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  1. Noisy at tickover. Any thoughts?

    When were you belts changed last. I picked up mine recently on 110k and it wasn’t quite as noisy as that but was a lot of vibration especially under the vvt I cover. Now all belts and everything replaced it’s so much quieter, Only a thought
  2. Gold membership pack not received

    Much appreciated, thankyou
  3. Afternoon apologies for putting this here but I cannot get the contact us section to work. I signed up to the gold on jan 14th but haven’t received anything through the post yet please advise?
  4. So amp out, take off glove box completely ( not like me who leant on it whilst dangling and snapped a hinge) I took off the bottom side plastic plate, covering fuse box, screwed on at back and clips down door frame side nut at top of amp holding bracket and one under glove box area holding other bracket 10mm hex. then top and bottom brackets have 2 screws each, 8mm (hex) and then both are zip tied to a thick wire loom. it is clearly mounted before anything else goes in so doesn’t have a natural out but got it out through the bottom carefully as there are a lot of wires that are tightly mounted, wish id taken more photos, but failed, shredded knuckles, and only photos are end cables and back of amp, the brackets were difficult to remove as at best was a quarter turn at a time and the top one has raised curved sides now to find the bypass cable EDIT, amplified bypass PC2-92-4, non amplified PC2-93-4
  5. Appreciate the replies, I’ll remove the amp next as I’ve found a bypass harness as both said. On the plus side my dash looks nicer even if I still have no music to listen too
  6. newbie saying hi

    Same query, signed up 14th jan, pack not yet arrived, tried to do the contact us section but the letters check at the bottom doesn’t work
  7. Is300, all belts changed, water pump changed, oil/filter changed, plus all sundry bits, purrs like a kitten, was a tad shaken on the drive belt area prior about £450 all in, I sourced all the parts, all the fluids etc, Very happy as Lexus wanted £500 just for changing the water pump and that’s without putting a new belt back on
  8. Before I start I have spent quite a few hours looking and reading posts, but most are old and photos no longer available and also many post were pre having 3rd party harnesses available, I’d prefer to avoid cutting and splicing ive removed the 6cd changer, got the new fascia, got a stereo, got everything I thought I needed and built and framed it etc, went to plug it in and no go. the plugs that are quoted and in the set I bought have 2 separate connections but only 1 come out of the back of the CD player and are all different shapes. I have read I may need to access the amp wiring but it’s pretty tight around the amp so will wait before having to remove if required photos, CD player back, cable plugs into right side socket then I assume through the dash behind the glove box to the amp, and other photo is the adapter kit I got which is the same as Halfords etc for a Lexus/Toyota loom does anyone have any guidance please?
  9. Will do, appreciate the replies. Next time for noises a videos would be best
  10. It had all the paperwork pointing to it being good, regular services at correct intervals. Tidy exterior and interior. Reasonable mileage, good price etc looking at many forums these are somewhat common faults and easy to rectify. Once belts are done it’ll be all good
  11. So. Heaters are not perfect but are at least now generating heat, am certain it’s just needing a flush and refill which will happen during belts change steering, found a YouTube video and the sound was the same. The guy kept filling and emptying the power steering fluid until it went from black to cherryade red so have done the same. Fingers crossed tomorrow is a quieter drive. (The reservoir was empty when I collected the car. As was screen wash and oil is low so that’s getting changed next week as well)
  12. Headlamp Washers

    Also answered a question I’d forgotten about so thankyou
  13. So firstly yes I have read almost every post on every website and watched just as many YouTube videos. As stated blowers are on cold regardless of settings. All of the vents and servos behind the glovebox behave correctly and open/close as they should. If I just use the windscreen vent eventually I get a little warm air out of the side vents. my main question is, the pipes going into the cab to the heater matrix from the engine, the bottom one is red hot but the top one is barely warm. Should both be equally hot, my thoughts are a matrix flush as a next port of call. Am to try bleeding again as I’m convinced that the rad was empty prior to me buying it as everything else was empty. And the reservoir was also empty. as for the steering wheel, only way I can describe it is it sounds like the Microsoft 360 steering wheel which when plugged in had force feedback and would sound like powered gears turning
  14. Appreciate that, have found mostly gates parts just need a garage now. Have become obsessed with trying to fix the hot air but that a whole other section and not for here....
  15. 110k needs belts/water pump, mostly planning on not putting the back end out, rear wheel drive is a steep learning curve. Mostly It needs a good dose of tlc then once that’s done ill start looking beyond the ‘repairs’ stage. Any ideas on price for pump and timing belt changes (am hoping for a good quote from a private mechanic and buy parts separate) Lexus dealer nearly made me choke when she told me the price and what was an ‘extra’