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  1. I've got a pretty decent incline on the drive leading up to our house, I'm worried that it maybe "a challenge" for the GS450H.
  2. Out of curiosity (as I'm looking for a GS 450H) how do these fair in the snow ?
  3. Sorry to bump an old thread but @Britprius did you manage to get an Android mirrored onto the Sat Nav screen ?
  4. GS 450H my first Lexus

    Nice build thread Lee. Have you done anything recently to your car ? You gotta watch them stealers, always trying it on !
  5. Nice honest review that. Electric power steering does generally rob you of that direct feedback you would normally get. I'm not sure what you mean by "imprecise" I would just say "the feedback is lacking" but in line with whats expected from a electric power steering vehicle. Having said this I only drove the car for a short while. I'll take more notice of this on my next test drive of one. Haha yes, I don't get that either I bet the heads are still the same pristine conditions as they were when the car left the factory. Can you play Can't comment on this I'm an Android user, hopefully that will work !!?? Maybe you need to fully reset the system to clear out the old stuff from previous owner ?? I'm hoping that you can play media on a phone via Bluetooth to the head unit ? Can someone confirm if you can please. I think that is expected for a decade old system. It wont bother me so much. I'm planning to look to mirror the Android phone screen onto the head unit. Hmmm that's interesting I didn't even take note of this, will do next time Yeah it is for sure. It was smaller than I expected it to be honest. I'm not even sure you could get a suitcase in there ?? OK, maybe you could ... just ! No too worried about this. Good question regarding the divider. I'll actually mostly be doing motorway driving during the week and tottering about town during weekend. For me, from what I've read about actual MPG figures, given that's a big car with a V6, overall the consumption is not all too bad. I've had a 350Z now and the consumption in that is worse. In theory the overall consumption should be on par and if not better than me 2.4 litre Accord. Maybe yours needs a Hybrid Health check done ? Yeah ... thats a kick in the teeth ! I will miss the gurgle of my 350Z for sure.
  6. Looking to get a GS 450H

    Ah ! Now you've gone and thrown a spanner in the works Sandro ! Joking aside, it's good to read an honest review.
  7. Looking to get a GS 450H

    Hi Lee. It'll be around 2008-2010. I have driven one yes, really impressed with the level of refinement. It's totally different to my 2.4 Accord or my 350Z but in no bad way, it's a refined cruiser, which is what I'm after. The CVT will take a little getting use to but it's nothing that I'm not expecting. I've been looking into get one for a while know, so I've done a fair bit of reading up, I don't have anything to ask at the minute. Will post up if do though :thumsbup:
  8. Looking to get a GS 450H

    Hi folks. I'm an avid Honda fan, now looking to get a GS 450H as my next purchase. A few may recognise my username from the Honda scene and forums ( @First_Lexus, hello buddy ) I know the in's and out's of Hondas to a good degree but Hybrids and Lexus would be a new ball game for me. I think it'll be a good change and something new to get my teeth into. I'm no stranger at taking engines or gearboxes apart, very experienced LPG installer, like dabbling with electronics, basically I'm not shy of taking anything on. Anyway, I look forward to interacting with some of you on the forum.