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  1. Drift Holidays In Europe!

    was thinking of doing a drift course at silverstone at some point this year,can kind of drift the Z but not that much although it is easy to do it with this car :D drift holiday in the sun sounds good,wonder how much
  2. Lexus Get An Eight Speed Automatic Gearbox

    the new S class is very very smooth drive, drove the S 320cdi few weeks back. gearbox is very good 99% of the drive it got overwhelmed when i accelerated hard then slammed brakes. very nice car though this LS is much nicer than the last version,and 8speed gearbox does sound like too much though. wait and see i guess
  3. Bit If Fun On Ya Mates

    quite a good find sent a few out dont like minis,in fact i hate them but the GP is sub 5second car\0-60mph isnt it?? hows things steve,long time no speak
  4. What Should I Do?

    maz if you really want to sell and lexus gave you a good part ex deal then do it on other hand if you wanna sell privately for bit more cash then try they are car fans and your car probably go to someone that will look after it a lil better. if you put it in trader or top marques probably just get load of test pilots wanting a drive up to you maz mitch
  5. The Contender

    boxing is quite good, last series's fightswere excellent,boxing hasnt been the same since Tyson went to prison and Hollyfield retired. (although Hollyfield is supposed to be coming back into it!!!!!) so Contender keeps me going as does UFC
  6. The Contender

    well wasnt sure if it would be as good as first and there are some look-a-likes from the series 1 show (like the guy on blue team looks bit like manfredo...??) BUT................ this was brilliant and the fight was great, was on edge of my seat cheering like a mad man... cant wait for next week........... glad something is on on monday nights to fill in the void left by PRISON BREAK..................
  7. Jae Pictures

    pics look good, was actually thinking of turning up this year but parents are in cyprus so working til 11pm every night and had wedding in london sunday so couldnt do it, i'll get my link for the 350z owners club so you can check there pics too later on
  8. London Motor Show

    i'll be going on sunday as will be in london at the in laws house saturday night, interested in the rolls royce coupe, the racing 350z and 350BHP MURANO, plus the M6 convertible (quite tempted) also wanna see the new LS and get couple brochures for the RX for my father in law
  9. The Contender

    sky plus needs to be set then, wonder if there will be any of the contenders from last series in??? hope its as good as the ;last one
  10. Justice Not Done - Grrrrrrr

    mark- glad you caught the crack head, but the way things happen today dont be suprised if he walks free with a fine and community service or a few months prison term. hope it goes well and you dont waste too nuch time in court
  11. Best Aftershave Thread

    Hey mitch.. when you are 50.. will you have an emergency sachet of brute 33 in the car?? :winky: ← now now steve, dnt hate appreciate :winky: :P
  12. Best Aftershave Thread

    all the girls in debenhams told me get CHANNEL (think its ALLURE) really nice stuff and most importantly girls love it. got 2 bottles one in the 350Z and one at home
  13. New Mobile Any Recomendations?

    i got the sony walkman day it came out sim free. now normally im a nokia man through and through (tried most others an dnt compare for ease of use to nokias) but this phone is quite good and easy to use jus texting takes lil getting used too. call quality is very good, screen is good and easy to read displays. of course bluetooth aswell and walkman is great. only problem is that its a bit tricky to transfer songs,unlike the moto rockr that uses iTunes for mp3 transfer also camera is class and its like sony's other cameras in way you take i have digital cameras and camcorder and PSP from sony so can switch between the memory cards for each one i change phoen 2-3 times a yr but gonna keep this til the nokia n80 is out next yr
  14. Mobile Phone Wholsale

    you have pm..............
  15. New Audi Rs4

    na i think the bm looks very very boring.and interior is really boring for car of that kind of price and status audi craps all over it on looks,detail and interior and build quality will be good too