d F Sport for three main reasons: 1) More power 2) Mark Levinson sound system 3) Seats with memory function However, doing this meant that my car would have no day time running lights as standard. This is something that I still really want. Does anyone now if it is possible to convert from a 2010 OEM to a 2011 OEM headlamp? Will it be an easy swap? And will the DRL work just as a plug and play or will I have to take it to a centre to get it programmed? From the satellite switches i have no access to DRL function, and this is where i assume it should be to switch them on or off. I have contacted the Lexus Official Store on eBay and their reply was: "If the customer is looking to fit a different headlamp from a different spec of vehicle we would not be able to advise regarding if it would fit the vehicle as the wiring may well be different/has not been tested so we cannot sanction changing the original spec. I can also confirm that there are no accessory DRL/s available." Before I got this message they however have recommended part number 81140-53351. In my opinion, 8113053250 looks like it has DRL function at the bottom of the headlamp unit, and is also much cheaper. Attached find the two car models i am referring to, and see the difference in headlamps. IMO the DRL function looks amazing. I tried to keep the post the shortest length possible. Any sort of information and help would be very much appreciated. Peace be with you guys. Have a good day.