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  1. Well, I think we are going to go for the UK one to be on the safe side, as I know it's exactly the same as whats in the car now. £175 is pretty steep, but just found out the price includes free next day delivery and 1 years warranty Many thanks for all your input guy's
  2. Thought about it, but knowing my luck it would also be knackered!
  3. Just noticed that the rad I'm looking at from the states doesn't have the fitting for the expansion tank pipe...
  4. Thanks John, the rad from the states doesn't include the cap, is it a standard fit that I can get from a motor factors?
  5. Thanks Rick, that's how the one looks from the states ;)
  6. Tell me about it, here's the actual pic of the top of the rad which I captured from a video I had
  7. Hi Rick, only have this diagram of the radiator showing the bleed screw taken from the uk sellers site.
  8. Hi all, I'm looking for a new radiator for my sons 2001 GS430, I can only find 1 for sale here in UK at £175 plus postage. But it would be a lot cheaper to get one from the states including delivery, duty etc. Only thing is, the american ones have the filler cap, but ours have a bleed screw instead. Does anybody know if this would still be ok as a replacement? Tony.
  9. I have not had a chance yet mate, but the hack is still working fine
  10. Well I did the "hack" and it works , but I would still like to replace the faulty sensor. Could you still send me the pages from the manual if possible Rick?
  11. I'm pretty confident with diy on cars, just this one seems to be a major operation! I don't know when the new sensor will turn up... I keep looking at the Bobster hack repair over on CL which would be a temporary fix as my boy needs the car for work (he delivers pizza's in it can you believe!!!). Would be great if you could send me the relevant pages from the manual, that should give me some more confidence... pity about the photo's! Cheers Tony.