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  1. Red coloured Lexus is300h floor mats

    Surendra can I suggest that you start another discussion regarding your queries as this discussion is about red car mats NOT a variety of other questions
  2. BMW i3

    Topics merged & moved to the lounge
  3. Build thread section

    If anyone has any other build threads that they have done in other sections or know of please let me or one of the other mods know and we'll move them over to the new section (well done Robb :-) )
  4. A post was reported (hence why Steve posted) the reported content was not yours, but in all honesty yours could be interpreted in a similar vein due to buying from ebay
  5. Tez,

    You have been asked not to break the club T&C's, you obviously feel that they don't apply to you as you keep breaking them despite being asked not to. This is why your posting abilities have been suspended.

    Fact is, we are a friendly bunch but the other fact is, is that you appear not be be able to listen when told/asked to desist from attempting to sell when you're not entitled to. Therefore your suspension will stay in place until we see fit that you can manage to adhere to the terms & conditions of membership

  6. Thanks for re-posting topic is now pinned to stay at the top as it's a brilliant write up
  7. LED headslights

    Sorry Marko, can you explain a little more What headlights do you want to retrofit to your car ?
  8. As a rule we find them great when we've got the trailer on, they'll flash us in & vice versa, you do get the odd one who is an arrogant ar$e but then that goes across the board no matter what they are driving
  9. I've tried a thorough search on members using just about every filter available Ian but I'm afraid it hasn't come up with results :( All I can say is that if no-one remembers them or the car it's probably good news & means it's had a quiet & uneventful life so far :)
  10. Yes they can do all types of work, from basic servicing to popping you a turbo on if you want :winky: , give them a ring & speak to Tim and tell him I sent you (although that may not necessarily get you preferential treatment )
  11. You could try Fensport, they're in Chatteris which is about 1/2 hour or so from Peterborough :)
  12. Warning Points

    Ok...... lets get this straight Warning points can be given for a variety of reasons (including selling when you know you're not supposed to & of course for being an arse). It works on a 'so many strikes & you're on suspension' 'carry on and you face a ban' but very rarely does it ever come to that. If you have 0 then that's great & absolutely nothing to worry yourself about The only people who can see your 'stars' are yourself & the mods/admin team. There is no set time for the stars to stay on & if you feel that you have 'done your time' please give me a yell & I'll look into removing them (presuming you have been well behaved since you got them ) :D
  13. Good To Meet You All.

    Hi & welcome David, I'm sure you won't be disappointed with your new purchase :D
  14. To be honest I'm not sure you can get them new anymore, the Eibachs were branded as TTE ARB's, Someone may correct me but I believe this is the case. It maybe worth having a chat with someone such as Fensport as they are listing the TRD anti-roll bar for the IS and are also Eibach dealers so they maybe able to help you in your quest